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    Three Seeds of Wing Chun

    I think one clue is that tan and bong are somewhat mechanically opposite of each other, almost as if they were the same technique performed forwards and backwards in time (this would be literally true if you switched a regular tan out for a sinking tan or "tun sau"). The question then would be...
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    How to recover from this position

    I'm not properly caffeinated yet so my analysis of this post is probably lacking, but this perspective has always baffled me. Yes, there are a million and one things that you technically *can* do with all of WC's tools. Yes, you can, technically, if you go about it a certain way, use your bong...
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    How to recover from this position

    I'm having a hard time visualizing this so I can't really provide specific input, but I would investigate why you're trying so hard to hold your bong sau position against that much pressure - bong is somewhat of a transitional technique and isn't really designed to be able to absorb direct...
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    The Siu Baat Qua foot Work Form

    That's only one of them, you need four more
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    The Siu Baat Qua foot Work Form

    It's almost as if different arts can have different forms of the same name
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    Gary Lam Wing Chun ?

    That's a pretty serious misapplication of this advice tbh, some groups consistently produce really good students and Gary Lam's group is one of them.
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    Gary Lam Wing Chun ?

    Gary Lam is one of the better branches of WC imo
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    Lo Kwai pole

    Ip Man dunmy forms average between 7 and 10 sections so I guess Lo Kwai would be between 15 and 18?
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    12 section knife form?

    At this point I'm partially convinced that it's an urban legend.
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    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    Fascinating. Tell us more.
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    Bad Chi Sao has ruined WC as a fighting art!

    It seems rather counterproductive to me to try and force Chi Sao to do things it wasn't designed to do in order to incorporate half-assed grappling rather than just learning proper grappling to begin with.
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    Lo Kwai wing chun Q&A

    @hunschuld how similar is your single long form to the Cho family Siu Lien Tao?
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    Interesting take on WC's past...

    Is the whole reason you're here to get people to stop reading the thread lmao
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    Wing Chun Table Fighting

    No because that's stupid and dumb.
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    Front-on, side-on, and evasive techniques

    Yoing yourself.
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    Beginners Question - William Cheung and Rick Spain

    Congrats you've both necro'd a year-and-a-half old thread and simultaneously not actually told us anything about Rick's ability.
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    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    Wing Chun's backweighted triangular footwork exists for the purpose of cutting off, sweeping and tripping your opponent at almost hip-to-hip range. It's not going to be useful at a longer distance.
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    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    The guy's literally just chainpunching.
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    WC origin info

    I'm just gonna come out and say that anyone who uses the term Shaolin Tao is shamelessly pulling crap outta their ***.
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    Philosophy of Wing Tsun.

    seriously keep your damn elbows in
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    Siu Nim Tao

    Don't kick yourself in the nuts while doing SNT
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    Keep your goddamn elbows in for crying out loud.
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    List of all Southern short-bridge styles including Wing Chun

    I got bored and am trying to make a list of all Southern Chinese short-bridge styles AKA Nanquan. Anyone wanna help? What I got so far: Wing Chun/Weng Chun Bak Mei Hakka Kuen Hak Fu Mun Hung Gar Choy Lay Fut Wuzuquan Mok Gar Li Gar Lau Gar Choy Gar
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    Principles of Striking

    Don't get greedy with the hits.
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    I tend to think of what skills I need to improve and make my own drills on the spot based on that.
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    From Kung Fu Tea - When Did Wing Chun Become Intangible Cultural Heritage?

    What the heck is "Intangible cultural heritage" supposed to mean
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    WC Bong Shou used in wrestling

    If you receive force that's best responded with to a bong sau, sure. What's seen in the video isn't a bong sau though, which is important because bong is actually an incredibly weak position in and of itself which certainly shouldn't be held for any length of time and certainly not as a barring...
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    Jesus traditional martial artists are pretentious.
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    The Red Boat Opera Wing Chun

    The idea that Wing Chun was practiced on the red boats has largely been debunked as a myth from what I understand, although you'll find plenty of different groups out there who claim to be the red boat style.
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    Death Touch - Dim Mak - Real or Fiction?

    Chinese medicine has been around for a pretty long time. If Dim Mak were real, you'd think someone else would've figured it out by now.