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  1. The Elemental

    Jackie Chan On MMA If I can get in my 2 cents for on this subject. As many of you remember me, I'm a huge MMA fan so while I disagree with what Jackie said about MMA, I still respect his opinion and can understand how watching a sanctioned...
  2. The Elemental

    Yakuza 3

    This a video of action scenes from the recently released 3rd installment of the Yakuza game series on the PS3: KhQD4LMErqI This seems to have everything you want in a beat em up game, awesome hand to hand combat, innovative use of weapons, grapple as well as MMA-inspired techniques and...
  3. The Elemental

    UFC Poses No Long Term Threat to Boxing

    What the? This article dates back to 2006, why is it even relevent?
  4. The Elemental

    Bock Lesner vs. Frank Mir?

    Brock has potential, all he needs to do is achieve it.
  5. The Elemental

    Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

    Actually Ken Shamrock made his pro wrestling debut in 1988, in 1990 he wrestled for South Atlantic Pro Wrestling under the ring name Wayne Shamrock. He later changed his ring name to Vince Torelli adopting the nickname "Mr. Wrestling". In 1990, Shamrock travelled to Japan, where he competed in...
  6. The Elemental

    Potent - A Mixed Martial Arts Documentary!

    Looks interesting. Looking foward to it.
  7. The Elemental

    African Martial Arts

    Well for starters, I made a post about Egyptian Stick Fencing here:
  8. The Elemental

    African Martial Arts

    I was wondering if you are planning to an African Martial Art section on the forum?
  9. The Elemental

    Pressure Points in MMA

    Well, what about Bas' Livershot, does that count?
  10. The Elemental

    MMA=Kickboxing and Submission Grappling

    Wrestling works too, whether Greco, Freestyle or Catch.
  11. The Elemental

    Gordon Liu

    Finally got to see 36 Chambers, awesome movie.
  12. The Elemental

    Karl Gotch R.I.P.

    R.I.P The man was a legend.
  13. The Elemental

    Worst Martial Arts Movies

    Sorry folks, but when it comes to baaaaaaad martial art flicks, none is worse than the ones my country makes, Egypt has made possibly some of the worst martial art movies ever!
  14. The Elemental

    Mummy 3 (with Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh)

    I'm interested, this would mark the second time Jet Li plays a bad guy, Yeoh is one of the best female Kung Fu stars and one of my favorite Bond girls.
  15. The Elemental

    Jackie Chan

    I feel sorry for him sometimes, mostly because he's a good actor who wants to prove to the critics he is and he does but at the expense of the profits like what happened with Crime Story and Miracles, two of his best acting performances ever that were critical favorites but were also box office...
  16. The Elemental

    Favorite All Time Wrestler

    Mine is Antonio Inoki, a Japanese legend, an unrecognized former WWF/E champion. Fought in several early and possibly worked MMA fights including the worked and boring Ali fight. The man who popularized the Enzugiri and the Octopus Stretch.
  17. The Elemental

    MMA on popular Arabic Network (IFL)

    I think posting this would be a good thing to do to prove to the "haters" that MMA has really reached the masses. There are plans to air IFL on MBC ACTION, an action themed block. which is part of the popular Dubai based network, MBC. They gave it a Coming Soon ad, which means they are gonna air...
  18. The Elemental

    Karate Actors...

    Sonny Chiba practices, Mas Oyama was his mentor.
  19. The Elemental

    Ufc vs. Pride

    This so called rivalry is getting out of hand. Extreme fans on both side are insulting fighters who don't fight for their league. I mean seriously fans like that are a disgrace to the MMA fanbase.
  20. The Elemental

    CBS Sports Journalist Bashes MMA

    Sports writer Mike Freeman written a completely biased and pathetic excuse for an article bashing MMA giving out points that have no creditbility: I've written a response to him, I know I didn't need to reply to a closedminded idiot but I felt...
  21. The Elemental

    favoutrite MMA fighter?

    My favorite will always be Kazushi Sakuraba, his Gracie Hunter legacy got me into MMA, at the time he was like the total package of the sport. He also proved that a lot of pro wrestlers aren't completely "fake" fighters, yes he was a pro wrestler (well, more of a shoot wrestler).
  22. The Elemental

    Top 5, Bottom 5 Martial Art Movies

    Okay, here goes Top 5 (In terms of kickass none stop movies) 1. Enter The Dragon 2. Drunken Master 2 (Jackie Chan at his best) 3. Once Upon A Time in China 2 (Jet Li's masterpiece) 4. Fist Of Legend 5. Ong Bak (Although not the best stoyline but the fight scenes were amazing)...
  23. The Elemental

    10 Most Influential Figures in MMA

    I know this discussion may of have been done to death, I still think with many events happening in MMA recently I thought this now a good time to discuss this. Post your top 10 (starting from 10 to 1) influential figures who helped create MMA. 10. Tito Ortiz: When MMA was on the rise, Tito...
  24. The Elemental

    Genki Sudo is a beast!

    I know, and when I already listed him as my third favorite MMA fighter right behind Fedor and Sakuraba.
  25. The Elemental

    JKD in UFC?

    I for one don't really care, why? Because many of the fighters in MMA are mostly both grapplers and strikers and Lee's JKD wasn't all about fancy kung fu moves, it was like a revival of the cross-training philosiphy created many years ago which resulted in the creation of different martial arts...
  26. The Elemental

    Religion the root of all evil?

    Extreminism is the root of all evil not religion.
  27. The Elemental

    Bruce Lee.. Overrated?

    Yes and no, indeed many legends tend to have an unbelieveble larger than life status and Lee was no exception however Bruce Lee was revolutionary, he may not have been the first to introduce cross-training however he was the first to make the idea mainstream with his JKD system and he was the...
  28. The Elemental

    24 - Muslims upset about nuclear attacks

    As a muslim, I personally like the show, its also popular in countries like Dubai. The show makes everyone the bad guy which is why it get a lot of criticism from all sides. I don't think it's an anti-muslim show remember season 2, we were not the real bad guys in that season.
  29. The Elemental

    Tahtib: The oldest Egyptian Martial Art

    I didn't know where to post this so I'm posting it here. For years, I've been always wondering, does my country have a martial art? I looked for it in sporting competitions, nothing the only martial arts practiced in sport events are Asian and Western martial arts. Just recently thanks to the...
  30. The Elemental

    Greetings from Egypt

    Hi, My name is Badre. I'm a big fan of MA, I really don't have a ma experiance, I only know the basics of Karate which i took as a youngster at school which then canceled and I currently know a few grapple holds.