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    Hung Gar Kung Fu Novel

    I will check this out, thank you. I recommend the novels of Barry Eisler. He didn't like the original titles, so he renamed them and I don't know which ones to recommend, but read them in order, it's a series. The lead character is a hit man with a heart of gold and both the author and the...
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    Smoking in Kung Fu

    Smoking makes all athletes better. Also Tour de France cyclists are not taking advantage of having metal water bottles mounted to their handlebars and wearing replacement tires like a Dora the Explorer backpack.
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    Stength & Conditioning for Wing Chun

    Physical and mental conditioning is a big part of training in my club and those that I am affiliated with.
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    which plastic tube is the best to build a non wooden dummy?

    I have a little bit of experience with this. My dummy is one that was imported from China and made from old temple pillars, so they were fully cured and it's really nice, but it cost me about $1,000 and we coordinated an order for multiple people and even multiple area schools and waited a good...
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    Needle Through Brick - Video - Blog Post

    This is a very important documentary for those of us who really want to understand Kung Fu training and keep ourselves honest in our processes.
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    The 3 main empty hand forms

    Yeah, you and I see things the same way, most of the time. I will say that we collectively tend to try to understand something Chinese through our western lenses. Most Chinese and Japanese martial arts don't seem to be concerned about the amount of time it will take someone to be proficient...
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    The 3 main empty hand forms

    I mostly agree with you. I feel like there is quite a bit in the form that naturally fits into or extends what was in the system up to that point. I am ... let's say "private" rather than "secretive" ... about it because students who are still trying to learn to live in that...
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    The 3 main empty hand forms

    I agree with most of what has been said above. Personally, I don't really buy into claims that Biu Jee is either "emergency techniques" or "deadly, secret techniques", at least I can't quite manage to see it that way. As for "power", I'd be more inclined to say "energy transmission", but...
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    Will XingYi Quan confuse / conflict with my Wing Chun?

    I have trained in a few other Chinese systems (limited training). I think that in general, other southern short bridge systems like Southern Mantis and Crane systems, maybe White Eyebrow overlap more with Wing Chun than systems like Choy Li fut. There is some belief that Bagua has some "engine"...
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    Relationship / Dating advice

    I think you handled it perfectly. You didn't hide your feelings. She can't tell herself now that you weren't interested anyway, but you respected her move. My added perspective on this is the people are extremely complex. Her decision could be about virtually anything. Might be as simple as she...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Not just Jobo, but sure. Especially if he's going to say crazy **** like prior to this thread he hasn't posted in a Wing Chun forum in a long time.
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Well, let's see. That should be easy enough to check. Including this discussion, you have posted to Wing Chun threads 200 times since 2017. That's kind of a lot for someone who doesn't train in Wing Chun or respect it at all. Some highlights of a few of the contributions from the thread you...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    If by "drifted away" you mean that we have 3 people talking not only about MMA at this point, but about specific professional MMA fighters,, that's what normally happens in Wing Chun threads and it is exactly the point that I think the OP was trying to suss out. I can't say what you...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    There is an assumption that how people train, whether they focus on application, for example, and/or how much conditioning they do, can be known based on which style they practice. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, but I think that this assumption is the root of a lot of the antipathy in...
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    The Philosophy Behind the Black Belt

    He's right to a point, or I guess I should say "I concur with his point", because I'm no real authority on whether or not he is right. But it is good to work towards something and it's nice to get validation for accomplishments. They don't hand out black belts is BJJ as freely as some other...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Steve, in the thread that Hanzou started in the (not) Wing Chun forum looking for validation of MMA superiority (his words) over anything else you posted that training in TMA was the same as doing nothing at all in terms of fight efficacy and that it prepared you less than working out in a gym...
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    Non-Wing Chun

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    Non-Wing Chun

    We're just worn down from being trolled here. And, to be clear, you are posting here. You're not posting someplace else where these people who you refer to are. So, deny, deny, deny, you are talking to us, not Alan Orr or whoever else you are trying to set on the right path. I'm not sure why our...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Okay, this sub-forum at Martial Talk is dedicated to practitioners of Wing Chun. This thread was specifically started by one such practitioner who asked why non-Wing Chun practitioners post (almost always negative) responses vs just sticking to discussions on what you do. No one here is trying...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Oh, I see. You're not being a jerk by posting things in the Wing Chun forum that are completely dismissive of the training we do. You're trying to help us because you're a nice guy and you care about us. Okay, that's very different, thank you for clearing that up.
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Good for them. When they show up and start posting on Martial Talk troll them with my blessing. They don't appear to represent anyone who is active in the Wing Chun form here, though
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Bruce Lee created JKD because he moved to the US as a teenager and had no opportunity to continue formal training. He tried to return to it, but was denied. As a WC I can't tell you how exhausting it is to have to keep saying that. I can also tell you that I don't give a **** about the UFC. I...
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    Get to the Point

    Any of those things are fighting as a whole bunch of others like war or rioting or carjacking or home invasion or active shooter scenarios and a seemingly endless list of examples that we could come up with. Drop Bear's definition works pretty well. What ask people who contact me about...
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    Hit with the Body

    I'm not totally sure that I understand the question. I could assume in a few different directions and answer differently. On one interpretation, I played hockey. A legal check in hockey is delivered with either your shoulder into (ideally) the center of your opponent's chest or by your hip...
  25. ShortBridge

    So Let Me Get This Straight-- Why Don't We Have New Arts?

    It's a fair question. I don't know enough about all of the people you listed above, but that aside: There are people of various disciplines who come up with a framework or method in their particular field (mathematics, music theory, software engineering, and why not martial arts?) that they...
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    Anyone have experience buying a pair of dumbbells online?

    Well, the model in the photo certainly seems happy with his purchase!
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    Non-Wing Chun

    I don't think anyone objects to martial artists or even people thinking about training participating in style specific fora that they don't have expertise in. This is about trolling. Which we have a clear definition of it here. It makes some people happy. In real life things get settled...
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    Non-Wing Chun

    Group Ignore is an interesting idea. It would take some coordination.
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    Non-Wing Chun

    The problem with the ignore function is that people respond and sometimes quote the person you are ignoring and so you either end up with responses, but not what they were responding to or seeing the post you're trying to ignore anyway. As for Wing Chunners (and probably other TMAist) being...
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    Bruce Lee's books

    Didn't notice the date of your post. I apologize for that. As for the rest, it's revisionist history. No disrespect to Bruce Lee, he was an extra-ordinary individual, but that version of events (admittedly not originally attributed to you) is historically inaccurate.