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  1. mantis

    Wing Chun in Orange County, SoCal. Question

    it says no grappling in WC. really? well i guess that school wont be teaching that anyway
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    Wing Chun in Orange County, SoCal. Question

    Hello guys... I have been doing northern mantis for over 2 years. i recently learned that the schedule is going to be changed, making it impossible for me to attend. I thought of switching schools, and since that's the only mantis school in orange county i have to switch styles. Any...
  3. mantis

    I passed my Gold Sash Test!!

    sashes in CMA only indicate how long you have been paying to the school. they really do not mean anything else
  4. mantis

    I passed my Gold Sash Test!!

    dont rush. the trick is not to only know them but the trick to chinese martial arts is excessive repetition which will lead to perfection. Your 3-directionals should result in better everything else, so do not rush too much. take your time. as for your question i guess you can either be bored...
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    i have when i visited KSA
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    Is Dying a Disease?

    they die coz their fuel runs out :D
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    Training Partner Rant

    wear something to cover your nose like basketball players wear. Also hit him in the nuts a few times, fast and hard so it jogs his brains a bit and makes him start thinking of what you said to him. and also say "dont afraid to be hit".
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    Moving too fast?

    do you feel other people have learned something you havent? or do you think you're up to speed in everything? there are certain things where moving up fast is not a good idea like sensetivity. but i dont think you're moving too fast to miss out on that yet
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    Moving too fast?

    you already answered yourself you already have a bb
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    I passed my Gold Sash Test!!

    congratulations man. what's the gold sash anyway? i used to get excited about promotion but now the more i go up the more i realize i dont know anything and that there are more and more people who can kick the living poop out of my buttocks
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    Shandong Tang Lang Chuan

    i meant to say by knowing mantis already and learning tai chi mantis you will become better than other in mantis... but no worries, ur already the master as long as it's an online thing ;)
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    what was it about? i cant access youtube
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    Shandong Tang Lang Chuan

    hehe that's good! now u'll be the mantis master on this forum!!!
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    Praying Mantis Forums

  15. mantis

    Shandong Tang Lang Chuan

    Shandong is a northern province in china and that's where wang lang (found of mantis) is from. there's nothing such as shandong mantis because all northern mantis is shandong mantis. I tried to trace your sifu and it looks like he's related to wah lum, but i did not see anywhere that he is...
  16. mantis

    My First NPM Class

    NICE! i remember i almost blacked out in the middle of my first class haha.... i cannot tell which mantis you practice, you probably do need to know your mantis heritage at some point. my guess is wah lum if he is related to Chan Pui. Btw, all northern mantis comes from shandong, this is...
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    7 Star Vs. Wah Lum Pai Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis

    not sure i understand the question. are you comparing 7 * PM to the tan tui forms of wah lum?
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    I'd accept the challenge except that i live on the first floor
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    Strenghtening Form Name

    That's the one! LOVE YA GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
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    Basic Iron Palm Seminar in New Hampshire

    can you video tape it and show us :D
  21. mantis

    Strenghtening Form Name

    Hello... I wanted to get the exact name of strength-building forms that use hard energy or 'gong'... they sounds like "gong lakan' or something like that.. do you guys know the exact name? Thanks!
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    DF: New Video Clip

    that is really nice, i like the slow reply!
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    Flow Drills or Sensitivity Drills?

    IMHO sensetivity development is much more important than flow drills (although flow drills are extremely important). Flow drills allow you to act (or talk) vs. sensetivity which allows you to listen so you are able to react in the right way. Flow without sensetivity can be risky, but...
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    Searching for

    i know theres one mizong master in socal... i know that doesnt help too much
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    Should Religious Beliefs Be Immune From Criticism?

    i missed the whole discussion so im going back to origin. I do not think people who follow those religions think their religions should be immune from criticism. The the wester way of criticizing religions if pretty offensive since westerners mostly are too arrogant to try to understand what...
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    Chin-na ???

    tsk tsk tsk... im sure you didnt mean that! every kung fu style has quite a bit of qinna in it already. review all your techniques slowly and you'll find it everywhere
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    Some SPM Clips

    that's nice! reminds me a lot of wing chun...
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    7 Star Mantis Kung - Fu Academy

    i wish i could read english too
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    Bung Bo Two Man Set Video

    have anything to show us?
  30. mantis

    Mantis: 12 Keywords of Attack & Defense

    Got it, i know what you mean now. This is your first post, huh? welcome to MT....