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    Everything Happens For A Purpose

    Most of you have already looked at my name and dismissed this post because, in the past, most of my posts have included a lot of whining and complaining. For this, I do not blame you! Some short background: I studied Tang Soo Do for a few years and then quit because I wanted to try something...
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    Is It Possible?

    I know....Oh My God, another Kaygee post, right? Seriously though....I don't want to catch a rash of crap for this, so I would appreciate an honest, open and MATURE discussion or I ask that you take your hateful comments elsewhere. I was wondering........if someone like me knows all of the...
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    Found One

    So I found this nice little Tae Kwon Do school around the corner from me. Completely "old-school" and is run by a 7th dan Grandmaster that learned the art in Korea when he was posted over there in the military. I informed him that I was completely content on starting as a white belt, but he...
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    Mu Duk Kwan, Wha?????!!!!

    I went to a Tae Kwon Do school who states that their style is Mu Duk Kwan. This deeply confuses me, because my old Tang Soo Do school's style was Mu Duk Kwan. This Tae Kwon Do school has all of the same hyungs ( All Gi Cho Hyungs, all Pyung Ahn Hyungs and even Passai) that we practiced at my...
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    Opinion: How Far Is "Too" far?

    Hi, I found a pure Tang Soo Do Mu Du Kwan school. It is the school that both of the masters from my old school trained at and they also received their black belts from the grandmaster there. ***On a side note, I sensed that this grandmaster was "disrespected" by my former instructors. I had no...
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    We Are A Black Belt School

    I greatly apologize if this subject has been touched on before, but when I used the search feature, every single post with "black belt" in it comes up and you can imagine how many times that would be. As I have discovered recently that I do not have what it takes to be a black belt, I have done...
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    TSD and TKD

    Hi, Does anyone know what the difference would be between Tang Soo Do MDK and Tae-Kwon Do MDK? They "say" that TKD is more kicking than TSD. Also, is there any sort of "self defense" in TKD like the hapkido there is in TSD? Why are they both Mu Duk Kwan but different arts? Thanks!
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    What Else Is There?

    I won't have to remind many of you of my past threads on these boards. Most of you did not agree, nor really understand for that matter, my reasoning behind the posts. In any event, I am wondering if there are people out there on these boards that have moved on from martial arts and what they...
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    Besides the belt systems, does anyone know what the difference is between the styles of the World Tang Soo Do Association vs Tang Soo Do International? Thanks!
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    Best Way To Promote

    Hi all, My school is attempting to replenish its ranks by trying to promote the school with some 'holiday deals" and such. I have been given 75 flyers to hand out. At first, I thought to myself, "ok, I will go to a couple of the most densely populated neighborhoods and put the flyers in their...
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    Tang Soo Do and Frustration

    To spare most of you the pain of having to listen to my story again, I will keep it short. I studied Tang Soo Do for 2 1/2 years and obtained my 2nd gup rank. I felt that my practice became stale and boring as there is no new material to learn between 3rd and 2nd gup and it is a year's time...
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    Tang Soo Do and Frustration

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    Tuition Increases

    I know, I know! I always come here when I have one of these types of questions. But what would my life be without this population's such colorful and helpful answers?? In all honesty though, I always receive a lot of support and advice when I ask a question here. That being said, I joined a...
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    Late Classes and Eating.

    Hi, There are many, many nights where I find myself leaving work and going directly to class because of the schedule. Some nights, I am not home until 9:15, 9:45pm. Usually, on these evenings, I grab a meal replacement bar like a collosal bar or something, before I go to class and eat it in the...
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    The scary practicality of BJJ

    Hello again everyone. As many of you know, I started my journey in BJJ about 3 weeks ago now. I have attended 11 classes so far, some gi, some not, and have learned a bit. The other students have been nothing but helpful. They always seem to give me some sort of pointer every class. While it...
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    Since the beginning days of my MMA/BJJ training (a whole week) I have attended four classes and I am loving it. However, the workout is insane sometimes, and my age starts to show. But I have a question for you guys and gals out there that have been training for a while. Last night, the...
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    Safe Shrinkage

    Hi, Before I start, know that I did use the search option and did find two threads that were similar to my question, but none of them really hit it! I just wore my BJJ gi for the first time today...I just bought it yesterday. The top isn't bad, but the pants are pretty big on me. I have to...
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    Proably The Dumbest Question Ever Asked On Here

    As the title states, this probably is, but I can't find the answer on Google or anything. I just received all of my new MMA gear and my headgear has a shoestring with a bunch of loops around it on the top of the headgear. What is this for, besides getting constantly caught in the Velcro strap...
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    What Should I Expect?

    Hi All, In case you haven't seen me lurking around the boards lately, I have just quit practicing Tang Soo Do after a little over 2 1/2 years because I felt like a "T-Rex"...all legs, not hands and the practice started to get boring and stale for me. I am not bad-mouthing the art, it was a...
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    Okay Fellas

    Every time I have reached out to this community with a question, I have always received great support from I am here to ask for it one more time: To give you some background, I studied Tang Soo Do for 2 1/2 years and quit a couple of weeks ago because: The training became stale...
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    How Do I Quit?

    Hi. I am looking for some feedback from the community here, as hopefully someone has been in my position before, or they can relate and can lend some good advice. Please read the full post before you comment. I have been attending my Tang Soo Do classes for 2 1/2 years now. I liked the art and...
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    Concerns For The Future

    I know things vary from demographic to demographic, but I have a few questions out there for the other adult students.... How many adult students are in your adult class? I have ten. Not all of them make it all of the time, some more than others...some are at college, etc. We have: One 6th...
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    Korean Terminology

    Excuse my ignorance, but from what I hear from the number of "very limited" martial artists that I know, they find it odd that commands are given to us in Korean. Which got me wondering, does anyone know what the point is behind that? Why does an instructor say to you, "ha dan mahkee, sang dan...
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    Have You "Been There"?

    I'm gonna come from the heart here, so if anyone is going to flame me or ridicule me for it, I ask you to please think about it before you do it. I remember when I was a white belt and I had a red belt teaching me my first set of one-step sparrings. My instructor came over to him and corrected...
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    The Ultimate Question

    This is a common question and it may already exist on these forums somewhere. But I would like to start the topic again anyway, if it does exist. The ultimate question: What does being a black belt mean? Well, to the outside person, I think it means that you could kick some ***, if you needed...
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    List Of TSD Schools

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of TSD schools inn a certain area? I know there is Tang Soo Do world, but they only seem to touch on some of the schools in the area. Thanks!
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    Free Sparring Techniques

    It never fails.....I will go to a tournament and get first place in forms, but not win a single match in free sparring. In fact, out of the six tournaments that I have been in, in my very short martial arts career, I have not won a single free-sparring match.......ever! My masters don't...
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    Hip Opening Techniques

    Would anyone out there care to share any of the "hip-opening" stretching techniques that they may use? I have a hard time with roundhouse and hook kicks because my hips are so tight. I know I can get them up there, I just have to find a way to stretch my hip out. The height that I have gained on...
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    I would like to know what I am diong right please!

    If there are any Tang Soo Do masters out there, I would like to ask a question. During my test for 2nd gup, the head master called me out after we were all done performing our basic kicks. He said to me, "show me a front snap kick and hold it". I thought to myself, oh man, I must have messed up...
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    Please Tell Me Your Opinion On This.....

    Friends, I would like to get your opinion about a situation: My younger brother and I started at my current school at the same time. Of course, I am the older one, so I was always the "senior" student, but we had a lot of fun training together. His life is quite different than mine.....I have a...