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  1. AnnunakiKungFu

    Name change?

    Never mind. Found it
  2. AnnunakiKungFu

    Name change?

    Not sure exactly where to put this or who to talk to but I would like to change my name on this forum.
  3. AnnunakiKungFu

    2 - 3 people

    I get off work in an hour, a drink sounds.awesome! Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G using Tapatalk 2
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    2 - 3 people

    Didn't really know where else to put it. I see what your saying, makes sense. Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G using Tapatalk 2
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    2 - 3 people

    Not sure where to oput this topic exactly but if someone were challenged to spar full contact against 2 - 3 people at the same time, what do you think would be the best martial art style to use? Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G using Tapatalk 2
  6. AnnunakiKungFu

    Vegas TKD places!

    I want to compete. In anything. I want a school that will lean more towards teaching for competition rather than just self defense.
  7. AnnunakiKungFu

    Booby traps along Utah hiking trail

    Australia, the moon, they seem the same distance from Vegas!
  8. AnnunakiKungFu

    Punching BoB question.

    Not sure where to actually out this post but I have a punching BoB that was filled with water. I want to switch to sand so i emptied the water and bought 250 lbs of sand. Now Heres my problem, the hole on the punching BoB is too small to just pour the sand in >.< does anyone have any experience...
  9. AnnunakiKungFu

    Fightin' Music

    Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix) August Burns Red - White Washed Chimaira - Six Specifically "Six" at the end of the song when the break down comes and he starts screaming Never Back Down Never Back Down! Man, make me go insane.
  10. AnnunakiKungFu

    Vegas TKD places!

    Any Vegas TKD guys that train here and Vegas, could you list your school and the phone number? I am looking on the internet about Vegas TKD places and I just want to get an idea of what are some good schools to go to here. You do not have to list them here if you do not wish to, send me a...
  11. AnnunakiKungFu

    Booby traps along Utah hiking trail

    I am moving to the moon.
  12. AnnunakiKungFu

    Boy barred from playing on girl's field hockey team

    Lol well at football games during the half time show when the band comes out, girls with flags come out also and dance. I was one of them. Winter guard is the same thing only it's strictly competition, no band no football. Just a big open place with us performing routines in competition with...
  13. AnnunakiKungFu

    Boy barred from playing on girl's field hockey team

    Honestly, I have sat here and thought about what I think about this and I can't come to a conclusion about it. Half of me thinks why stop him? I was in color guard and performance winter guard in high school and I was the only male so I can sort of relate but on the other hand I didn't compete...
  14. AnnunakiKungFu

    LEO kicks woman in the head.

    A little on the brutality side in my opinion. He could have stopped what he was doing and quickly re-subdued her, instead he just blasts her in the head. A kick from probably hurt her pretty bad.
  15. AnnunakiKungFu

    Sorry for the rant! But...

    I work in the Bellagio poker room as a graveyard floor supervisor. I came to a table to where another supervisor was standing and trying to fix a situation. This guy was cussing and calling the dealer all sorts of names. The supervisor was trying to control it and was doing a good job. Well as I...
  16. AnnunakiKungFu

    UFC Undisputed 3?

    Well if it is then I feel honored, adored, and loved that it chose my post in which to spam! >.<
  17. AnnunakiKungFu

    UFC Undisputed 3?

    Not exactly the response I was looking for but whatever works! lol
  18. AnnunakiKungFu

    capoeira demo turns into a fight

    Windmilling seems like it could be a legit martial art :bangahead:
  19. AnnunakiKungFu

    Calling all the Men...Why did you start Martial Arts??

    I kept getting pushed around and picked on in school so my dad enrolled me into TaeKwonDo. Once I hit 6'5 people stayed away from me in school anyway. Funny how height really solves the problem of people messing around with you.
  20. AnnunakiKungFu

    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    Wing Chun Kung - Fu &#8203;by Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith
  21. AnnunakiKungFu

    MMA Mats in your home? Anyone used these?

    Has anyone used these particular mats in their homes and sparred and trained on them? If so, how are they? Any pro's or con's?
  22. AnnunakiKungFu

    Anyone want their arms ripped off?

    Lmao, this world is insane.
  23. AnnunakiKungFu

    Hi all, Greetings!

    Welcome! I am pretty new as well, hope to see ya around!
  24. AnnunakiKungFu

    UFC Undisputed 3?

    Anyone on here play UFC Undisputed 3 on xbox live? Perhaps we could fight together sometime! I just got it and it rocks so far. I am not a huge UFC (mainly Dana White) fan but this game rocks.
  25. AnnunakiKungFu

    Rent a white guy

    Hmmm, only $150? I think I will just have to find someone else to do it with!
  26. AnnunakiKungFu

    Rent a white guy

    My roommate is half korean half white. He wonders if they will rent him out if the korean part of him shows more than the white part.
  27. AnnunakiKungFu

    Vegas TKD People

    I am looking for something that can train me to compete as well. Point sparring, full contact, things like that. However I may check out the IRT, it seems pretty damn sweet. It seems to cover a very wide range of styles which I like the sound of.
  28. AnnunakiKungFu

    The song that describes your life to date

    Well, my life currently is: August Burns Red - White Washed It would seem that my song is complete opposite from everyone else's so a lot of people may not like it lol
  29. AnnunakiKungFu

    Vegas TKD People

    Just a solid school that will get me back to good health, good flexibility, and promotes quite a bit of sparring. Somewhere that is more so adult oriented than child oriented. A place that competes as well would be nice. I am a huge fan of competition.