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    Brian, where are the private messages!?!? They have changed everything on me... Argh!!! I really...

    Brian, where are the private messages!?!? They have changed everything on me... Argh!!! I really don't know if I will have the energy or attention to stay on here. I hope I do. Tell me what has been up since I have been gone?
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    Systema a discussion

    I think somewhere in the last 2 decades Systema has become a term that is in a way as ubiquitous as "Kung Fu". And at this point is probably not productive to judge, interpret, whatever, Systema by any given practitioners performance. Good, great, bad or horrible. You know? I mean it would be...
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    Is there anybody there

    Hey Brian! Thanks. I tried to get myself active again on E-budo last year.. but then weird life stuff happened, and then I forgot about it. Until this reminded me. Oh Crap now that is two boards on my mind. I'm already overwhelmed by coming out of my cave ;)
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    Is there anybody there

    I am horrible about this... but I just found my login creddentials and I am going to try to get myself to start checking in here again every once in a while. -Arthur
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    Looking for School

    Been here for over a decade now. Arthur
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    Interesting Systema Defense Vs. Stomping Attacks.

    I'd just like to second EricH's thoughts. Manny is an excellent practitioner and teacher. He's a great resource, IMO. Arthur
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    Hey Eric! >hey Arthur... wassup! This and that man... this and that. Shoot me a PM and tell me how the "baby" is doing, etc. >Is this the Mifune video you mention? Its taken from the same video. There a re a lot of vids taken from that video... some incude more stuff than others...
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    Boyoyy Hopak

    Wow! I didn't know the Tae Kwon Do guys started dressing in Russian shirts. Cool! ;-) Arthur
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    Sambo (Sombo is PC rewriting of the word so as to not offend overly sensitive people who are incapable of thinking) and BJJ/GracieJJ are direct progeny of Judo. While it is not PC to speak the truth about much of any things, including the foundations of these arts... they are both variant...
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    Demetry Furman vid

    For those that don't know... Furtry was actually an official alternate for the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team. He has a plethora of experience in groundfighting from myriad of different systems. I second Masterfingers comments on the quality teaching Furtry can provide. I don't know if a...
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    Russian Martial Art?

    Its basic Shotokan derived Karate (which Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do are part of). It has nothing to do with Russian Martial arts. Arthur
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    Frank, My mail box on this forum is screwed up... so I won't get a reply... and this may not...

    Frank, My mail box on this forum is screwed up... so I won't get a reply... and this may not go out... but thanks for the nice words. Email me if you got this... I think a few emaiols I sent you didn't go through. Arthur
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    Most important Kata

    In Karate context... Nahanchi Shodan. In Judo... Ju No Kata In Xing Yi... Pi Quan In Ba Gua... Single Palm Change etc. Fundemental forms, are fundemental forms for a reason. My thoughts anyway. Arthur
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    Systema In Michigan

    George P. has been practicing Systema longer than anyone that frequents this board. If your in Michigan and into RMA, you'd be making a mistake if you didn't take some time to meet with him, and see what he had to offer. Arthur
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    rukopushni boi and Igor Levitts

    Eric Said: If memory serves me, it was a mighty fine weekend. Good company, good training, plenty of beer and an "interesting" waitress. Arthur
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    Defense against a sucker punch

    As long as we are discussing awareness... I'm pretty sure this was already mentioned (since I was the one that mentioned it) but... if you are aware of it... it isn't really a sucker punch is it? Arthur
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    How is your class structured?

    A few thoughts, addendums ,arguements and cooborations on Rob's post. >For any guide of really is not the lesson plan...much more the evolution of any singular group that shows up on a give time. IMO, the group,whether it consist of one individual or 100 individuals is there because...
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    How is your class structured?

    >I was wondering if anyone would share what are some of the basic things that you do in pretty much every class (ie, pushups, squats, breath work, etc, etc,). There is pretty much nothing that we do as basics in nearly every class. I have a class of indivuduals... each with there own...
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    Systema - does previous experience help?

    And a Big Shout Out to you guys too! Arthur (Reengage Cloaking device:) )
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    Systema - does previous experience help?

    At the risk of repeating what's already been said.... there are good and bad points to previous experience. As long as you are willing to let go of you experience .... it will ultimately help you. Arthur PS I concur... its nice to have an appearance of Kage110
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    Systema Seminar in Chicago July 15-17

    Chicago? Cool, is this a fund raiser seminar for Arkady's family? Arthur
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    Rate these Systema players

    Hard to do since they aren't Systema practitioners. Looks more like folk arts (as already said) and maybe beginner level Borba. Arthur
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    Internal training in systema

    Actually, that may have been my point. ;-) Say I decide to study CIMA. I find a teacher, and he agrees to teach me. In order to learn from him I need to suspend what I think I know about CIMA. Perhaps, If what you know about CIMA is incorrect you should put it aside... but what if your...
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    Internal training in systema

    I know. I never said qi thingy. I said "internal". Likewise, he specifically said "internal". That is my point and only point on the matter. Arthur
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    Internal training in systema

    PS A few posts came in while I was typing mine... so I thought I'd throw on an addendum. Furtry Said: Furtry you may have been out of the room, but there was a serious of exercises that were more than pushups. The exercises revolved around what some other arts might call rooting exercises...
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    Internal training in systema

    That would be me, and I have a name. Its Arthur, just like my screen name. I quite specifically said "internal" and not "energy". Neither Mikhail nor my CIMA teacher ever refered to said exercises as "energy based". They each refered to them as "internal". EricH Said: :ultracool...
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    Internal training in systema

    See... I was right... without first defining terms, you just end up with a big mess, and conflict that might actually be agreement if terms were first defined. Be that as it may... a couple of thoughts since I have a rare moment of internet time. Any art whether it be Systema, Ba Gua, Skin...
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    Internal training in systema

    The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms. Without defining the terms of the discussion, my guess is no one will truly benefit. Arthur
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    Are Their Any Throws in Systema?

    If you understand the art, you'll find everything in there. Systema is "Prego" style (ie "Its in there") I recommend watching the films of Kyuzo Mifune to see Judo applied in a more "true" and pure context. If you closely study and observe Judo and Sambo throws, you'll see that they are...
  30. A Hacked, will be back up soon

    I just wanted to let everyone know I'm sorry this has been taking FAR longer than I expected. Repairing the damage from the hack was simple enough. I had a restored and fully working version of the board back up in no time (hidden from public view). I'd been planning on making some physical...