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    Good training or just stupid?

    I know this is stupid. Where is the head gear? If you want more future vegetables, keep this kind of crap up.
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    Great kicking sampler

    You are correct, with the right set up (and room) these will be effective. In the usual SD the punches, and especially the spinning back fist, would work well. Beyond a doubt he is very athletic, very quick. All in all very impressive.
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    training for old dudes

    Keep going Carl. I was talking to a 69 year old (grandfather to our new chief instructor). He is a 4th Dan, but from another school. I was lobbying for him to join our school, so I wouldn't have to be he oldest........I am only a first Dan, age 58. STRETCH 5 minutes twice every day. It is...
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    Traditional tae kwon do in chicago

    For the children in his school, this would apply. My "little" brother tested for his second degree last year, after 30 years being a first Dan. Take what you will from verbage. The only reason he "tested" for his second Dan.........he was diagnosed with ALS 2 years ago.....
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    Traditional tae kwon do in chicago

    You should look up Al's Black Belt Club (ABBC) in Lombard. He is the best in the city. My younger brother has trained with him for 8 years, I have met him and been to his dojo, first rate!!!
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    Once more into the breach

    I am with you in this also. I restarted TKD after a 33 year layoff. Hamstrings, ankle, groin, knee injuries. Yes, it takes longer to heal, but it is well worth it. I wish my daughter at that age would have had the desire. In class, I still look into the mirrors and wonder who that old geezer is.
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    Why did YOU start Tae kwon do?

    I started TKD again 2 years ago after taking 35 years off. I started because I was athletic, but a skinny 18 year old. I also had an edge to my personality. So, it was a natural fit. I stayed at it for 3 years. Brown belt. I transferred to another college and career drive took over. My...
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    Training like this? Really?!

    I am fairly certain as to which organization you are calling out. My 2 cents...... in all businesses, profit is at the forefront. There will always be a market for students, and families willing to pay for this environment. If the TKD being taught is from high quality instructors, like mine...
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    sparring for contest vs practical sparring

    Wow. Just, wow.
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    Teaching Taekwondo to beginners over the age of 40

    I echo all the above. I am 57, and need a good warm up and even a better stretch prior to class. Without it, injury is more likely. And if tkd'ers around my age get injured it takes much longer to heal. That being said, when I do get the time to stretch properly before class I feel great. The...
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    Reasons for dropping out of (or taking a break from) Taekwondo (or another martial art)

    Hi Cynthia: I am sure there are many reasons for continuing/quitting TKD. 1. I transferred to another school that was much more time consuming. I was 21. I was a brown belt. 2. I returned 2 years ago. I am 57 now. So, 34 years off. 3. I returned at the urging of my younger brother. He's...
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    I don't want to kill this thread. The question is a great one. I love to fight because it gives me a great outlet for sitting on my rear end all day. My younger brother got me back into it. I had a 35 year layoff, and have been at it again for a year.
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    No you don't have to be teaching MA to have a very good idea of what you are talking about. You are correct. And you are also correct we are looking at this differently. I liked our discussion.
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    ie, the stimulus is in the form of trophic hormones sent to various physical etities as you described. The emotional reaction of the stimulus varies from individual to individual. The core of the emotional reaction is limbic.
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    Do you teach biology??
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    You are correct, hypothalamus mostly is an activator. Not the source.
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    Do you like to fight? WHY?!?!?

    More like the limbic system. Hypothalamus stimulates other glands in our bodies.
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    Another ATA 5 year old black belt

    You are near a great kukkiwon TKD dojo. It is ABBC, in Lombard IL> My brother goes there, and I visited once. The owner and chief instructor is the BEST.
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    Another ATA 5 year old black belt

    This is quite similar to the grade inflation of our school aged kids. Parents cause both of these premature successes. The good side of this is it builds self confidence. The downside??? Helicoptering parents.
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    45 Degree kick

    I was out of TKD for 35 years. when I went back at age 56, I used this 45-90 degree pivot for 3 months, then I tore my medial meniscus on my left leg. I won't be doing any 45-90 kicks, it will be 135 or 180 (my heel facing my target). If you are young go for the shorter pivot, it is a little...