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  1. Diaitadoc

    Internal in external fighting systems

    A quote from one of my teachers that really stood out to me was whether you cook an egg from the inside out or the outside in, you still end up with a cooked egg either way. So at the end of the line, internal & external training systems arrive at the same place. My interpretation of the...
  2. Diaitadoc

    Belt Colours

    Im fine with belt ranks for internal use within a club / organization, but they are of little value when trying to evaluate real-world martial skill. Tournament rankings could be seen as a more useful metric when it comes to determining martial ability, but even there the tournament circuits...
  3. Diaitadoc

    Halifax Nova Scotia: Starting a Kung Fu Group

    Hello everyone, Im starting a new Kung Fu group in Halifax, Nova Scotia. days: alternating weeks of Mondays & Thursdays, & Tuesdays & Fridays hours: 7pm-830pm where: Burnside style: XiangShan ZiRanMen (Elephant Mountain Natural Gate) application: Self Defense, Fighting, Health cost: $10 /...
  4. Diaitadoc

    Taichi push hand

    Three reasons: 1) Push Hands is a beginner practice meant to teach basic principles of balance, bracing, timing & positional control against resisting opponents in order to prepare students for the more rigorous practices of San shou & Shuai jiao. 2) Push hands is a progressive practice...
  5. Diaitadoc

    New Sparring League - Halifax, NS

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a link to our new Halifax Sparring Club, HaliSpar. Log In or Sign Up to View Our first season starts September 5th from 7pm-9pm, and runs every Sunday until November 28th. The club is open to all martial artists, regardless of style or skill level. It is...
  6. Diaitadoc

    2021 US Lei Tai Championships

    On July 24th, 2021, the US IKSF Lei Tai Championships were held in Baltimore, Maryland. The YouTube channel NexusJunisBlue has uploaded the tournament in its entirety. Heres an example of the competition: Enjoy!
  7. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Im going to disagree on this point. Check out Kyuzo Mifune : He definitely does not use muscular contraction as power generation. If there was such a distinction as internal Judo, then this would be it, IMO.
  8. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Agreed. Although the main thing driving the tempo/timing of the form is now intent informed by the applications, relaxation, structure, balance and flow are still the order of the day. As for Chen Ziqiang, he definitely has chops and is absolutely inspiring.
  9. Diaitadoc

    Bowie Knife Methods

    You might want to look at Wing Chuns knife methods - Their knives always reminded me of the Bowie knife.
  10. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    I agree, and Im already doing this! Its fascinating, really: Doing the form slowly confers great benefits, but doing the form sped up is something Ive played with many times in the past. Before starting this project, my sped up Taiji was simply an accelerated version of the slow form...
  11. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hi DaveB, Taiji, in both name and traditional CMA convention, has everything: Boxing, Kicking, Locking and Throwing. I personally chose to put the initial emphasis on throwing for several reasons: 1) way back in the day, my instructor used to joke around, saying Taijis strategy is to flip...
  12. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hello Mr. Wang, glad youre joining the conversation! You may not remember, but many years ago on RSF, I sent you a video of me practicing Taiji throws on a wooden log. You critiqued it constructively, saying that I should focus on having my trips/hooks/sweeps move in the opposite direction of...
  13. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hi JowGaWolf, thanks for your reply. It doesn't sound harsh at all - I'm 90% in agreement with you. In my original post, I took care to describe the apps being demoed in the videos as sequences, and placed an asterisk beside the word. I qualified my use of the word below the videos in the first...
  14. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hi DaveB, I'm familiar with YJM's application interpretations. He places a lot of emphasis on Na/locking. While the form can certainly be used to explore Na, my main issue with YJM's applications is that they are often repetitive; he'll asign the same technique to multiple postures. Why assign...
  15. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Postures 23-26 : Shoulder Stroke, White Crane Spreads Wings, Brush Knee, Needle at Sea Bottom. The Shoulder Stroke application shown in this video is pretty basic. We actually explored something more complex, but didn't get good footage of it this time round so I'll try to record this Shoulder...
  16. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    I will continue adding to the catalog as we go.
  17. Diaitadoc

    Yang Taiji Application Project

    Hello everyone! Ive been practicing traditional Yang Taiji for about 15 years. Early in my training, I practiced form and push hands equally; then moved cities and took a break from partner practice, continuing forms practice on my own. Recently, Ive gotten a group together to explore and...