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    Motivation in MA

    Staying Motivated with your Martial Arts Training As with any activity, the early stages are filled with discovery, newness, and anticipation. Unfortunately, after the “Newness” wears off, it is common to become distracted and lose focus on your initial goals concerning your martial arts...
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    why are there so many different style of karate?

    why can't we just all just pratcise the same types of martial arts instead of having a gazillion different types?
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    why do black belts only go up 2 3rd degree? why not 4th or 5th degree?
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    how did

    how did karate get its name?
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    what is the purpose of sparring?
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    what is the most effective kicks and punches to use in a fight?

    just for information you know.
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    black belts

    what is the difference between the first/second and third dan in black belts? And when i mean difference i mean difference in what you learn when you go up in belts.
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    what is starring

    not the movie starring like the other starring if u get what i mean. like the self defense 1. and yes i did search it up but i didnt find what i was looking 4..
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    To all boxers here

    What is your favourite thing about boxing and why?
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    how long does kickboxing/ training normally take.. ^..
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    whats the point of grappling arts?

    like how does it help in a fight.. and how do u apply it in a self defense way if uk what im sayin' ^
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    what mma and who/ when was mma founded.
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    taekwondo vs karate

    what is the is the difference between taekwondo and karate?
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    whats the point of learning katas? like what is it going to teach and is there any way itll help us in a way to fight? 0_0
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    kyokushin kata kakyoku sano itch

    any karate instructors in this forum? Can u pls gimme directions to start punching for the kata? like for eg left right front if uk what i mean Thnx alot
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    Kyokushi Kata Takyoku Sano Itch

    Hi, Im relatively new to karate and on wednesday i was asked to learn the kyokushi kata takyoku sano itch. Ive watched some other ppl do it and i know u have to punch but thats about it. And ive watched a video on it and ppl in my class did three punches while in the video the guy did two...