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  1. DanT

    Did Bruce get it right?

    There's been a lot of talk on the Wing Chun side of this forum about ways of fixing Wing Chun. It led me to the question of "Did Bruce get it right?" A while back, I posted some suggestions as a practitioner of Wing Chun and JKD myself, critiquing Wing Chun and finding ways to improve the...
  2. DanT

    Traditional Grappling Skills

    Based on my experience, only a few styles of Kung Fu have a dedicated Traditional Grappling curriculum. I have found that Shaolin and White Crane both have extensive ground fighting techniques (not just "anti-grappling" stuff). Although it's complexity isn't near where BJJ is at, it seems to...
  3. DanT

    If you had to choose techniques

    If you had to choose only 2 punches, 2 kicks, and 2 takedowns to train for the rest of your life, what would they be? I'm curious to see what people's most effective / most reliable techniques are. For me: Punches: -Straights (vertical) -Hooks Kicks: -Side Kick -Round Kick Takedowns: -Sweep...
  4. DanT

    Dislocated Shoulder Recovery Time

    Hey guys, I dislocated my shoulder for the second time last week. Doc says I'll be out of commission for at least 1 month. Sucks like hell. Have any of you dislocate your shoulder? Dan
  5. DanT

    Biu Jee Form Sections

    How do you guys break up your Biu Jee form? For example for us it's: Section 1: Start of Form till Single Gwai Jeung, Biu Sau, Low Palm Strike, Man Sau, Chum Sau, Talk Sau. Section 2: Triple Gan Sau till end of Triple Man Sau Part Section 3: Triple Biu Sau till End of Form
  6. DanT

    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    We know that Yip Man trained with Cha Wah Shun from age 9-11 before Cha Wah Shun died of a stroke. From 11-16 he learned from his Sihing Ng Chun So. At age 16 he moved to Hong Kong where he learned from age 17-24 from Yeun Kay San. At 24 he goes back to Fatsan and teaches Wing Chun there...
  7. DanT

    Cha Quan Applications

    I found this video showing a nice demonstration of a few effective traditional Cha Quan techniques.
  8. DanT

    Types of JKD

    Does any one mind explaining the differences in detail between: Jun Fan Gong Fu Jun Fan JKD Jeet Kune Do Jeet Kune Do Concepts Classical Jeet Kune Do I'm really confused about the differences. Detail is appreciated. I always wanted to add JKD to my list but don't know enough about the various...
  9. DanT

    Wing Chun Forms Origin

    I understand that many different lineages do the three main forms differently (SLT, CL, BJ), but from where and when and from who did these forms originate?
  10. DanT

    Loi Lau Hoi Song, Lat Sau Jik Chong

    This saying: "Loi Lau Hoi Song, Lat Sau, Jik Chong" could be translated in many ways. I belive the most direct translation could be: "Come Receive Leave Eject, Free Hand, Straight Rush." Does this phrase have any deeper meaning in terms of your Wing Chun? How does it apply in your sparring...
  11. DanT

    Practical Wing Chun

    Does anyone have any experience with practical Wing Chun by Sifu wan kan Leung? How is it different from other lineages?
  12. DanT

    My Sparring Vid

    Im red gloves, any constructive criticism is much appreciated.
  13. DanT

    Cracking Skull With Punch

    If someone who trains seriously in iron fist and has an extremely strong punch (Mike Tyson level), punches someone in the head cleanly could they crack the persons skull? And don't give me any of that nonsense of "oh they'll just break their hand." People can punch people in the head if they...
  14. DanT

    Wing Chun and sparring - staying true to techniques

    I saw this video online where some Wing Chun dude was like Wing Chun ppl shouldn't spar because it teaches you to not kill your opponent (srs). I have always sparred and always will. What's your take on it? furthermore, I often see vids of Wing Chun ppl sparring and their techniques go pretty...
  15. DanT

    Chest up vs sunken chest

    Do you guys practice a chest up (erect spine, back straight) posture when fighting or practicing or do you use a sunken chest (hunched shoulders)?
  16. DanT

    How often do you guys train?

    I was wondering how often and when you guys train? For example I train usually 4-5h a day 5 days a week: Mon-Thurs: 4:30-9:30 Friday: off day (1h of weights only) Saturday: 10:00-2:00 Sunday: off day I love training, and I've been doing this particular regimen for the last 5 years and I find...
  17. DanT

    Heavy Contact Sparring Gear

    What gear do you use when you spar? For me: Light Contact: No gear Medium Contact: mouthguard, helmet, gloves, cup Heavy Contact: mouth guard, helmet, chest protector, cup, shin guards. I wear the chest guard for heavy contact to encourage my partner to really hit me and not hold back...
  18. DanT

    Bat Jam Do Vs. Bat Jam Do

    I'm seriously thinking of coming up with a Bat Jam Do vs Bat Jam Do set fight. I love practicing Bat Jam Do vs Staff and i think that coming up with a routine for bjd vs bjd will help improve my use of the BJD. Does anyone practice some sort of set fight routine with them?
  19. DanT

    Wing Chun Sashes

    Does your school employ a sash system for your Wing Chun? If so what do the colours indicate? For example, my sifu learned from 3 different Wing Chun sifus but adopted his last sifu's ranking system: No Sash (noob): SLT Red Sash (intermediate): CK Green Sash (advanced): BJ, MYJ Blue Sash...
  20. DanT

    Yip Man's Classes

    Does anyone know how Yip Man ran his classes? Like were they two hours long or something? Did they start off with stretching, then do some chi sao or sparring or stuff? Anyone know?
  21. DanT

    Order of Forms

    Okay so in most Yip Man lineages the order goes: Sil Lim Tao Chum Kiu Biu Jee Mook Yan Jong Luk Dim Boon Gwun Bat Jam Do Is your school different in terms of form order?
  22. DanT

    Internal Power Nonsense

    How come almost every time I see a video of short power or internal power being demonstrated, the attacker puts his arms on the internal practitioner, the internal practitioner does something resembling twerking, and then the attacker starts stomping his or her feet and shaking his or her head...
  23. DanT

    Maximum Number of Styles to Master

    Okay so what do you guys think is a reasonable number of styles someone could possibly master? I mean let's come up with a guy and name him Master Tim. Is it possible for Master Tim to be amazing at: -Chen Tai Chi -Southern Praying Mantis -Northern Shaolin -Bagua -Long Fist -Wing Chun I mean...
  24. DanT

    Yip Man's curriculum changes

    This is a short summery on research I have done through both readings and speaking to various Sifus on the historical changes to Yip Man's wing chun curriculum, from teaching in Foshan to Hong Kong. Age 24 (1917 - Yip Man returns to Foshan): -Mook Jong had several different short forms -Bat...
  25. DanT

    How long to complete your style?

    Basically I asked my Sifu (he teaches white crane, wing chun, and northern shaolin) how long it takes to complete (attain a high level of skill and be proficient in all aspects of the system) each style. His answer was that it depends on the student, but generally an average Joe who works his...
  26. DanT

    How much contact is "full contact" sparring?

    Hey all, Ive heard some ppl say that when they spar they hit each other 100% even to the head. This seems a bit dangerous to me, after all sparring is to work on techniques not kill each other or give your partner a concussion and make him miss 6 weeks of practice. What do you think?