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  1. ChukaSifu2

    Nunchaku and Tabak Toyok

    A student of mine just brought me back a set of them from the phillipines made of phillipine ironwood. Also he brought back a set of kali sticks. this is a very strong and heavy wood. sticks are about 6" and the chain is 7 1/2". Having many years of practice with nunchuka, there are many...
  2. ChukaSifu2

    Is the number 108 important to your style?

    In our South Mantis system. 108 points of attack, Maks and Meridians.
  3. ChukaSifu2

    Question about internal schools

    Isn't that what you should be doing anyway. At least in the beginning. We cover so much info during a class that there is a lot of things you can be working on solo through the week.
  4. ChukaSifu2

    Question about internal schools

    I believe part of this may be do to what those teachers or instructors believe what they have to offer is rare to the general public and it commands a higher fee. But hopefully at this point they are teaching it properly as well, and your not just paying the extra money for alot of talk. You...
  5. ChukaSifu2

    Does anyone know about this weapon.

    If you go to Google and type in movie swords, you will find sites that carry the Tonfa style blades used in Hellboy. Depending on where you order from the prices may vary, but they sell them individually for around $150.00. Kind of a pricey novelty, but they do claim they are shipped sharpened...
  6. ChukaSifu2

    Well THIS is interesting a martial arts for guns!

    We do something similar in our training circle. I have been a student in Chuka Southern Praying Mantis for 25+ years now, and I have been teaching it for 13+ years. I am ex-military, and had training in light weapons along with prior martial arts training in other styles as well as 18 weapon...
  7. ChukaSifu2

    Is your CMA your exclusive art?

    There's nothing wrong with training other styles as long as your base style is ingrained in you well enough, so as not to hinder your growth by training other styles before you really understand the main principles of your style. Otherwise you may find yourself fighting the 2 steps forward, 1...
  8. ChukaSifu2

    Training seminar

    What would you be willing to pay for an open 8 hour day seminar in ChuGar SPM, with Q&A time with the Sifu?
  9. ChukaSifu2

    Kung fu iron ring training

    No problem at all. Hope this helps you out.
  10. ChukaSifu2

    Kung fu iron ring training

    There are different variations of South Mantis styles, some that I am familiar with are, Jook Lum Chow Gar Chu Gar Iron Ox Our system is a variation of the Chu lineage. It is a Chi Sau(Sticky hands), pressure and angle manipulation, medium center of gravity root based system. There are many...
  11. ChukaSifu2

    Kung fu iron ring training

    Chuka(ChuGar)Southern Praying Mantis.
  12. ChukaSifu2

    Kung fu iron ring training

    I've cut up different diameter dowel rods for the students to hold in their fist that stick out of the grip about 2 inches on both sides of the fist. That way when they straight punch with a fist the rings hit the dowels and prevent the rings from flying off their hands. I've had to have the...
  13. ChukaSifu2

    Kung fu iron ring training

    Until you can find the smaller rings to use closet to your hands to keep the larger ones from coming off, you can cut a small dowel rod which extends past your fist while training straight punch techniques with the larger rings. You do want to use the larger rings when applicable though, they...
  14. ChukaSifu2

    Does your CMA have Stick/Push hands?

    We use chi sau(sticky hands) in Chuka SPM. We use it to read opponents pressures and accelerate or redirect(change angles) of those pressures to find or make open gates.
  15. ChukaSifu2

    What CMA do you Practice?

    I've been in Chuka Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu under Sigung Sammy Wong for 24 years. I've been teaching under Wong for 13 years.
  16. ChukaSifu2

    The Wasp

    These are starting at $379.99. They have done other tests on ballistics gel and other find out the effects of it's uses. They say with practice you can stick a shark and discharge the gas in a single motion, obviously they originally designed this knife for people who have had or...
  17. ChukaSifu2

    DF: Why do you study CMA's?

    I have to tell you, in the beginning of my martial arts training CMA didn't seem the way to go until I had a friend training in it. At that point while sparring with him I not only felt the depth of the chinese arts but it just seemed like this style of fighting could be done at any age, from...
  18. ChukaSifu2

    Iron body Training Head to Toe

    I think it's shenmartialarts supply, but you can make your own, have these canvas socks(tubes) that you can fill with your choice of substance for conditioning or they come pre filled. These are meant to be used to conform to the body as it is being struck. We use Soy & Mung beans when we start...
  19. ChukaSifu2

    Crab Kung Fu

    I know of certain attacks and hand training exercises used from the Crab system. As someone has mentioned these were incorporated into a Bak Mei system which we use in our SPM system.
  20. ChukaSifu2

    Closing of the Chicagoland Chuka SPM school

    Thank You, prepping son and senior student to take over in the future.
  21. ChukaSifu2

    Closing of the Chicagoland Chuka SPM school

    I am at this time closing the Chicago area school of Chuka Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu as taught by Sigung Sammy Wong. I am only continuing his lineage with private classes. To those of you involved with the school, thank you all for your support. Keep fighting, train hard, & honor your...
  22. ChukaSifu2

    The 9 mm... Airgun?

    I have fired one of these, there is a felt recoil & the noise, well there's nothing stealth about it either. Some people buy these beleiving there much quiter for stealth, but again that is not the case. I am a big airgun enthusiast, I own 27 different types, large range of calibers. The most...
  23. ChukaSifu2

    The Limits of Loyalty to Your SiFu

    You may want to consider paying respect to your system or Sifu by plain naming your style,ie.. Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu to Southern Praying Kung Fu, this may not affend your Sifu, same as it does not give him credit. It may not allow you to glamourize yourself or ride on your...
  24. ChukaSifu2

    Chi Sau Club

    Well that's exactly his intentions. He's looking to get the swelled head of different styles out of the way, so as to teach or help each other learn a different perspective of peoples ability to read and redirect their pressures or energy. Part of the problem with training of systems with...
  25. ChukaSifu2

    Chi Sau Club

    One of my student teachers (Joe) is interested in setting up a Chi Sau club(sticky hands) in northern chicago - northwest suburbs area. Just friendly get togethers to actually allow students and trainees alike to get a feel for different styles, and to get a chance to practice in a friendly...
  26. ChukaSifu2

    Small Tasco Red Dot sight?

    Anytime. Yea that is one down side to those types of sights, ecspecially if you don't use them and the batteries corrode and ruin your scope.
  27. ChukaSifu2

    Refinishing a shotgun barrel.

    Good Luck guys, Nice looking Mossberg, I like those old bolt actions, gives a little different appeal than standard pumps and auto's. RBaddorf- Birchwood-Casey also has a nice kit for stock refinishing, should you decide to repair that stock and refinish it. If you are worried about hurting...
  28. ChukaSifu2

    Refinishing a shotgun barrel.

    The Birch-Wood Casey kit works out real well. They have a bluing kit which includes the bluing daubbers,steel wool,metal treatment and metal bluing as well as instructions for doing the cold bluing process. If some of the pitting is deep use a fiberglass styptic pencil to remove some of the rust...
  29. ChukaSifu2

    Small Tasco Red Dot sight?

    It depends on where you wish to use it. For fast target acquisition, I noticed it works well if you already practice the point and shoot method. If you shoot against a light colored target or bright light behind, the red dot seems to gleem to much and you can't see your target very well at...
  30. ChukaSifu2

    Iron Rings 2

    we use them for timing and speed training by pulling back after you punch outward before the ring hits. as you punch out, all the rings move forward - spring back as the last one is moving forward, repeat opposite for backward motions. This is what we use to teach the spring style of hits...