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    Emin Boztepe

    Has anyone trained with him or attended a seminar? I'm considering the latter and want to see if it's worthwhile. I've followed his progress for a number of years and not attended any of his seminars yet, but have decided maybe I should make the trip out. Thoughts are appreciated and thanks in...
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    Tribute to Female Fighters

    Rosi Sexton, Jane Couch, Kathy Long among others have been flying the flag for female fighting for years in their respective fields. There will always be more male fighters than women but what the women bring to the table is true grit, determination and massive heart, more than some male...
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    New Blade

    Very nice christmas prezzy. What weight is it and how's the handling?
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    Gross Motor Skills

    I really don't think you can be specific as to which techniques you would use instinctively in a street confrontation. There are far too many variables. As a general rule, I believe that there are generally two types of person that respond to such an attack. One is the thinker, and one is the...
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    JKD vs. Wing Chun

    Major differences...... Wing Chun= System JKD= Concept You can't compare the two or have them do battle because one is a 'system' and the other is ones' own personal approach to MA. JKD is all about finding what works for the individual and is open to all techniques from any style/system...
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    Essential Defence applications :asian:
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    Painful Trainers Not sure if you have similar where you are, but I would assume you do. Just make sure it's sealed properly for training.:)
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    Painful Trainers

    Medium Density Fibreboard. I'll find you a link
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    Painful Trainers

    We use softwood and MDF trainers. I make the MDF ones myself as the training Karambits are aluminium. MDF is much softer and although, obviously, it marks the skin, it's rare for bruising to occur. I hate the plastic and rubber trainers.
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    Sia (or Zia...whatever it is)

    I will just join in and add to the others' comments. Get a good instructor. Chances are, your learning from the Nunchaku book, wether it's Fumio Demura or Yamashita or whoever, they cannot possibly teach you the same way an instructor can. I didn't even start Bo staff until Brown Belt, so...
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    Sacrifice hand

    There are always 'IF's. I am going to revive longer blade training for an experiment and see what happens. So used to using 3" or less blades, the rest is stick, predominately Armed OR unarmed, it's best to test the waters and see what needs to be done to improve. While we do indeed live in the...
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    knife wound pictures

    I think this would make a good thread on it's own:mst:
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    UFC: Brock Lesnar to face Frank Mir in Las Vegas at UFC 98 on May 23

    I agree about the size issue with Couture and the possible need for a superheavy division. My concern is that it is becoming very much like WWF in it's overall appearance. I hope Muir wins, of course, because I feel he deserves it due to the time and years he's put in MMA. Now we get this...
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    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    Do people still care about this thread? It's dragged on for years already. Emilio, good luck to you. I hope you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve with your take on Ninjutsu. Now, please just let this die. Emelio is obviously in a fantasy land. Maybe he could get a sponsorship deal with...
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    Kick Penetration

    Right, I read this post when you posted it and thought I'd give it a try. I practiced on my 'new' dummy I built and I think I see that you're getting at. I didn't think there'd be much in it to be honest, and thought the heal would just add a small amount of extra damage. Boy, was I wrong. Have...
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    UFC: Brock Lesnar to face Frank Mir in Las Vegas at UFC 98 on May 23

    And now the UFC continues it's journey down the road of 'entertainment' over skill. Lesnar is just an educated Coleman of old. Dana should try and keep UFC to MMA, not turn it into a *****-slapped version of pro-wrasslin'. Just my humblest of humble opinions:)
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    Sacrifice hand

    In answer to the highlighted question, I've done a fair bit, but nowhere near as much as with smaller blades. We've covered the standard 12" kitchen knife primarily, as we're in the UK, we don't get much call for Bowies:). Don't get me wrong, I love knives and knife-work. My comment was not...
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    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    Just a couple of things here. The tattoos issue has been covered, so I'l skip that. The 'Wing Chun' issue seems to be rattling some peoples chains. Ok, so the Wing Chun practitioners didn't do so well in the arena. Does that make WC less effective as a fighting style? No, not in my opinion...
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    Repeating downward knife thrust defense?

    The beauty of Kali is it's variety and adaptability. As MJS says, you can use pretty much any application and use it effectively. The footwork and transitions through flows and entries is one of the best systems I've practiced. Kali is certainly a fantastic art for unarmed combat, as well as...
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    What MA book would you recommend?

    No Holds Barred- Clive Gentry. Pretty good MMA book. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do (as already mentioned) Filipino Martial Culture- Mark Wiley (should read that again, it's been a while:)) Budo- Ueshiba For a bit of humour, check out 'Seagalogy', a study in the ***-kicking films of Steven Seagal- Vern
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    Home-made Mook Jong (wooden Dummy)

    Ive seen that site before, while researching. Nice work, but I don't have the facility to make it as 'tidy' as that unfortunatley. I can PM my email addy if you like, or, if you want to set up your own blog, that is also possible. Just go to and follow the steps. It's handy for diary...
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    Sacrifice hand

    I'm not a big fan of the terminology myself, but it is accurate, as you are in effect 'sacrificing' it to save another part of your body Agreed about the forearm. We drill and have drilled many techs using the forearm as the first point of contact, (using the back of the forearm against the...
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    Psychological preparation for combat

    Oh dear. To be fair to 'Proffessor Steiner', he's got his students milked. I mean, seriously. No contact is fine if that's the way you want to teach or be taught, but telling a pile of horse **** for a reason against strikes........ I apologise for the profanity, but in this case I feel...
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    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    This is the first time a real contact fighting sport has hit mainstream success. Boxing has fallen by the wayside with all the politics and BS surrounding it. Martial Arts have not been great television. Now, we are seeing standard rules in the main events so that the audience can learn...
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    Home-made Mook Jong (wooden Dummy)

    Thanks, Eru. You can still own a dummy without knowing the form. It's a great tool for conditioning the forearms/knuckles/palms and working the strike/block combinations. Just need ot add the final limb and she's ready for punishment:asian: Sweet! Would love to see it. I've neglected to add...
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    Home-made Mook Jong (wooden Dummy)

    Just thought I'd throw this out there for those who wish to own a Mook Jong but can't afford the ridiculous prices:), I've made one this weekend using a tree trunk, a couple of limbs and some lengths of timber (for the supports etc). Here's some photos of the (almost) finished project...
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    Sacrifice hand

    Over the years I have heard this many times. Using the lead hand as the 'sacrifice' hand, to take the damage instead of a vital part of the anatomy. This is based on a knife to knife scenario (which I know, is not likely to happen ever in most peoples lifetimes), but it beggars the question, if...
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    1 inch punch baby yeah!

    I would say it's deffinately more of a training tech. Trying to apply in a real altercation would be difficult, but having never tried, I don't know. I would imagine there is too much movement in a real fight to be able to apply it effectively. As a training exercise, it's a great tool for the...
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    1 inch punch baby yeah!

    interesting theory. I think it all comes down to physics and mechanics. If you take a snooker or pool game for example, you point the cue at the ball and gently drive the cue through the ball, it rolls smoothly away. However, if you drive the cue with extreme force/speed over the small distance...
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    Repeating downward knife thrust defense?

    While I stand by this ^ statement.... ....I did over-generalise in this ^ one:). I was using the 'other' arts as being the more contemporary ones. Those that are much more readily available to learn. Not sure how popular Silat is over there, for example, but I do vouch for it's use of knife...