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    Thinking of starting Aikido

    Anyone here practice Aikido and is it effective for self defence? I am thinking of starting Aikido. There are about 3 different classes near to where I live, one actually emphasises using realistic techniques against Aikido to demonstrate its effectiveness. The classes are quite cheap too but I...
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    Anyone here practice Fujian White Crane

    For a while I have not done much Martial Art training as I guess I lost my focus and my instructor just giving up teaching came as a blow! I had practice Shaolin Long Fist for 9 years! I was doign Wing chun at the same time but the numbers dropped and I lost interest. I tried Jeet Kune do for 2...
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    Cross-training Aikido and another art

    I have done some Wing chun and found it helped me relax more, making my punches faster in my other kung fu style. Because my kung fu class has ended now I have to look for another martial art to try so I thought about Aikido. I have already started a Jeet Kune Do class so we will see what...
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    I want to look and try other martial arts while I'm still reasonably young and I believe I already have a good foundation to start with from my other Art.
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    Hey guys I went to Jeet Kune Do class and it was awesome!! I had been wanting to learn this for ages but there was no where local taht taught it. AT first i didnt' think i was goign to be able to even get to the sports hall but I was lucky enough to have been spotted by some of my kung fu class...
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    Thanks again for your kind words but I chickened out again!! Theres a Jeet Kune Do class tonight where soem people from my old Kung Fu class go to so I will try and go to that one. There are more Styles I want to try out next week too!
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    Thanks guys! I just hope i don't get there and chicken out like I have done in so many other styles I wanted to try. When I do that i know I'm letting myself down!
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    Anyone ever heard of Fujian White Crane?

    This is a style in my local area and was wondering if it is an effective style? And whatare its characteristics?
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    your most effective move

    Something that will quickly release you out of a bear hug is a rear head butt which i used on some a@@hole who grabbed me. This was in my teenage days! Nothing else worked so I went for the backward head butt and he quickly let go. He had the audacity to try to head butt the back of my head but...
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    Likelyhood of a trained attacker

    It makes me sad that potential attackers could have studied a Martial Art or Boxing or even any other style because somewhere down the line they have not learnt humility or possibly even had good instruction. I know a lot of Clubs have strict rules about who they let in but some places will let...
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    Hi Exile Thanks, thats actually helped a lot. I never looked at it that way. You're right because I do have a solid grounding in a Chinese Martial Art so my flexibility will help too. Also I am giving some other styles a try too to see how I like them. Thanks for your positive words! Tony
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    Anxiety about starting a new Martial Art!

    Ok as some of you know my kung fu classes have stopped all together because the numbers have been falling which has forced me to look for another martial art. I rememeber when I was looking for a martial art 9 years ago I would get to some Clubs and get totally intimidated and barely make it...
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    Homemade Training Equipment

    I got my dad to make me a device for building up the forearms. It has a barbell plate with a small rope or thick shoe lace and a stick which is is tied to. The idea is you roll it up so it is completely rolled up then unwind it but don't just let it unwind automatically, you use your hands so...
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    What to do next

    Thanks guys! you've all been really helpful! I think maybe the best thing to do would go for a trial at each class and see which one I like best but then again I have always wanted to do Aikido so could possibly cross train that with another style such as Kung fu.
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    What to do next

    Thanks guys, you have all been a big help. I was considering another Kung fu style like Chow Gar or White Crane which is in my area as well as another Shaolin discipline in Oxford, England. I have always wanted to learn Aikido but I need to learn something that will address my timidness of...
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    What to do next

    My Kung fu class is closing down and the last class is next week. My instructor sort of gave up teaching but he seems to control our website so I really don't know too much about what he is doing. The guy who has been taking the classes has mostly been running us through drills and forms and...
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    Starting Wing Chun

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    Sparring and fighting 2

    OK i was sparring in class monday and just a brief background I study Shaolin Long Fist and wing chun and I am trying to adapt the Wing chun into my sparring. I have been in our club teh longest out of most people but still there are people who think they can give me advice, fair enough if my...
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    What do you do when your instructor stops teaching?

    Well I have been training in my present style for over 7 years and about a month ago I get to class only to discover that my intructor has stopped teaching (due to personal reasons which we are not privvy to!) and has handed his classes over to a couple of guys, one who is now taking the Monday...
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    Self Defense when drinking.

    I try not to drink when i go out. In fact I'm virtually tee total because alcohol does slow your reflexes and has often made people more aggressive. If I do drink I never get really drunk because I liek to keep my wits about me. Maybe you could look into learning Drunken Style kungfu.
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    I did it! I got my Black Sash!

    Well my grading was for 4 hours! We had to go through a warm up, then run through some kicking drills. We then were paired up and had to do some padwork. I found I was having trouble doing thi jump spinning round house kick. My foot goes a little wonky and i get much height! But by this time i...
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    Yup ,i got my butt kicked

    I'm sure there is something written in Sun Tzu's The Art of war about learning from defeat! So ask yourself what did you learn from him? He was fast and you underestimated him! Never underestimate anyone! watch him closely and see how he spars! When i'm in sanshou class I like to watch people as...
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    a serious question for all

    A good instructor should be sensitive to a students ailments and disabllities. Its good to train hard but not to the point where you can get seriously injured. There are many people in my class who have injuries and we have to make sure we tell my instructor if we have any so we don't make them...
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    I did it! I got my Black Sash!

    Hi Jenna, thanks! Well as requested I updated my profile! So what style do you practice and where are you from? I am actually not a big drinker but I should be out this coming weekend as its a Bank Holiday so I may celebrate then!
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    Enter the Dragon Tidbits

    Bruce Lee was wearing Bong Sau gloves designed to grab! ALot of fights don't last as long as you see in films because in films they jsut drag them out for entertainment! Jackie Chan was criticised when he came to the west because people thought he had no power because he couldn't knock people...
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    I did it! I got my Black Sash!

    This saturday was sheer hell but finally i got my black sash!
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    Martial Artist or Majorette?

    I think I recognise that kid, wasn't he in Hanson? But i take my hat off to him. If he could learn to apply that skill he could be dangerous instead of using it for show. IF he is this skilled now, imagine what he will be like when he is in his teens!
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    Let that be a lesson to you...

    I hear drunken style is a pretty effective system but these guys obviously had no fight experience except for the instructor! Centuries ago in China this system was being put to the test everyday so it must hvae worked if it survived today!
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    Never too old for TKD!!!!! :)

    That is pretty awesome! Hope to continue my training well into old age!
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    brown belt test

    Excellent! No doubt you will continue to improve!