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  1. BrandiJo

    Any Schools In Portland Or

    I know how to find listings for schools, I was looking more for a hey i know this guy he is reputable type of thing.
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    Any Schools In Portland Or

    at this point yes, my friends main interest is Krav.
  3. BrandiJo

    Any Schools In Portland Or

    I am looking for a school, for a friend of mine, and possibly myself, in or around Portland Or. If you all know of any place you could recommend please let me know. Here or in PM works for me. Thanks
  4. BrandiJo

    Arkansas couple celebrates birth of 18th child... yes 18th

    They can pay for them, they can support them, and they love them, so why not? Personally 18 children will never come out of my vagina, 4 would be pushing it for me.... but if it works for them then so be it.
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    Transgender man carries baby for his wife

    he is going for their second child
  6. BrandiJo

    What is Marriage.

    Marriage is between two people who love and care deeply for each other.
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    Prenatal Notions Give Right For Abortion?

    It makes me uneasy to think that we as humans could do such a thing (end a childs life because we saw it as unperfect) I however am pro choice and if a person does choose that it is up to them. For me, when i become preg, and someday i will(hopefully) i will refuse any and all testing, from the...
  8. BrandiJo

    Unusual (?) names for pets

    i have a cat, we ca;; Puddems but the name he was given to us was Roly we use both :D poory kitty lol
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    A Future Serial Killer...

    pitty they cant charge him with anything, the kiddo needs help, or he will be the next Jeffery Dahmer
  10. BrandiJo

    Ghost In Elevator ?

  11. BrandiJo

    Advice on soft tissue damage

    I havent heard of white belts not being able to spar, but those sparring with them know that they might accidently use "rough" moves and block with knees and elbows or kick a little to hard or punch with a little to much umph. That goes with sparring lower ranks, when i was still actively...
  12. BrandiJo

    money problems. :(

    You and i are just like everyone else, everyone has, will be, or is in your boat and if a person is lucky enough to be born rich well id bet they atleast know someone lol. I happen to fall into the working my **** off along with my dear hubby and still can't afford to train just yet. I have...
  13. BrandiJo

    Curfews For Teens: Are They The Answer?

    I missed the 9PM curfew. that does seem a bit excess mine was midnight and lasted till 5 am ... so not terribly long.
  14. BrandiJo

    Curfews For Teens: Are They The Answer?

    I grew up with a city curfew, it didn't hurt anything. If you where going to or from work or a school event you where fine but if you where out for "no reason" then you got a nice police escort home and had the police talk to your parents. I doubt it prevented any crimes but it was nice tool...
  15. BrandiJo

    I hurt my friend out of love...

    To me, it sounds more like she hit him and hurt herself (sprained wrist comes to mind) if thats the case she can take it as lesson learned and be more careful next time. If you struck back, or blocked overly aggressive i would understand your guilt but still she provoked you and you put her off...
  16. BrandiJo

    Driving 101- What your teacher never taught you

    i personally know more then one driver guilty of that sin JKS :-p i havent seen anything to crazy ... but cell phones and food mostly
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    when a person is to the point that they want to end their life they lose the ability to make valid judgments. That is why we can put them in a hospital on medical holds. Most people when competent don't on a whim decide to kill them selfs, that is why i believe we should offer and make them get...
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    theres a difference between terminally ill and depressed. Depressed people can be helped, there are treatments out there that WORK, terminally ill people die. It sucks and its hard and i think that yes a terminally ill person should be able to choose to die with dignity however a depressed...
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    iv been close to 2 people who have attempted to end their life. Believe me it hurts farm more then just the one person wanting to end their life. I might not physically show signs of harm but emotionally there is. My brother might not have any marks from what his wife has tried but i know there...
  20. BrandiJo

    Left To Die In The Hospital

    the woman here was in a pshy ward.... its hard to help theses people and its hard to know if they are *really* in trouble or just sleeping or being difficult. However they should NOT have falsified papers and they should have atleast checked in on her while she was laying there if it was a case...
  21. BrandiJo

    Prayer/Meditation/Good thoughts Request Thread

    wow good luck with that sending all the warm thoughts i can muster your way... my husband has been looking for 3 months and finally found one that will start in Aug. So i feel your pain there its hard! As for me aside from the husband job thing. My parents are in town, those privy to LLR...
  22. BrandiJo

    Obama and infanticide

    my priorities are taking care of MY body, and last time i checked i am free to do with MY body as I please. That means i can smoke, i can drink, i can have unprotected sex and get an STD and i can get pregnant and CHOOSE to not give birth to that child. When YOU get pregnant you can CHOOSE to...
  23. BrandiJo

    Obama and infanticide

    it is a child when it has a fighting chance of living with out the mother...i believe medically that is at 23 weeks from the mothers last menstrual cycle. After that the fetus can leave the womans body, live, and be called a child ~ before that time while it may be dreadful for some to think it...
  24. BrandiJo

    Obama and infanticide

    Its not a child in the womb, medically its a fetus zygote or embryo. But later in stages if it could survive outside the womb then its value should be acknowledged and fought for.
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    Obama and infanticide

    What is the big drama hear? Males, when you get preg you can decide for yourself if you have an abortion, females... you are in charge of your body so you can decide for yourself. When it is my body, i can and will decide for myself. Abortion is never a fun choice, it is a hard, scary, and down...
  26. BrandiJo

    Legal Search or Violation Of School Policy?

    i had a car the day i turned 16, bought it my self with the money from a job i got (and kept) the day i turned 14.
  27. BrandiJo

    Legal Search or Violation Of School Policy?

    In my high school, if you brought it on school ground it was subject to be searched. Car, backpack, purse, locker, if it was on school grounds it was clearly stated that they can and will search it. It was part of the code of conduct, and all the parents and students where made aware of it. My...
  28. BrandiJo

    Hey Mom, I will have you arrested if you spank me!

    i tried that... once... and my mother assured me that if i called the cops she would make sure they had a reason to be there by the time she got done with me. I kinda decided against it.
  29. BrandiJo

    Tornado claims the lives of 4 Boy Scouts in Iowa

    This was all very close to home... my family is still out in Iowa. I prayed that my cousins wernt out there ... all the boys are in scouts. luckily they where not and they are safe. My heart breaks for those families, and those children.
  30. BrandiJo

    Thomas the Pregnant Man

    It is pretty hard for a a non-typical family to adopt, from what I have heard. So for them maybe this was the only option? Personally I think its a bit odd having a male carry a child but if he still has the female parts why not? Adoption is a good thing when you can jump through all the hoops...