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  1. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    GSP vs. Hughes III

    I don't think anyone could ever be a better farmer than Matt. Especially no one from up here in the Great White North!
  2. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Chuck Liddel vs. Wanderli Silva!

    Heh same think happened at the bar that I was at, we were all cheering for Liddell then once the first take down, no one quite knew what to say or think!
  3. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Is Stretching a Waste of Time?

    What a great thread! And great responses too! I'm one who believes that when it comes to street defence you only need to have general flexibility, the ability to perform certain strikes and low kicks as the case may be. When it comes to more traditional you perform dozens sometimes hundreds...
  4. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Martial Arts Instructor Allegedly Uses Obedience 'Oath' to Molest Students.

    It almost makes one wonder if some people work hard to reach these positions of authority for the sole cause of abusing children, a sick thought I know but it makes one wonder. I feel terrible for the children who have to suffer through this and will probably for the rest of their lives have...
  5. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Chuck Liddel vs. Wanderli Silva!

    I was thinking the same thing, really with Chuck we've only seen ground defence, it was awesome to see some of his ground offence!
  6. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    GSP vs. Hughes III

    Did anyone else think that the look on Hughes' face after the first round was, "oh crap I'm finished"? Matt Hughes last couple fights he just hasn't seemed like he's all that interested in being there, just the way it looks to me anyway.
  7. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    I wondered, it FINALLY happened, and I'm SO excited!!!!

    Congrats on your first successful fall, definately something to be proud of. Have done it multiple times myself, which means that either I train well and muscle memory kicks in, or I don't train enough and I'm just really clumsy.
  8. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Forbidden Kingdom Trailer (Jackie Chan & Jet Li)

    I'm sure others have seen it, but I'll mention it here. On the Iron Monkey DVD there is an interview with Quentin Tarantino who explains that back in the 70's/80's for the most part the Asians were poor (not trying to offend anyone here that's what he said) so to save movie goers a little bit...
  9. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    I love Animals, but I hate the Planet...

    I am having such a hard time typing this because of all the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! I think this is honestly one of the most hilarious and true statements I've ever read! I personally don't mind enviromentalists and animal lovers and the like, we all have a right to believe...
  10. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Shorin Ryu Katas

    I have never seen the Ota book though I have studied Nagamine's book. What are the major differences between the two that makes Ota's so much better? Would be interested in finding a copy, is it easily findable?
  11. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    What to do?

    Tellner, that's some great material!
  12. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year I*_*I

    Here's to a New Year full of excellent training and merciless beatings!
  13. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    New Years Resolutions

    This year I've made a New Year's Resolution to make a New Year's Resolution and keep it!
  14. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Yellow Belt Test

    Congratulations on your early Christmas present!
  15. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Are you a "this-guy" or a "that-guy"

    Yes, I thought it quite odd too. Sometimes when my one Sensei's group goes to seminars or tournaments we have special shirts that we wear just to let people know who we are representing. But it's not something I would personally wear on a day to day basis. It really did bother me that an...
  16. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu


    This was my thought exactly, I still have a hard time picturing Timothy Olyphant as the Hitman, but I guess everyone deserves a chance.
  17. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Are you a "this-guy" or a "that-guy"

    Not sure if there's a similar thread on this topic so, here we go... Was at work the other day (ye olde pizza shop) when a customer came into the lobby wearing a martial arts jacket (will not name style or school so as not to offend.) So I began asking him about his training, did he like it...
  18. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Fake hate crimes not new

    Why do some people believe that they can get away with anything anymore?
  19. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    "What ninjutsu wants to be"

    I honestly don't know which is the greater tragedy, the fact that people like this guy, Frank Dux, Ashida Kim etc etc will make offers that re out of this world/borderline ridiculous or that people will buy into them believing that a couple weekends of training will turn them into a tried and...
  20. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Koga Yamabushi Ninjutsu

    That's still a little too kind for me....
  21. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Im in for a beating

    It's find of funny, I just got a call from my instructor who I haven't been able to train with in a couple of months and we got talking and set up a training date. The very last thing he said to me in our conversation was "oh and make sure to bring your sparring gear, don't forget your sparring...
  22. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Hand held makiwara

    I would definately be interested in finding out how well it works. I'd love to take it to work with me and just beat on it while I give the evil eye to all the teenagers who don't seem to want to do their job!
  23. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    At the Mall with Dad

    Hehe peacock hehe
  24. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    How much are you worth dead?

    Whoo hoo, $4525, I'm a semi-rich cadaver!
  25. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    You Know You've Been in Martial Arts Too Long When...

    It's almost frightening how many of those I do on a daily basis!
  26. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    What % Geek are you?

    82%? I honestly think I should be a lot higher than that!
  27. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Is it Just me, or is this just WRONG?

    I bet the wife wouldn't mind getting me one of those, that way she wouldn't have to worry about me wandering around, would be a great way to help me get to sleep too, trying to get out and all.
  28. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Steven Seagal

    There are so many rumours that revolve around that man that it's exceptionally difficult to filter out the truth from the crap.
  29. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Opinions on JKD

    I have trained with a gentleman, Mr. Paul Bonner, who is a top ranked student through Guru Dan Inosanto, and I remember a conversation we had one day. I asked what his thought on JKD was and he replied with, "I believe there are two main forms of JKD today, the JKD that Bruce Lee taught which...
  30. Kennedy_Shogen_Ryu

    Mind, Body and Kickass Moves FINALLY comes to U.S. Television!

    Much obliged Carol. Yet another reason to put down my DVD collection and give cable another chance.