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    Techniques for Learning to Balance When Doing Roundhouse Kicks?

    Just shadowbox and when you kick, try to spin all the way around and back to stance again. This shows that your body is moving correctly. Also, when you reach full circle, check with your opposite leg. It's just a good habit to get into.
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    Mastering Opposite Leg Kick & Getting Powerful Punches

    I don't know about sinking. In western boxing, yes but not Thai boxing. That's asking to get timed and countered and is going to make you eat knees and kicks twice as hard.
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    Elbows in the UFC

    It wasn't ice that he shattered. It was the 3rd brick in a stack of 7. Anyway, early stoppage of a fight due to a small cut as opposed to having 4 pints of blood on the mat and a tore open eyelid and face..ya know?
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    To Seek for Advice

    HI there. How are ya?
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    This might sound crazy but pretend the muscles in the thigh of your kicking leg don't work and that the whole leg is in a cast. And that you are approaching and trying to mount a motorcycle. You'll have to swing that leg up and over using your ribs and abdominal muscles. Your body will be...
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    Long time reader. First time poster.

    Hello, hello. Good Morning everyone. Let's work hard and train hard today. Then of course, that pizza will taste better. Carb induced coma, here I come.
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    Long time reader. First time poster.

    Ha ha ha. Thanks for the welcomes. Also, I love all that pizza has to offer. But being from New Jersey, I'm all about a giant $1.25 slice of Ny style pepperoni and mushrooms. Looking forward to learn and share knowledge with everyone.
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    Need help selecting good MA gift

    What art does he teach? That would be a semi-determining factor in gifts, ya know. Otherwise, Ip Man on dvd would be cool. Perhaps a Journey CD. Bowl of fruit. Flowers, you know because some guys like gettin flowers.
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    Buakaw Por Pramuk (Muay Thai Premiere League Open Workout)

    Nice. What do you shoot with?
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    Long time reader. First time poster.

    Hi everyone. I'm Gian. Tae Kwon Do brown belt from a long long time ago. And currently in my third year of Muay Thai. I'm a Graphic designer & screen printer by trade. I love pizza.
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    Hi Dave.