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  1. chinto

    did you see the knife holding terrorist in the UK on the news?

    have you trained much with SELF DEFENSE in mind? If so have you done so with the idea at all that the attacker may have a knife or other weapon? Do you think that in such a situation if you are not the main target of the attack you should attempt to stop the attacker? have you considered what...
  2. chinto

    if you saw the video from the UK of the terrorist with the knives coments?

    Did you see the bloody handed terrorist, with a cleaver and knife in one hand on the news? ( for you in the UK especially and the rest of us around the world to) what would you say was the correct response to such a situation? what do you think were the risks of engaging? just standing and...
  3. chinto

    OK one more Try: new Pope, and what chalanges and things the Swiss Guard will face..

    We have a new Pope, and as was shown with his not wishing to ride in the armored limo, I think he is going to be a nightmare for his security people. Now my understanding is that the Swiss Guards are well trained in unarmed and armed combat, but that is not always enough. now perhaps some have...
  4. chinto

    Habemus Papam! we have a Pope

    Habemus Papam! we have a Pope! Pope Francis and it will be interesting to see how the Swiss Guard will have to adapt. They are very very well trained in Unarmed and armed combat of course!
  5. chinto

    does your style of karate teach weapons? if so which ones?

    Does your style teach weapons? if so what weapons are taught? do you know where your Kobujitsu/kobudo came from? or even your empty hand styles linage? :drinkbeer
  6. chinto

    Okinawan Karate, what style do you train in and what differences do you see

    OK, So what style of Okinawan Karate do you train in? What differences do you see in your style verses say a Japanese style, or even other Okinawan style? and does your style teach Kobudo/Kobujitsu??
  7. chinto

    arrest and liability

    In my state, any arrest by a security guard is a citizens arrest. Any US citizen has the power to arrest, but of course also has all the liability for false imprisonment and or even kidnapping if things are not done right. what are the rules in your state or country?
  8. chinto

    thoughts on making a board for the Okinawan arts of karate and kobudo/kobujitsu ?

    there is a real difference between the culture and the art of Karate and other arts from Okinawa and the versions that the Japanese have adapted to themselves. So, I was wondering about making a board for the Okinawan arts in the Japanese section or even on its own? what do you folks think...
  9. chinto

    two 11 year old girls fight, one dies, coroner rules it homicide.

    Two girls had a fight after school, one died after the fight. No indication in the article of any martial arts training on either girls part. Autopsy results are that it is Homicide! So if you fight, you may indeed die. But do you think that this is a freak event, or something to think...
  10. chinto

    I need a pair of sai 22 1/2 inches long. company who makes them?

    I need a pair of sai 22 1/2 inches long, and I do not have $200 USD for a pair of Shuriedo ones! any body know of any other company that makes long sai besides Shuriedo?
  11. chinto

    Any one know of a company that makes sai 22 1/2 inches long besides Shureido??

    Any one know of a company that makes sai 22 1/2 inches long besides Shureido?? Shureido does, but they want $200 USD for a pair!! Rather not pay that much. Sharp point or blunt is fine.
  12. chinto

    heavy bladed kama, do you like them or?

    Do you like heavy bladed kama, ( example would be the shureido kama I have ) or do you prefer the much lighter cheep kama you can often get for abour $25 a pair. If you like the light ones, why? and if you like the heavy ones, why.
  13. chinto

    Chinese martial artist and author .. good book new check it out.

    hay check out his new book "Contact with Chaos " the author is a shooting enthusiast and member of our armed forces. Good people and a student of Chinese martial arts as well. check it out. also check out "FREEHOLD" by the same author, its a great read!
  14. chinto

    new book by Michael Z. WIlliamson, a good gun owner and good guy!

    hay check out his new book "Contact with Chaos " the author is a shooting enthusiast and member of our armed forces. Good people and a martial artist as well. check it out. also check out "FREEHOLD" by the same author, its a great read!
  15. chinto

    buy guns and ammo or gold?

    ok folks ... which do you buy? ( in the USA if no where else) gold, negotiable, or guns and ammo, a tool for defense? you tell me which you would suggest? and why?
  16. chinto

    good friends first book science fiction.. good!

    A good friend of mine, Jeff Shreve, has published his first book.. its a good read too folks! its called "Misplaced Marine" and is Science Fiction/ Fantasy. good read.. you can get it from Boarders books or or order it from your local book seller. has some MA in it.. more in its...
  17. chinto

    good smith for real live steel blades

    folks I have found a good smith for real live steel blades. he also writes good Science Fiction books.. his name is Michael Z. Williamson. just thought I would pass the information along.
  18. chinto

    motecyclist seeks revenge.. you will love it.. to funny! off topic..but worth it!

    now that is how you show some one to pay attention!! LOL
  19. chinto

    ok..gota ask who did it.. found this on a google search.. my avitar and labled as such...LOL
  20. chinto

    what weapon would choose if guns were not available?

    here is my question, what weapon would you choose to carry or keep for home defence and personal defence if you could not have a fire arm of any kind? ( basicly any human powerd weapon, IE a roman mongle is probably not reasonable)