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    AR-15 in 53 Seconds

    I've seen it on several forums. Truth is being able to dis and *** a weapon doesn't mean you know how to properly HIT A TARGET with it. If they posted a vid of her hitting targets then I'd be impressed.
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    Which would you go to?

    I've trained with Vlad and Kwan. I'd go with James Williams myself. Of course I'm semi biased, but he still puts it all together so guys like me can do our job.
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    Gracie Barra

    Here let me put it this way, from my point of view. At the Dojo of The Four Winds we train to end a threat. Through many different applications. Both armed and unarmed. Check out youtube for some of James' vids through surefire and the dojo. I train at Gracie Barra because I want a better...
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    Drawing and firing, "Israeli-style"

    When going from home to range, Condition 4. No magazine in wpn, no round in chamber, wpn on safe. When actually carrying, Condition 1. Round in chamber, magazine inserted, wpn on safe. That's just me.
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    Gracie Barra

    What kind of strikes are you looking for? BJJ has never been much in the way of strikes. To be honest Japanese Jiu Jutsu has strikes but it's not as emphasized. I don't know of any rifts between organizations. I really doubt Rickson Gracie would have come to GB America last week to watch Master...
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    Curious About BJJ

    Jax BJJ offers Gracie Barra BJJ AND Muay Thai. Larry Shealy is the instructor. The first one was free, the next time I gotta look something up for a squid it'll cost ya...
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    What are you hiding in your car?

    You don't have the security clearance for what I keep in my car....Just kidding. Well no I'm not. At one point I had a .45, a katana, and a couple of really big custom knives.
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    Gracie Barra

    I'm gonna try and be there. I'll just have to see how it pans out in other ways. I knew about GSP too.
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    BJJ World Chapionships June 5th-8th!!!

    Ybot....I'm gonna be there. But I already said that on another forum we're both on.
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    Gracie Barra

    Gracie Barra Jax and Gracie Barra Orlando are the only two I'd be into. Those are the only parts of Florida I'd be in, besides Pcola. Been training for the past month and I'm loving it. allenjp, I'll be at the World's this weekend. PM me if you'll be there. I'll tell you how to find me.
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    What do you EDC?

    Dude, your preaching to the choir. The guys at Strider Knives are personal friends of mine, SHARP and POINTY THINGS are my life. I only have four pockets in civilian attire and eight or so in cammies. I realized along time ago that carrying too much is pointless, to ME. All the HAKs, Striders...
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    What do you EDC?

    Dang, I'm a Marine and I don't carry half the stuff that everyone else does. Mick Strider Custom Nightmare Lefty SnG, or my plain jane SMF.
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    Gracie Barra

    I'm training at GB San Clemente with Flavio Almeida. A real good friend trains with Nelson Monteiro in Encinitas. I get the LE/Military discount, I'm pysched!!!
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    Gracie Barra

    Well I agree that there are plenty of great places to train however Gracie Barra is quite close AND some real good friends of mine train at another location and I have met Nelson Monteiro who runs the other location and he's good to go in my book. I suppose I could just call and ask, but I want...
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    Gracie Barra

    Kind of a small question but how much do you pay per month? They have a ton of schools here in SoCal and I'll be training there soon. I just need to know how much I should budget. The govt don't pay as well as they should. Also, do they include the price of a gi in the membership at all...
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    Gracie Barra

    Anyone train with Gracie Barra? Or with the Gracies at all? If so I have questions that I will be happy to PM you as opposed to taking up space here. Thanks. Sean
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    Best self defence art?

    Ah, I thought your name was speaking of something akin to Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho. As in Aiki Kenjutsu. As to the question, what ever works and you become proficient in. I personally like a fireteam or squad of my Marines behind me.
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    Hello everyone, introducing myself, don't be afraid to befriend me :D!

    Northern Va? How close to Manassas? I know a Muay Thai/BJJ/Boxing place The owner is a friend.
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    How many of you are on

    Look up Sean Kerby in Cali. I think I'm the only one....My background is my Strider tattoo or something
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    FNG Reporting In

    There is a Gracie Barra in Jax. Also Kirk Woodall did have a Tae Kwon Do school somewhere in the area. Can't speak about Orlando as my info is SEVERLY outdated. Either way...SEMPER FI!!!!
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    oh yeah...

    I'm back. Maybe I'll be around more. Hopefully.
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    Hello everyone, introducing myself, don't be afraid to befriend me :D!

    Howdy dude! Every style has advantages and disadvantages. I like to find ways to beat my deficencies. That's why I train in the styles I do. To be well rounded and to see how good I can be. I'm not into competitive "sport" martial arts either, but your always competing against yourself.
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    To introduce the Cyclone

    Greeting there jr woodchuck!!! Where is it that you train? Or did I miss that?
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    Southnarc HAK (Hide Away Knife)

    Here's more. I went back to my forum home of sorts and looked some stuff up. The original owner and the current owner are 'invloved' so nothing has changed. This was/is of last month. And she was doing some other down and dirty practices. If interested PM me for more info.
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    Southnarc HAK (Hide Away Knife)

    Frontsite, the original owner had an idea and with the help of Mick Strider and some other custom knifemakers started making knives. They were an instant success. People were eating them up. Within the past year things went down hill and she stopped making anything. HAK was bought but another...
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    If you could choose one knife....

    BTTT....The Strider AR in my nightstand, or the Greyman in the spare room. Honestly, I think I'd even use the FX Vader lightsaber, cause while their thinking "WTF" I'm hitting them with the M4 or the Kimber in my other hand.:EG:
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    Southnarc HAK (Hide Away Knife)

    I know several people who own HAKs, your better off finding one for sale from a person than from the website. Lots of D-R-A-M-A involved with HAKs nowadays. Just letting you know.
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    Concealed weapons question

    What part of Florida? Depending on where in Florida does matter. Besides maybe someone knows where you can get credible training so you wont have to rely on something such as a knife.
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    the black art

    Chris Casamassa was a pretty decent tournament guy back in the early 90's or so. He did MK 1 as Scorpion, that's half the reason I wanted to see it was because he was one of the only "known" names as far as martial artists went. Red Dragon is also where Jason Frank of the Power Rangers trains...
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    [Video] Fedin - Wave System

    Crap!!! The chance to train with Vlad again would be cool. However, I'll be back with James and the Dojo of the Four Winds crew so I guess I'll get the oppurtunity again. Hey weren't you in Norfolk? Did you get out of the Navy?