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    we have a new police

    i saw that i the news today. only it was reported that Marines were taking over. either way, i hope you are safe and things get better for you and your country
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    Annyong Taekwondo

    i believe you need to find a new dojang and instructor. i attend a traditional school and he lets you know that tournaments and trophies are okay, but we are here to learn how to defend ourselves and learn the art. trophies are a side note. i love everything about my dojang. where i study...
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    Sparring with raised guard: how firmly close hands?

    we sparred tonight. i paid attention to my hands. they were open. this allowed me to grab my instructors wrist when he punched at me. we were both shocked. i have tried to take him down since we started sparring. all i needed to do was reverse his arm and he would've gone down. i was too shocked...
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    new hapkido student here

    passed my hapkido test today, 8th Gup. i now wear a yellow belt with a white stripe. i was again humbled by my test, though i now know how i need to train. rather than "here grab my wrist" its going to be, "grab me/punch me and i will react". granted i am still a beginner, i now see the...
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    new hapkido student here

    alright, so i was wrong about learning combat hapkido. we are learning traditional. my instructor gave me a sheet with the requirements for Traditional Hapkido, Second Stripe. i test next week. i earned my advanced yellow belt in TKD, i feel it is time to test in Hapkdo as well.
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    Kukkiwon is developing poomsae for belly-builders!

    i concur, that is one of the reasons i began training! you can see my picture in my thread "passed my first belt test" and see i am a big boy. it is my goal to lose weight and be able to actually do the forms and techniques the proper way, not have them watered down or have someone say "well...
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    Passed my first belt test today

    here we are http:// and i think i am going to the doc tomorrow for a quick xray
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    Passed my first belt test today

    i also have a nice bruise on my shin from blocking a round house, that makes it quite painful to walk. i used shin pads, my opponent did not, apparently my pad slipped during the match and left my shin exposed. i chalk it up to being part of the learning experience. he felt bad about my thumb...
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    Passed my first belt test today

    Made advanced yellow. my sons made beginner yellow! they are five and six yrs old. my five yearl old really impressed me. he was so confident and very focused. during the inspection of his dobak he was so proud to be starched and pressed amd he looked sharp. my five year old lacks that confidene...
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    Why do we care???

    i am new to tkd and martial arts, but i do see these young kids running around the store with their mother's still wearing their dobak after class and sporting their black makes me wonder what can they possibly know about being a black belt, much less how much do they actually know...
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    Steven Seagal invented front kick?!?!?!

    in both videos Seagal stated he learned the kick 35-40 years ago and began perfecting it. then in the second video he stated that it is a variation of a karate kick he made up, okay maybe i guess. then he kinda lost me when asked about seeing a front kick used in combat sports and he got a...
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    requesting info

    Not sure this is the right place for this. I have the opportunity to attend a seminar next month and want some info, if possible, about the presenter. here is the link to his info: the good, the bad and the ugly.....lets hear it. if someone thinks this is...
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    is it permissible

    may i ask for personal anecdotes about a certain grandmaster on MT? i have the opportunity to attend a jiujitsu seminar next month and wanted to see if i could generate some feedback about the featured grandmaster before i throw down hard earned cash.
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    new hapkido student here

    he teaches several techniques. he tells us to decide which ones work best for us and stick to them, but realize there are many other ways out of the same attack. i personally need more practice with all of them to decide what is best for me.
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    new hapkido student here

    side head locks techniques 1. put far arm in front of face to shield punches, put near leg behind attacker, near arm shoots up, palm on face of attacker and push backwards sending attacker to ground.(this one i can do pretty consistently) 2. put far arm up to block attacks, strike groin, face...
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    new hapkido student here

    training is going well. one thing i find difficult is escaping headlocks. i don't know the difference in hapkido styles but my instructor says we study combat hapkido. we study the Cane Master system. it is not my favorite part of class, but out of respect to my instructor, i try my very best...
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    a little update on my training.

    ok. i have been training in tkd and hapkido since may. i have come a little ways. i am going to test at the end of september for my advanced yellow belt. i need to learn one more form before i am ready. today in class after we worked out we did advancing hand strikes. then we sparred...
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    My city is in panic!!!!

    Those of us who live in states here that share a border with your country have known of the pains in your country for years. It hurts the heart that people have to live like that. We are connected by our art and still so far away and such different struggles every day. We pray for you and your...
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    How to awaken the warrior within?

    I am a very passive individual. I do not like to fight, anymore. As a child I was picked on a lot. I was bigger than everyone, wore glasses, was poor, you name it. I got into my first fight in first grade. I took a lot of crap from some older kid on the playground every day. I held it in for...
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    Can you defend yourself with a pocket knife? Consider this...

    i carry a folding, lockback knife. its a cheapy throwdown from a sporting goods store, but keeps a fine edge. i use it as a tool everyday. i have thought about how i would employ it as a weapon however. one way i considered was if i was pinned down or in danger of being pounded or choked out...
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    new hapkido student here

    the instructor said he put the mats up to protect his dry wall....:ultracool
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    new hapkido student here

    so got to the dojang tonight. there was a mat mounted on the wall! we worked on defense against someone pinning us against the wall. it was a lot of fun to work on.
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    new hapkido student here

    thank you for the sound advice. my instructor has paced me actually, as we go through techniques. warnings of potential dangers and thorough explanations have been great and changed my mind about the earlier belief i had. now i practice to make sure i am getting it as perfect as possible and i...
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    Getting height on my side kicks

    i am thirty and dealing with the same issue. after being a self proclaimed couch potato since about 1998 i took up TKD about two months ago. my instructor wanted me to perform side kicks on a bag. it must have been the most pathetic sight he had ever seen. he made me work on my technique by...
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    The 'average guy on the street'

    duh, didn't even look at your location!
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    The 'average guy on the street'

    7starmantis, i totally agree. i worked in the Texas prison system for six years. no amount of training will ever make you totally ready for a full on fight for your life. not saying inside those walls is everyone's real life and average guy either. just saying it happens in the blink of an eye...
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    heavy bag gloves

    my instructor won't let us use bag gloves. he said we need to toughen our hands. then, we don't do a ton of punching on the bags normally either. i have had blood pool between my knuckles after a bag workout. thankfully it went away the next day. edit: oh look my yellow belt! hopefully i can...
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    When did you start your child in TKD?

    i started all of my kids this past march in taekwondo. they were 9, 7, 5, 4. all but one have had birthday's since and that would be the four year old. he turns five in a couple weeks. i was skeptical about starting the four year old. the instructor said why not give it a try and if he doesn't...