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    Kung Fu?

    The best we I can do for you is offer you articles about your Training!! News
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    Is this legal in Bayarea California to carry out?

    Read True and Authentic Blogss/Articles About Martial Arts. You wouldn't need to use that!! :rolleyes:
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    Kung Fu Shoes - Yes or No?

    I think Adidas would be a perfect fit for this..!!
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    GrandMaster Steve? Who qualifies as an authentic Grandmaster?

    Don't compare Bruce lee with any other. He's the best... (still living in our hearts):kiss::kiss:
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    Alternating body building and martial arts

    Join a gym that is near to your home..!! Ask your friends to join you also..!! That'll make you gain interest in The Gym. Train like your Coach asks you to do. Also keep reading Blogs of Body Building and Martial Arts.!!
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    hey i am big balls

    Read some Blogs First!! before doing any type of Training..!! ;)
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    hey i am big balls

    Just Hii!!!
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    hey i am big balls

    First of all! Please confirm who exactly are you??!!!! :p :p :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    hey i am big balls

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    Is it not a good idea to use boxing in a street fight situation do to the risk of breaking bones in

    That's Why Karate is probably known for self-defense..!!:rolleyes::rolleyes: Take your instructor advice seriously..!! You might have some questions in your mind even after instructions from your instructor. keep reading Blogs in your free time, so you mighty have some clarity about that..
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    Most comfortable firearm/holster for conceal carry.

    Do carry your gun with you Bro. It doesn't take much time to be shot by the thief or robber..
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    What to do during a police encounter...

    Thanks for the information, just want to stay away with the word "Police"..;)
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    Is ball of the foot roundhouse outdated with modern shoes?

    No!! It will not hurt.. Just need a little practice..
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    Last Poster #7

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    BJJ adults and minors mix class

    For the beginning, this is the best part BrO...
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    What do you call an art that integrates striking and grappling?

    Thanks for the information Bro.. Heard for the first time...
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    Unique scenerio

    Best Of Luck BrooO...
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    That's my favorite... <3
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    Listen to: Hooked on a feeling..
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    Kung fu in MMA Wins

    Hanzou just wanted to say that the kick you're discussing has no connection with the Kung fu..
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    Your first training matters Bro..
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    If something is your passion, money will be nothing in front of it..