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    The Legend of Peng Bird

    憭折 (d p矇ng y s羅) or Dapeng pressures crops. Dapeng is a legendary giant bird. It was translated as "Roc presses crops" in days gone by. In Chinese literature, the Daoist classic Zhuangzi has the oldest record of the Kun Peng myth. The first chapter ("Free and Easy Wandering" pinyin...
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    How to create your own forms

    I like the requirement to have at least three kicks (one out of every 10 moves) but maybe four kicks! One thing I have been doing is breaking down every move into line practice. The challenge here is to find an acceptable and remember-able opening and closing to each move, which also "fits", in...
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    Xing-yi hands, Taichi waist, and Bagua legs

    I do believe they are different arts, with different emphasis, just that they share much of the same DNA. My linage contains Chen style and Xinyi liuhe, and I can tell you that they are very similar from a practical standpoint. It is possible to take many moves from Chen style and turn them...
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    Xing-yi hands, Taichi waist, and Bagua legs

    Chen Tai Chi is intimately related to Xinyi/Xingyi. In the following two videos (and after moves such as fan through the back) notice the requirement to land in San Ti Shou (from Xinyi/Xingyi): (ex. the jump at 0:62) (ex. the jump at 0:46) For a really beautiful example of it being done see...
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    greetings from Taiwan

    Hi, Is this John? :) My teacher is GM Helen Wu. You can see her web page at Home - and youtube channel. ex. here is a tantui video:
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    greetings from Taiwan

    Hi, I am a new member here. I was invited by windwalker. My youtube is I'm probably going to lurk for a while, or maybe just jump right into it? :)