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  1. Hanshi

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    After Jim Corbett came on the scene with all that movement, the static style couldn't compete; simple as that. And boxers got lighter and lighter on their feet, slipped punches and the rest is history.
  2. Hanshi

    Aikido has no reason to prove itself!

    I've been in the martial arts for at least 60 years; and if there's one thing I've learned it's that NO empty hand martial art works. The only thing that will work is the man/woman using that art. It's the most determined person and not the better trained or experienced person that will...
  3. Hanshi

    Need some martial arts research for a story I'm writing

    There were always kid's divisions in the tournaments I promoted. I even held one tournament for all divisions under 18 yoa.
  4. Hanshi

    Smoking in Kung Fu

    To quote a famous boxer: "Smoking is hazardous to your health"!
  5. Hanshi

    Why do people say to never kick air?

    Wow! These comments are all over the map. In my teaching we did a LOT of air kicking/punching; and short of running it's one of the most aerobic things one can do. Kicking air is excellent for teaching/learning fine muscle control and perfecting technique. The most powerful kicker I've ever...
  6. Hanshi

    At what point should you refuse or stop teaching someone martial arts?

    This thread brings up both serious and confusing questions. I've asked students to leave, refused to accept others and found myself counseling a few more times than I like. My dojo was, as students often described, family. I've had them come to me to talk out personal issues, sometimes in...
  7. Hanshi

    a weak woman

    Watching, wishing and hoping will not do anything for you. Only hard work and pushing one's self translates into progress.
  8. Hanshi

    Spinning Hook Kick - Foot First or Hip First?

    In any turning kick I taught "head turns first" then hip with leg whip.
  9. Hanshi

    Where does your left foot point in a right-leg roundhouse kick?

    My start was Japanese karate and that's how I learned to kick. Then in TKD I was taught to do them differently and managed to separate this in my mind. When hapkido entered my sphere I saw another approach to kicks. Some I could do okay and some gave me trouble. Eventually I just started...
  10. Hanshi

    I am physically unable to relax my upper body during kata. Should I give up Karate altogether?

    I've always been among the worst trying to memorize kata sequences. It takes me much longer to learn a kata than many of my students. And I forget them much too easily. I have friends who seem to never forget any kata they learn. Once I get a kata down, though, I've always done it very well...
  11. Hanshi

    Power generation drill

    This is all very informative and validates principles which are taught in whole or in part in most martial arts. The mechanics of the demonstrations are well explained. Going a bit off the subject it is necessary to understand that power is composed of several features outside the mechanics...
  12. Hanshi

    "MA-related things you just don't understand and would like to admit it to someone" thread!

    Hmmm..."Kenpo"/"kempo" puzzles me, too. And I'm even a nidan in "Karaho Kempo", not karate just karaho kempo! The more I learn, the less I know; why is that?
  13. Hanshi

    How much do you feel technique evaluations are subjective?

    It's mostly subjective but based upon certain OBJECTIVE requirements the teacher and/or organization and style demand. Muhammed Ali was a so-so boxer but was a magnificent fighter.
  14. Hanshi

    I am physically unable to relax my upper body during kata. Should I give up Karate altogether?

    I found that in teaching aikido the most difficult thing for most students is to learn relaxation. Meditation helps some but not others. Perhaps you are confusion strength with power. They are not the same thing although strength is one of the many components of power. I tell students to...
  15. Hanshi

    How do you know when you’re overtraining?

    You have already been given some very good advice but I'll say this. Professionals train differently than the average student/martial artist/fitness trainer because it's their job, their livelihood. Two things concern me about your training plans. One thing is that it may become nothing more...
  16. Hanshi

    Should I Return to Martial Arts

    First, a couple of thoughts. Until the threat of covid-19 is gone it won't hurt to refrain from training in a group/dojo setting. You're not likely to suffer any from taking a break from training since it's not practical for you at this time. In a few months or a year or so things may change...
  17. Hanshi

    Addressing people.

    I've always referred to my own abilities as merely "average", "adequate" and never as "good". Usually in my own dojo or around my (and other's) students, the various titles of sensei, hanshi, grandmaster, sir and sometimes even simply my name is used; and I'm okay with anything as long as it's...
  18. Hanshi

    Do you shadow box in addition to doing Katas?

    Shadow boxing is much like doing kata. I once boxed and found that my previous karate training had taught me speed and follow-through. But shadow boxing, besides being good exercise, is best done AS boxing and not a mish-mash of karate and boxing.
  19. Hanshi

    Is Akido worth learning? (Self Defense)

    For years I taught aikido, judo and karate. Aikido dojo can differ just as much as karate dojo as far as sport vs practical. Aikido is definitely not "gentle" to uke. The falls and "slams" of aikido are harder, so to speak, than judo break falls. By that I mean they are at bizarre angles and...
  20. Hanshi

    how confident are you in your art ?

    This is not a simple question, IMHO. Most everybody is larger, stronger (but likely not as fast) than I am. I will not fight and will not "defend" myself as long as I know what's about to happen and see that it's immanent. Without getting into details I'll say that I can't physically get...
  21. Hanshi

    Old Karate Article

    I agree. Karate is generally a straight line attack. Somehow along the way I was taught angles and circles which I used in karate. Since I was small and worked best inside this "fencing" line of attack suited me quite well.
  22. Hanshi

    Was Funakoshi Gichin a "sell out"?

    Unfortunately, this "evolution" extended to other martial arts as well. I spent a lot of time training in "sport" dojo. In one, that I enjoyed, I was basically forbidden to teach any old, rough techniques used in combat which, to my way of thinking, were vitally important to make the art...
  23. Hanshi

    I may have a little Aikidoka on my hands

    Quite understandable in your daughter's case. It's sad she had to quit but the current crises won't last forever. I always had to have personal instruction; videos helped but I have trouble learning from them. I was karate for a long time after I started but then branched into other arts with...
  24. Hanshi

    The Value of training with odd-ball weapons

    I did train fairly extensively with most traditional Japanese and Okinawan weapons. One thing - I was a LEO for years - that has to be understood is that most of the traditional weapons cannot be carried out in public. Some of them are simply illegal and others make one look as though they are...
  25. Hanshi

    Why do Westerners train in exotic unrealistic weapons and ignore practical ones like baseball bats?

    Well, all I can comment on is that I spent many years training traditional weapons, sai, bo, kama, etc. But I also spent years training with "environmental" weapons. This would include knives, combs, cane, guns, chairs, and, baseball bats. And yes, common weapons like tire tools, fire pokers...
  26. Hanshi

    Use circular punch to deal with straight puch

    Yeah, the idea of "block then punch" is absurd; they should be simultaneous. And a straight punch answer to an opponent's roundhouse works as well.
  27. Hanshi

    Breathing in fast punches

    Hmmm...I gave this some thought and I was not really sure how I did my breath control when throwing multiple punches. After a bit of investigation I figured out that if I threw 5 punches (in one second? get real) I exhaled only one breath. I'm the noisy sort and tend to kiai! (sp?) even in...
  28. Hanshi

    Questions and then some

    Why does an answer need to be so specific in the first place? I never get anymore specific than just answering "karate, aikido, jiu jutsu, etc. As posted previously martial arts is much too convoluted to truly sift out much more than that.
  29. Hanshi

    Getting back into MA and having big flexibility issues...

    I second the advice to warm up thoroughly before doing any stretching at all. Another thing is do not overdo it. By that I mean do not stretch to the point of pain in a specific area of the tendon; stretching should never be that painful. Over doing it can result in a permanent...
  30. Hanshi


    Time was when I had no difficulty kneeling in seiza; but then I started when I was a kid. Sadly, I can no longer doe this. As a Zen monk I was used to sitting anza (actually a degree of lotus) but this has been impossible for years. Now it all has to be in a chair. Aging isn't for sissies.