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  1. Old Iowa Man

    Jutte, Sai, Jian questions

    I apologize again for my questions from this Old Iowa Man - NOT intending to become an expert but based on my basic skills and knife and stick knowledge - ANY comments and help are taken with no offense to my lack of knowledge and I have researched as much as I can - 1. For a defense weapon not...
  2. Old Iowa Man

    Is Bruce Lee's book worth it?

    Just wondering if Bruce Lee's Book on the Tao of JKD Expanded Edition is worth it for just learning basics and concepts? OIM
  3. Old Iowa Man

    Learning Chinese chain whip?

    OK, SORRY - Another question from your poor health guy with NO Sifu in Iowa - Just a yes or no answer is just fine - Can I learn the basics of the Chinese chain whip from DVD or YouTube? I'd start with a soft braided rope with a wood handle and a tennis ball with some weight added to the ball...
  4. Old Iowa Man

    Handle designs for Chinese Tai Chi and Sabor?

    OK, SORRY if this is stupid & troublesome but my health has still kept me from seeing my local Sifu but told me that when I make my wooden practice swords the handle shapes were very important but he is busy and has not been able to send me photos of what the best shapes should be in his opinion...
  5. Old Iowa Man

    Recommendations or comments on round, wood nunchucks please

    I would appreciate any recommendations or comments on round, wood nunchucks please - I'll start with foam and have no instructor - There are SO many I figured you folks could save me some time - $25.00 or less price range - Thanks much:wavey:
  6. Old Iowa Man

    One weapon only? - Exludes ALL firearms

    A newbie to the forum so I apologize if this thread is found uninteresting, and if so PLEASE tell me how to delete it - You can choose ONLY ONE weapon for home (firearms excluded) - Which one would be your preference? If you want to give a reason that might help newbies too - Just food for thought.
  7. Old Iowa Man

    Reliable & HONEST USA vendor for Jian?

    I would appreciate any help on a source for a beginners practice metal blade Jian and some one who will be honest and tell me the difference in the stiffness of the blades - I've seen many in the $80.00 price range , Yeah, I know you get what you pay for - Mainly someone honest here in the USA...
  8. Old Iowa Man

    @ VERY Generous People

    Long story short - I've been disabled for almost 6 years and am hoping and just starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel - I want to mention these two websites and the people who they belong to as they have been VERY kind and helpful in providing me some material I normally couldn't...
  9. Old Iowa Man

    Least Costly Tai Chi DVD?

    I'm 61 and have SERIOUS health problems and because of the many drugs I'm on I cannot drive - I've posted other questions but was told by several medical people Tai Chi, with or with out sword, would be good exercise for me - I realize I may not be able to do the very low to the ground moves but...
  10. Old Iowa Man

    Is this a good beginners DVD?

    Is this a good beginners DVD? "Street Self Defense 101 by Shihan Michael Pace & Sensei Chris Manzione" ?I found it on Amazon for $20.00 - Feel free to offer any reasonably priced alternatives - I'm 61 and have SERIOUS health problems and am looking for good basics even if it's just slow and...
  11. Old Iowa Man

    Best DVD for Simple Self Defense help PLEASE!!

    I'm over 60 , had 2 strokes, complete nerve damage in one arm SEVERE migraines every day for over 8 months and MANY more health problems LOTS of pain killers and am on Social Security Disability - NOT wanting sympathy but money is tight - Can someone PLEASE recommend a basic Self Defense video...