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    I don't know Chon-ji

    As an Il gup getting ready for my 1st Dan test I was reviewing my poomsae. during this time I decided that I hadn't fully understood the first form in my organization's system. GGM Lee H. Park kept part of the Chang Han forms in our system and the thought occurred to me that I had not fully...
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    newbie been out of a bit

    Grettings to all! I logged in for the first time quite a while back but have been least since December. Thought I would fill you all in. My Mother was a victom of breast cancer. During her recovery/chemo therapy she experienced a double stroke due to arterial blockage...
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    Help with bamboo staff

    I hope someone can help me. I have been growing bamboo and it is finally getting to the proper diameter that I can make bo staffs. Is there a process to drying the bamboo? Is there something that I should coat it with for longer life? If anyone is in "the know" please chime in with your...
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    Justed Joined

    Greetings to all! A very good friend of mine told me about this forum site and I thought I would get on board for a little discussion. The name is Michael. I live in SE Missouri and study Tae Kwon Do. Look forward to meeting you all. Thanks!