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    Korean Terminology

    The reason we do it (in any federation I've belonged to) is so that if you go to another school to train, you will be able to follow along. I've had friends who don't teach the Korean and then their students go to work out when they are away or they have taken class with me & have to watch the...
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    What is TSD history?

    GM Hwang was an awesome man. He used to spend a lot of time at our school. C S Kim's before Master Kim left the federation. This is the question & it's a matter of opinion. Did he study with or under GM Lee? He taught Lee some things, Lee taught him some things. This I got from someone who was...
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    What is TSD history?

    You know what. I never did get his first name. lol I only ever heard him refered to as "Dr. Paik" Even GM Roberts & his wife called him that. I'll have to ask. I would bet that is it tho. Master Peter Paik's "real" name is Sang.
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    What is TSD history?

    That is the jang kwon form GM Hwang learned. I have the pleasure of knowing Master Peter Paik. He father was GM Kim, Ki Whang's senior student in Korea and was there when all these Grandmasters mentioned above trained together. I asked, and Master Paik Sr. confirmed this. Unfortunately he passed...
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    TSD Curriculum

    What isn't listed in GM Pak's book is that in addition to what is shown, each student is required to also know whatever their individual instructor teaches. In my case I teach 3 additional at each level. They are also required to do 2 of their own beginning at red belt level. Yes, to the...
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    TSD Bong Hyungs

    Actually the il boo, e bu & sam bu that look like the empty hand forms are from Master Ko. Master Collins gave the ITSDF the ones they use now & call them the same names. Not sure where Master Ko learned them. All he ever said was "from my instructor." But C S Kim was his original instructor...
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    TSD Bong Hyungs

    Sorry for the late response. I've been offline for a while. The original forms the ITF taught were from Master G S Ko, Master C S Kim's brother-in-law. When Master Richard Collins joined the ITF, he brought the current ones they teach. The only one that they still use from Master Ko (my old...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    I leave for a few months & this goes to crap. lol Kidding guys. Lots of comments on things that were posted, & noticed lots of wrong info passed around, but don't care at this point. Hope things have been going well with everyone.
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    Why did you start TSD?

    Sorry I've been away for a while. I was in Chinese Boxing for a bit before the school closed & the only one close to me was a TSD school. 3 blocks so I could walk. Mom thought I'd loose interest in 3 months. That was August of 1979. lol
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    C.S. Kim's tourny

    Sorry I didn't see this in time or I would have made a point of coming to meet you. Maybe at another tournament. I'm only a few miles from where he has his. TTYL
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    Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts : In-to-Out Block

    My favorite is when you have black belts saying "kiai" or "ki up" when they yell. That really bothers me.
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    Old TKD footage, circa 1956

    I recognize a few of the people in the videos as being in GM Hwang Kee's TSD Vol. 1. Saw GM J J Kim, but he is the only one I can put a name to. Anyone know who any of the others are?
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    R U amused??

    I just made a comment about a friends youtube video with him doing that. I'm guilty too. Used to do it all the time, but finally broke myself of it.
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    Has anyone here trained under David Zacker?

    Sorry sofasurfer. I never heard of him until I started posting. Same experience. Off of here, only a few news quips in TDK Times.
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    Hyungs Interpretations/Bunseok

    It's funny. When I was a gup, it was just do this....when it came to forms. None of the instructor's seemed to want to explain what the moves were. Then Master Kim's brother-in-law took over the branch I went to. He really got into how the moves broke down. He was also the first Korean I ever...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    The Korean pronunciation I agree with. No idea about the Kwon Bup tho. Funny. Master Paik called me today but I was going to lunch. Have to call him back in a few mins.
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    Master Rush. That's a very interesting question. I have only heard of BIY studying Ch'uan Fa and "Northern Kung Fu". I always thought of them as separate arts, but never thought to ask if they were the same. This is also the first time I've heard of Joo An Pa. I will have to make a point of...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    I actually started in CMA 30 some years ago. SSSSHHHH People might think I'm old. When that school closed in 1979 I went to TSD. I am very fond of the forms, but have kept up a bit with it over the years. I think if they find a good instructor, it can be a nice compliment to TSD. I just learned...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    He learned Yang Tai Chi, but the SPG he learned from BIY. BIY was also the one who taught it to Byung Jik Ro. Some of his students still do it. J P Choi from Columbus has them as part of his curriculum. Y P Choi in Indianapolis has a separate "Kung Fu" class at his school. BIY may have been the...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    I don't think it's a matter or WANTING to repeat the "lies" if you will, but only repeating what you have been taught. If a child is taught something is school that is wrong and grows up hearing that year after year is he lying when he repeats it? To him, no, it's not a lie. I see it more as...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    I guess I've been lucky to train under some progressive instructors. Master G S Ko (GM C S Kim's brother-in-law) told me of the Okinawan/Japanese influence as far back as 1982. He even kept a copy of "This is Karate" by Mas Oyama on the book case in his office. During a test in 2001 one of the...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    There is no verifiable proof he ever gave HK a green belt. He did however help HK hone his skills with the pyong ahn forms as far as the transition moves. So did BJR who was also a dan holder under Funakoshi. I'm not denying that it is a more Nippon-ized version, but the books he learned from...
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    Tang Soo Do Root Identification

    According to Dr. Paik (Ki Whang Kim's senior student) they "trained together" Meaning KWK, HK, LWK, BJR and others. Neither was teacher, neither was student. They shared what they knew with each other freely. This is also how the forms SRJK came into the MDK curriculum & in exchange HK had his...
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    Calling all dan holders!

    I have Pine Tree (Sang Moo Sa). Got it through AWMA almost 10 years ago & it looks almost exactly like the day I bought it. I'm thinking of getting one from Eosin Panther. Glad to hear the good review.
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    American Tang Soo Do

    I agree with Ryun Ma. It's not that we are "improving" as much as changing it. Mostly not for the better. Now I've only been in the martial arts for a few years, but I used to teach at the PE dept for a university in Pittsburgh. There were a couple of students who came from other TSD schools...
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    Mudo Chulhak

    No Sir, I haven't heard of it before. Have to check out their site. Hopefully they will let non members buy it.
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    Considering TSD

    I disagree. I have many students when teaching at the university that learned 2 styles (3 if you include weapons) & had no problem. Now, it's not for everyone, but you won't know until you try. The worst that can happen is you find it difficult & quit. Whichever way you decide, just have fun...
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    Considering TSD

    Depending on the style of kung fu you are studying, I think TSD would be a great compliment. It focuses a lot on kicking, and some instructors don't teach enough hand techniques. It can be a harder style so you might have some trouble with the transition. Since you are in Chicagoland might the...
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    Combat Hapkido vs Sin Moo Hapkido

    I've heard the complaints about GM Pallegrini's rank also. My feeling is who cares? If he can deliver, then deliver. I also happened to go to a camp a few months back & a friend of mine introduced me to a new student of his who got cho dan under GM P & just switched to Sin Moo. She said that...