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    Pick your weapon

    Knives, machette ( in place of a sword) Kali sticks, 550 cord for garroeting and controlling with, a rolled up magizine. You just dont walk down the street wit a Katana, but I can with all the above weapons or they serve to train you to use common objects.
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    Which is more important socially?

    Voting only because someone is black or a female is stupid. If a black man tells me he is voting for Obama because he is black and nothing else, he is a racist and an idiot. If a woman is voting for McCain/Palin because she is a woman, she is equally stupid. Smart people consider record...
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    Palin's Motherhood in the media

    Roe v Wade should be overturned, so it can go back to the Sates where they belong. So much of what the Dems and the Libs want on a National scale, are State and local issues. If Mass wants socialized health care, let them, if Va does not, fine. If California wants Gays to marry, let them...
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    Blackbelt clubs, masters clubs; thoughts?

    In our art, the "Black belt Club" is those who made it to Shodan and above. (Shodan takes 4 1/2 to 6 years with us). I hate the idea of balck belt clubs, its part of the "You'll get a BB in 2 years thing, that makes me sick and gives people the idea that they are street legal for combat...
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    Judo: The Power of Blue!

    old school!
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    Knife defenses by a 12 year-old.

    With my own kids, they will be all to aware of what a knife can do, I protect my kids but I will not shelter them from some of life's harsher realities. I hunt, so at some point I'll take a blade to a carcass the same way I am trained to do to a man and they will definatly respect the blade...
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    man beats toddler to death, witnesses fail to stop him

    Well seeing as we are discouraged and penilized in this society for aggressive action, it could be none of these people could stop this guy. If we were not such a wussyfied society, then half those people would have known to put some sharp steel into his kidney's and up his rectum and he...
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    Knife defenses by a 12 year-old.

    Get a marker and tell him to use his techniques when you attack him with it like a real knife. After he has lines on his arms and neck and little blots on his belly and throat, you can pull out an anatomy chart and tell him what these marks would mean n real life. BUT dont be that guy that...
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    I hurt my friend out of love...

    Better she learned this way and not acting like Bennta Badass to someone who does not care, or worse she thinks she is a BA and gets into a fight and gets seriously hurt and maybe violated as well.
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    Obama and McCain: Comparison of positions on Issues

    Here is the deal, if your looking for the President to fix health care, your looking to the wrong branch, that would be Congress's to do or not do (IMO it should be a State issue, not the Feds). Clinton wanted to do health care, Congress wanted welfare reform, so welfare reform is what got...
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    American Kids

    I agree that school lunches should not be crap and candy, I am all for schools that put healty meals on the menu. I see no reason that soda machines and snack machines should be in schools. My son goes to a school where they have some pretty healthy merals and snack choices and I consider him...
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    The Warrior Society

    Aside from the cost of life and the damge to the wounded, wars have by and large been good for America, even the ones that did not go so well. We gained our independence through war, we gained much of our nation through war with Mexico and the native tribes. We gained possesions in the...
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    Vietnam War Myths

    Sure LBJ made alot of money off the war, through his wife's holdings. It was a liberal who decided to have our forces fight with one hand tied behind their back, shakles on their feet and Marques of Queensburry rules along with micro mangaement from the oval office. My step dad flew over...
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    Nope, no media bias here...........

    Anyone who spends time around service mebers knows that they are almost overwellmingly conservative. The mainstream media is in the tank for the DNC, they are activly helping the DNC by underreproting the failures of the current Congress,who are doing all they can to make things worse and...
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    Vietnam War Myths

    The accepted History is propaganda from the press, who did everything to distort the war. Take the Tet offensive, it was a huge military disaster for the NVA and the VC, thousands of them were killed, every objective they took was retaken, our forces crushed them. My step dad says the genral...
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    what exactly is waterboarding?

    All these animals have endured is waterboarding and in the case of Abu Grahb, some humiliation, nothing has been done to these guys that our own people dont go through in SERE schol and these are things that go on as hazing in University Greek clubs. If it can get you into Delta Force or...
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    American Kids

    Very good point, I forgot to mention that. At the same time, one can always pack their kid's lunch and not give them money for the crap machines.
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    American Kids

    On a larger level this is part of the overall weakning of our colture. When I was a kid and you got in a fight, when the teacher broke it up, they wanted to know "Who started it?" and that kid would get punished, you were allowed to stand up for yourself. Then I moved to South Fla, and the...
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    Weapons And How They Function

    We do alot of training against Prison/Biker style knifeing and I am a total Prison documentary whore because you see some vicious assults on film and it gives you a glimpse into your potential enemy and what they tend to do, just like what you mentioned or Amping attacks and the facts that alot...
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    The Myths and Truths of Female Martialists

    Well there is a difference between training in the arts, which is a long term commitment and learning to fight, which is not that big a commitment. Lots of my Dojo Bros with kids feel if you push your kids into it, they wont like it as much or not at all and the likelyhood of them becomeing...
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    Why do you study what you study?

    Traditional and Combat Jujutsu and Pekiti Tarsia. Why? When I was in a TKD school, we had an instrucotr there who was a multi BB in various arts, including Jujutsu. The destructivness yet the ability to control people apealed to me, in addition in real fights I tended to ensare arms and get...
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    The Myths and Truths of Female Martialists

    I'll say this, while I will encourage my boys to study martial arts, I will not force it on them beyond basic "How to fight like a man 101" if I had a daughter I would make her sepnd x amount of months out of a year training in martial arts and I would be more inclinded to train her with knives...
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    Beginning emphasis in randori?

    You sound like you are stumbling into Aiki Jujutsu, due to your prior Taiji and your new Judo training. When you see films of the older Judo masters, like Kotani, they were very "sift" in their application.
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    The Myths and Truths of Female Martialists

    Women should learn to protect themselves and their famileis, but they need to be realistic about it. It's a rare woman who can stand toe to toe with a man and win, they are such women and it does happen, but usually a woman meeting force with force gets crushed. I have seen too many female black...
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    Ground fighting choices -- Judo or BJJ?

    I would advise the former and stay clear of the latter. Most Kenjutsu and AIki Jujutsu systems have clear histories and lineages, the Ninja stuff is largly reconstructed and dubious. I have trained with some, nice people but living in dream land and none were very good at fighting. You find...
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    Ground fighting choices -- Judo or BJJ?

    You have a very practicle and honest outlook. Your the kind of BJJ practitioner I love to train with, the kind where there is mutual learning, growth and respect. Someday I will have my own MA/Fitness center and I want our style of Jujutsu offered as well as BJJ and Judo along with MMA and...
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    MA and Visual Impairment

    I was born with 2 crossed eyes, one was fixed in surgery the other was not. One eye is 20/20 the other can see images without clarity, but I dop see movement. As a kid ball sports were a b**** but fighting was another matter as I had that forced on me and I gravitated towards MA instead of...
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    Another Video View Of The Now Infamous Ki Master vs. MMA Fighter in Japan!

    I play wit Ki projection (it's just EMP) but not as a way to fight, it's for sensativity. I have pushed people back and had them collapse on themselkves that were not ready for it, but I would NEVER trust it in a fight. I do beleive it can add to an actual physical technique, but it's like...
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    Ground fighting choices -- Judo or BJJ?

    Then you have seen a weak version of Japanese based Jujutsu. We have plenty from BJJ come to our Dojo, and on the ground they are tough,if yo0u play MMA rules they are tough, but out comes a plastic knife and they become almost clueless. Double leg takedowns dont go so well on a man with a knife...
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    No Gi Judo

    You might live in the artic but youy still might be wearing a t-shirt when you are inside as could your opposition. We do Gi and No Gi randori a good bit.