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  1. Wey

    THATS how we're supposed to round house kick?

    I've been taking Karate for around 3 years now, but had to leave my first school in order to go to college. I started taking a Shotokan Karate class at my college, and everything has been fine until my sensei starting teaching us the round house kick. How she wants us to kick is: Bend the...
  2. Wey

    Meditation's Effect on You?

    How many of you have practiced meditation for any amount of time? What have the benefits been from practicing? Do you find it worth while to meditate? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wey

    Philosophy or not?

    Does your teacher, or for those of you that are teachers, is philosophy about your style, or maybe life in general, something that is explained / explored at some point in your class? Likes/dislikes, concerns, etc.?
  4. Wey

    Point Sparring

    What is your take on point sparring? Does it develop reflexes? Quick hands, quick feet, quick movement? Is it impractical? Does it teach martial artists to try and get one hit in and think the fight is over? I do not like point sparring, I think there are better ways to train than to...
  5. Wey


    How many of you fight with your fist in the classic chamber position as taught by karate? If you do, how effective has it been for you? If you do not keep your hands chambered when fighting, why do you not? Or is chambering the fists just a stepping stone for another way to position the hands /...
  6. Wey

    Wing Chun 20 Minutes Away

    I just discovered a Wing Chun training area 20 minutes away from my house. I'm curious what you all think about their website/sifu: Thanks in advance.
  7. Wey

    Kicking in street fights

    Talking with some coworkers of mine brought up the discussion of kicks (mostly high kicks) being a gambit in street fights because of how it throws you off balance, puts you on one leg, etc.. So my question to those of you that have used kicks in street fights is: Was using a kicks helpful or...
  8. Wey


    I'm curious as to how many of you train your hands, and how many of you actually use your hands when you spar, besides blocking.
  9. Wey

    Technique I came up with:

    Last night I was sitting around thinking about martial arts and an idea for a technique popped into my head. It is a defense against low leg kicks aimed at your hamstring/upper leg. The idea is to bend your knee just as your opponent's leg is about to hit yours, thus trapping their leg between...
  10. Wey

    Ever heard of this?

    Today at lunch my friend said that at her old dojang for Hap ki do, one of the instructors said that a good way to improve forearm durability/conditioning is to rub your arms against a table constantly. I tried it for about five minutes, and it hurt like hell. Have you ever heard of this or...
  11. Wey

    Forms in Hapkido

    My friend from South Korea (25) said that there should not be forms in Hapkido and that those that implement forms are not teaching true hapkido. Personally I am not a fan of forms/katas but the two Hapkido teachers I have found teach forms, so I just have to suck it up and do them. My question...
  12. Wey

    Your Belt

    When you are not training, how do you leave your belt? Do you tie it a certain way, wrap it up, throw it in a random location (with no care of its shape), or some other ritual? Beyond that, why do you leave your belt that way? For me, I tie my belt like this: I never let my belt...
  13. Wey

    Odd Movements

    I've been playing soccer for all of my life, but only recently have I started to really develop into my own player, if you will. I do eclectic movements that seem weird or impractical to my friends when I practice them. This past week, though, a couple of those "weird" movements came into play...
  14. Wey

    Ever trained in Korea?

    What has been your experience while training in Korea (no matter the style)? Whats the intensity like, techniques, atmosphere, etc. This is directed to those that are not native to the peninsula. Or, if you are from Korea, how can you compare that to where ever else you have studied?
  15. Wey

    Asking Questions

    I've heard that the Asian arts are about strictly listening, that is, not asking questions when you train. Can anyone explain what kind of punishment you get for asking questions, or if you have asked a question without your teacher caring. I think this will be the biggest obstacle for me...
  16. Wey

    Training in the dark

    Have any of you ever trained in a dark-ish environment as to simulate night fighting? What were the results? Pros and cons? Lay it on me.
  17. Wey

    What was your original motivation?

    Upon reading some different threads on this large forum it occurred to me that people have/had different motives for training martial arts. I'm curious as to what your reason for training was. Parents made you, self-defense, competitions, wanting to do cool flips, learning to use a weapon, etc...
  18. Wey

    My journey has begun

    Today at my school I had my first class of Hapkido. I must say, I'm very excited about whats in store. The techniques, philosophies, and training exercises all are very refreshing. Pre-class we did a couple of rolls, then went into stretching / breathing exercises once class actually...
  19. Wey

    Hitting women

    For you men, when do you consider it "ok" to hit a woman? After she's verbally abused you? After she's hit you once, twice, more? After she keeps doing both mentioned before after you told her to stop? I've never been in this situation, but I'd probably act once shes been yelling in my face /...
  20. Wey

    Lack of Sight

    Today I went to the park and was practicing my katas. I decided to go through it a couple of times with my eyes closed. Holy eff, the whole game changed. It got me to thinking, is balance really balance when you have your eyesight? At my dojo we've done our katas blind-folded before, but it...
  21. Wey

    Katas / Forms

    What is your opinion on katas/forms? I enjoy their artistic / physical requirements, but I think the simpler katas need to be done away with. The simple turn, block, punch, step forward punch katas don't seem to really teach anything, except for basic moves that can be more efficiently practiced...
  22. Wey


    Has anyone ever read the book "Hapkido" by Marc Tedeschi? I do not study Hapkido at right now, but I will this year at college. What are your thoughts on the book?
  23. Wey

    Pardon my ignorance,

    Can you wonderful people of MT just give me a brief explanation of some of the major styles of Chinese Martial arts, accompanied with your experiences/opinions on them? I've tried searching, but the results have been numerous threads filled with different jibberjabber I'm not looking for. I plan...
  24. Wey


    Hello everyone, I'm excited about joining this martial arts community, the size of the forum and the nice members is very welcoming. I practice Don Jitsu Ryu under the organization of Purple Dragon International, founded by Professor Don Jacob. I'm currently a brown belt 2nd kyu and am...