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  1. Ivan

    Is Wing Chun being used the wrong way in fighting?

    On the reality behind a large portion of traditional martial arts. The fact is, that there are very little TMAs that train the way modern combat sports do. You could list Pankration as one as it involves a lot of sparring and pressure testing, but almost every traditional eastern asian martial...
  2. Ivan

    Aikido has no reason to prove itself!

    They train to use the momentum of the punch to take down the opponent. This is prominent in Traditional Jiujitsu too. Common techniques when countering the punch are hip throws, wrist locks and arm lock takedowns. Here:
  3. Ivan

    The Pendulum Step

    Hey guys I haven't posted in a long while. I have been practicing the Pendulum Step. This is the footwork demonstrated by the Kazakhstani boxer in the video below. The Pendulum Step is footwork used to be able to maneuver in and out of your opponent's range. It's a hit and run style of...
  4. Ivan

    Can you become a good fighter by just sparring/wrestling only?

    You'd become a great fighter, just a very inefficient one. The primal fighting style you develop from only coaching yourself through fighting is unlike any other. But if I keep winning every fight by doing the same thing, why should I improve? I'm winning aren't I? The problem is the lack of...
  5. Ivan

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    There are 2 primary reasons. The long boxing guard was a stance called "Fighring Irish" and was mainly used by English and Irish boxers. The stance was one of little mobility, and it emphasised on absorbing hits as it was seen as masculine to absorb or take damage, and a pussy move to avoid it...
  6. Ivan

    The importance of intent?

    If you are "fighting" for an hour, it's not a fight, it's a sport. Fights don't take place with referees and bells and rules. We call them fights, but they are just practice for the real thing. Real fights are usually over in seconds, and rarely do they require more than one or two exchanges.
  7. Ivan

    The importance of intent?

  8. Ivan

    The importance of intent?

    It is close to what I am talking about - the zone. Very few people can get into the zone, but intent to me is about what your focus is during your period in said zone. When you're in the zone, you don't think or feel, you simply perceive. I have yet to reach a level where I can stay in it for...
  9. Ivan

    The importance of intent?

    I would have to disagree. In this case, the intent of the defender to train his body for self-defense over the years he spent training has trumped the intent of the would be attacker. Intent is not an imagination or perception of your ability. It is the purpose behind which you commit certain...
  10. Ivan

    The importance of intent?

    Intent is something that has been on my mind since I first began studying martial arts. To me, intent is your conviction to achieve or overcome the obstacle in front of you. I believe it is a key psychological or spiritual component not just for martial artists, but for fighters, athletes and...
  11. Ivan

    On the efficacy of Mexican Lucha Libre

    Not so sure about resistance, I mean a lot of his locks are in BJJ too like the armbar. Unless someone had outstanding armbar defence for example I don’t see how resistance would help. My personal favourite or most memorable characters are Jack in Tekken V, King, Eddy, Law, and Paul. I have the...
  12. Ivan

    On the efficacy of Mexican Lucha Libre

    I've been playing Tekken quite a lot recently, and one of the things that really strikes me about this game is how realistic a lot of the moves in it are. Of course, I am not talking about shooting lighting from Heihachi's fist or summoning Tigers out of thin air, but the movements themseleves...
  13. Ivan


    Not many clubs practice it in this way that I know of, but I have seen plenty of examples of what you speak of in YouTube. But that is, in essence what a lot of poomsae and kata was. A way to pass down and compress techniques and their application, in a manner that is easy to remember for your...
  14. Ivan

    Where does your left foot point in a right-leg roundhouse kick?

    I have always been pivoting full rotation. That is, 6:00 if I understand your analogy correctly. The reason for this is that it opens the hips up to kick with better mobility and height. I have always had trouble with my hips not being strong or flexible enough. Though I work on this extremely...
  15. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    This is very helpful. Thank you.
  16. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    I have always felt like I lost a lot my balance at the end of my combinations, but I could never figure out what that was. So to correct this, I should step with my rear foot a bit towards my lead foot whilst throwing combinations to keep balance?
  17. Ivan

    Should I Return to Martial Arts

    Regardless of what anyone tells you, the reality is that you will regret not having tried to return, much, much more than attempting to return and finding out it's not for you.
  18. Ivan

    How do you know when you’re overtraining?

    I want to be a competitior. So I train like a competitor. I enjoy training, and it's probably one of the only things I have that's completely mine - I find it very exciting and exhilerating knowing I am giving it my all.
  19. Ivan

    more than one sensei at a dojo?

    Absolutely. Especially if your dojo is a popular one. However, it is important you and your other senseis are on the same page in terms of curriculum, technique etc. The last thing you want is for one sensei's teachings to conflict with yours and confuse your students.
  20. Ivan

    How do you know when you’re overtraining?

    Thanks to all of you for your replies. I found all of them insightful and helpful.
  21. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    I see. These videos are very helpful, thanks. I meant the tuck into the shoulder, it has protected me from catching some huge hooks to the jaw. Can you clarify a bit on what you meant by leaning in on my front foot too much? Do you mean I have too much bodyweight on it?
  22. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    I guess so. I have much more experience with boxing than Taekwondo, but I place a lot of emphasis on my kicks when training and sparring if I can.
  23. Ivan

    How do you know when you’re overtraining?

    My father told me I should be working out only once a day. But this seems too little for me. I am going back to my uni accommodations soon and I have been working on a plan to increase my general fitness once I come back. This includes 3-4 daily workouts. The first is at 0430 that will consist...
  24. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    Yes I do the shoulder lean on purpose. It was one of the things my boxing coach told me and I do it quite often. It’s saved me quite a bit in sparring from catching big shots
  25. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    Thanks to all of your replies!
  26. Ivan


    No. Fighting experience is very different Being able to handle the overwhelming mixture of adrenaline and cortisol takes years of experience for most. Moreover, just because you know where the weak spots of the body are, it doesn't mean you know or can apply techniques to exploit them.
  27. Ivan

    Master Jin in Ip Man

    In terms of the movie’s story, it is supposed to be a style of Northern Kung Fu. I’d start there.
  28. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    Yes, it is me, with yet again another shadow boxing video. I was hoping you guys could provide me some feedback on how to further improve, what I do well, what I don't etc. Don't hold back and don't spare my feelings. Here: I was also wondering what your thoughts are on the speed at which I...
  29. Ivan

    Worst romantic experiences?

    Agreed :happy:
  30. Ivan

    I am physically unable to relax my upper body during kata. Should I give up Karate altogether?

    It looks slow and rigid. That's how Japanese Karate is. But it still stresses that staying relaxed only until the very last moment of impact or execution of a technique is crucial for generating power. Staying tense throughout the whole of the technique tires you out more and makes your...