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  1. Thunder Foot

    A nice display of Miao Dao

    Lovely to see the gung fu interpretation of this historic weapon.
  2. Thunder Foot

    Some ask if I.T.F Taekwondo is dying a slow death...

    Do you believe ITF TKD is dying a slow death? John over at 1TKD has posted some interesting facts and opinions: ITF Taekwondo dying a slow death Based on the article, what is your opinion and experience of these current events?
  3. Thunder Foot

    The Vladimir method

    Vlad has quite a few videos on jkd technique which have received both neg and pos critiques. Based on the video , what are your personal opinions on his method?
  4. Thunder Foot

    New Book: Bruce Lee - The Evolution of a Martial Artist

    A new book has been published on Bruce Lee by JKD practitioner Tommy Gong who is an instructor under the late Ted Wong. People whom have read it says that its great for anyone practicing the Martial Art. Has anyone had the opportunity to give it a read?
  5. Thunder Foot

    What does Martial Arts simplicity mean to you?

    As practitioners of JKD, we hear the terms allot but never really take time to discuss it, "to simply be simple." Simple, direct, economical, non telegraphic, non classical... What does simplicity mean to you and how has that had an impact on your development as a Martial Artist?
  6. Thunder Foot

    How much time to actually benefit from a seminar?

    The question is how much time do you think is required to be able to learn enough of technique(s) to work them and become efficient at it, from a seminar? I ask because I'm hosting my instructor Tommy out for a 5-Day JKD Training Camp next year sometime in my area where the premise is a longer...
  7. Thunder Foot

    Practice on the straight punches

    Hello all. I decided to record myself and get some feed from all my jkd brothers and sisters out there. Critiques are welcomed. Here I'm simply working some straight punches, and moving around the target a little bit. I appreciate your comments and criticisms.
  8. Thunder Foot

    Anyone train elevated V-sits?

    Does anyone practice or train doing elevated V-sits for abdominal strength?
  9. Thunder Foot

    JKD without Wing Chun?

    Can a person learn/practice Jeet Kune Do without practicing/learning Wing Chun?
  10. Thunder Foot

    Muay In Malaysia?

    I know we have some other international travellers... I was just wondering if any of you knew any places in Malaysia that are good to train? or heard anything? In Malaysia it goes by the name "Tomoi", and any help is appreciated. I'll be in Malaysia for a while starting this coming weekend, and...
  11. Thunder Foot

    Good fight/running song recommendations?

    This may sound a bit funny, but do you have any special songs you like to train to? Or possibly run to? I'm looking for songs to add to my ipod when I'm out training. In specific, I was wondering if any of you know of any good 80's jams, geared around Martial Arts? As corny as that sounds, I...
  12. Thunder Foot

    Kad Chuek

    Do you think rope fighting will ever be practiced outside of Southeast Asia? I think as the UFC and other such events gain in popularity, other sport systems like Muay Kad Chuek will gain in popularity! This is actually a video of Myanmar Lethwei... but its the nearest rope fighting I could...
  13. Thunder Foot

    Buakaw vs Kaoklai

    I would love to see these two in a match. Who do you think would win? :asian: VS
  14. Thunder Foot

    The Wooden Dummy?

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you know a good place to purchase one. Whether online or locally (for those in So. Cal). Also, do any of you know where I can obtain information in reference to dummy sequences/forms? Whether JKD or Wing Chun? I'm basically looking for a reference point to begin...
  15. Thunder Foot

    Evander Holyfield's Great Return!!

    This is the comeback of Evander Holyfield, that took place 8/18/06. I personally feel Holyfield looks great in the ring. Can't really tell how old he is. Of course this is just the first fight out of many.
  16. Thunder Foot

    Who's your favorite Nuk Muay?

    Just wondering who your favorite Thaiboxer might be. Like with any sport, there is always an example of near perfection whom most of us may fashion ourselves after or look to for inspiration! Name your favored boxer. :asian:
  17. Thunder Foot

    Boxing Liniment

    We all incure injuries while training, right? Well, I'm new to using liniment and found it to be fairly effective. I was just wondering if any of you may have found some to work better than others... or maybe not even liniment, bengay, icyhot, whatever it is you use. Here's a picture of the...
  18. Thunder Foot

    Shin Conditioning.

    I am just curious as to some of the drills that others do for conditioning of the shins. I realize that strong shins are very vital to Muay, and I would like to impliment the conditioning in addition to the normal bagwork and pad work. What are some techniques you use?
  19. Thunder Foot

    Non-thai Muay?

    I have heard that there are styles of muay that are not Siamese in their origin. Such as Lethwei- originating in Burma, Pradal Serey- originating in Cambodia. There is also evidence of Boran in Loas as well. Anyone have any knowledge of these other Southeastern Arts? I'm curious to know...
  20. Thunder Foot

    Whats your training schedule like?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the forum... well not really because I used to have an account with this same username, but it seems to have been deleted. Maybe due to a lack of inactivity... my poor blue belt ranking!!:vu: Anyway, I was wondering what some of your training schedules look like. I'm...