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  1. wingchunner

    Advice on Wing Chun dvd

    where are you located? I can't believe there isn't an instructor near you. Yes, the Gary Lam vids are ok. Do you have someone to workout with? There's a video clip on my website that demonstrates how we do SNT, the first form. Let me know where you are, maybe I can find someone for you. Marty
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    Hi From Ohio!

    Welcome Brandon. I'm in Wooster: about 60 miles south of Cleveland. Let me know if you're down around here. You can join in our classes for free if you're interested! I started out in karate. I took an aikido and acupressure seminar in the Bowling Green area. Best wishes! Marty
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    Have i learnt anything? Or have I just made a fool of myself again LoL

    I looked at several of your youtube videos. Nothing I saw was absolutely horrible. I do see many things that can be fixed. In your punching, you really need to squeeze the elbows in towards the centerline and not turn your shoulders when you punch. You need to focus on this and practice it...
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    New pics We had fun doing the photos. Let me know what you think. Marty
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    New WC vid clips View and enjoy! Marty
  6. wingchunner

    my clips I'd be interested in knowing what you think. Marty
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    wingchun sparring vids

    Yes. Sometimes he makes various noises depending on what he's working with you on. He doesn't always make those noises though. He uses them sometimes to help you understand how his energy is working, or help explain what you should be feeling. Also, it helps you determine a bit better what...
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    wingchun sparring vids

    Here are some video clips of my teacher (Carl Dechiara) and myself sparring some of my colleagues. Let me know what you think. Marty
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    Taiji Lineage

    Lineage is important. It is difficult to understand when there are so many people who claim to be experts in tai chi (or any other martial art, for that matter). Part of the "mysterious transmission" is given from master to disciple/student, this can only be accomplished through "lineage" and...
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    Workout in Santa Barbara, CA.

    Want to workout Santa Barbara, CA Hi I am posting for my teacher, Carl Dechiara who will be in Santa Barbara CA, (March 10-13) and is looking for anyone that might want to workout, in wing chun, tai chi, bagua or any other internal arts. If you would like to workout in the morning any...
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    chinese vcds

    Actually, I have a link on my site now: Let me know if I can help. Marty
  12. wingchunner

    chinese vcds

    Actually, if you know what you're looking for I have found this site to give the best deals: Let me know if you would want anything specific and I might be able to help you find it. Marty
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    Video Exchange

    I don't know if I've ever posted these on this site, but here are a bunch of videos of my teacher:
  14. wingchunner

    Links to your MA school

    Academy of Immortal Palm Immortal Palm Association Contains information about classes. Also, some vids and pics for those interested. Martin Yoder
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    Santa does Tai Chi!!!

    and bagua too!
  16. wingchunner

    Santa does Tai Chi!!!

    Here's the proof! Happy Holidays! Marty
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    Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Ba gua in Wooster

    Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and ba gua in Wooster, Ohio. Check out my website for more details: Have a great day. Martin Yoder
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    Tai Chi teachers in WV

    I have a student who is in China right now and is studying Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. He may be starting a club/study group in the Zanesville, Ohio area when he returns in January. If he does, would you be interested? If so, send me an email and help you get in contact with him. Marty
  19. wingchunner

    What style do practice and why did you choose it????

    ok I'll bite: 1.) Leung Sheung's Classical Wing Chun (Primary), Chen Tai Chi chuan (Chen Qingzhou line), Fu family internal martial arts. (I'm liking what Liu straight-line baguachang has to offer too). 2.) it walks the talk. When it met my teacher he trains like he fights and fights how he...
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    update: liu bagua seminar

    STRAIGHT LINE LUI BAGUA- SEMINAR Cleveland Ohio For all of those of you that have a hard time understanding how to do circular bagua. This seminar will help understand and apply bagua when you are fighting. The seminar is being presented by Master Zhang Yun, he is Master Wang...
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    Mansfield Ohio

    He studied with me for a couple years, both Wing Chun and a little of Chen tai chi. he's in Taiwan now. Marty
  22. wingchunner

    Mansfield Ohio

    Did you know Nick Edmon? I think he studied Kenpo in Mt. Vernon.
  23. wingchunner

    Mansfield Ohio

    >I thought I knew pretty much everyone in town here. >I wasn't aware of any wing chun school. >Unless you are talking about the Mansfield Kung Fu and Tai Chi institute. He hasn't opened it yet. If you're interested, let me know. Did you use to study at the Mansfield KF & TC inst.? Did...
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    Mansfield Ohio

    One of my students will be starting a martial arts club in Mansfield, Ohio. The main focus will be on Wing Chun. Let me know if you're interested. Marty
  25. wingchunner

    Where you all from?

    Wooster, Ohio Marty Yoder
  26. wingchunner

    Open to all styles, bagua seminar Cleve. OH

    Liu style bagua was created by Liu Dekuan to teach bagua quickly. Liu Dekuan studied under some of Dong Hai Chuan's (viewed as the creator of baguachang) top disciples (Cheng). It's broken down into 8 sections with 8 techniques in each section (or gua). IF you would like even more information...
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    Open to all styles, bagua seminar Cleve. OH

    LUI STYLE BAGUA Seminar with Master Zhang Yun in Cleveland Ohio Dates: 12-11 10:00 Am to 5:00 PM 12-12 9:00 Am to 4:00 PM Location: Cleveland Martial Arts Center 2435 Superior Ave, Cleveland Ohio 44108 Contact: Carl Dechiara cell 330-573-7820 email [email protected] The seminar...
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    Christmas gift for Instructor - Need Suggestions

    My teacher likes scotch. So, I get him a good bottle. I've gotten him a good bottle of wine before which usually is less. Depending on the type and quality, I'm sure you could get one in your price range. As someone said on another forum, if they don't drink it, it could be used to make some...
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    Chen tai chi chuan video clip

    Here's a clip of a beginners class at my teacher's school: enjoy! Marty
  30. wingchunner

    chi sau

    Continue to check my instructors website for upcoming video clips. Chi sao will be up eventually. (maybe even within the next couple weeks) Marty