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    Selective Breaking

    Yes, but I'm wondering if there's perhaps a systematic method of using this kind of power without having to build incredible external force, and using it consistently and reliably in a martial art?
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    Selective Breaking

    Yeah, I'm aware of the trickery out there. I asked this because I read a description of fa jin as being a strike where the opponent's external is not injured, but his internal is, and this reminded me of the selective breaking and I wondered if there was a connection.
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    Selective Breaking

    Yes. Like if you have a stack of 7 bricks, choosing to break only the 3rd or 4th brick while keeping the others unharmed.
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    Selective Breaking

    Anybody have any experience in this skill? Is this related to the Chinese method of fa-jing? What are the "physics" and characteristics of the technique (as opposed to a more basic kind of punch or strike), and where should one go to begin learning it? Thanks.
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    Shito Ryu in Austin, Texas?

    Haven't practiced in a while, but I am interested in Shito Ryu now. I'm considering practicing it, but the closest around on the web is in Pflugerville (Coslet's Japanese Karate). I've taken a couple of classes there before, and it's good, but the drive was killing me, so I was wondering if...
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    Maybe. Who do you train under?

    Maybe. Who do you train under?
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    A while back, I trained under Kendall Kelsoe. I really liked him and the class, but BBT wasn't...

    A while back, I trained under Kendall Kelsoe. I really liked him and the class, but BBT wasn't for me. Now, I'm teetering between traditional muay Thai and shito ryu karate.
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    Jinenkan Ne Waza

    Where are the ground fighting techniques from then, out of curiosity? Are they just judo techniques, or are they koryu bujutsu techniques?
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    Bujinkan vs. Gracie jiu-jitsu?

    That would be pretty cool to watch.
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    Bujinkan vs. Gracie jiu-jitsu?

    Really? A reincarnation of Takamatsu huh?
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    "Old Yang" or "Imperial Yang" Tai Chi Chuan

    His name is Gary Stier, and his website is not up yet (when it will be, it will be at As for his lineage, he claims that he learned from a man named Lee Wing-Wah, who was taught by Yang Shao-Hou. Does anyone know anything about the older Yang system? I'm a budo taijutsu...
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    "Old Yang" or "Imperial Yang" Tai Chi Chuan

    Is there anyone out there who knows or teaches the "old Yang" or "Yang Lu-Chan" style of tai chi? Supposedly, this is Yang before his grandson (or great-grandson, or something like that) changed it to be less combative. There's a guy down here in Austin who claims to teach it, but I wanted to...
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    Bujinkan vs. Gracie jiu-jitsu?

    Well "I heard" it from my teacher, so I would think it would be SOMEWHAT credible.
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    Bujinkan vs. Gracie jiu-jitsu?

    I heard in class a couple weeks ago that one of the Gracies went to Japan to try and fight Hatsumi-sensei, but was rejected and accepted by Nagato-sensei, and Nagati-sensei handed the guy's butt to him. Is this true, and which Gracie was it (I hear Royce from some, Rorion from others)? Also...
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    How do you judge a ninja school

    Well, first, in budo taijutsu we don't usually call our dojo "ninja schools" lol. But as for what makes a good instructor, it's subjective. Firstly though, you want to make sure he is qualified and a member of the bujinkan shidoshi-kai (instructor's guild), and therefore is an ACTUAL...
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    Something to Complement Bujinkan

    My instructor is always harping about people who mix other arts in with their taijutsu, which is something that he is very against (very much a budo taijutsu purist). In my opinion though, it would definitely be best to wait until you AT LEAST achieve your black belt before moving onto...
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    New here

    I'm Ryan, and it's my first post. I'm a practitioner of budo taijutsu, going on about one year (it's almost time for my first rank examination, as a matter of fact!). I have a little experience in lotus (a kenpo karate-based hybrid with muay thai, judo, and aikido in the mix), and VERY little...