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    Do Grip Trainer AddOn Device Exist For Swords the way Baseball Bat, Raquet, Hockey stick, and other Sports Equipment have Tools Teaching proper Grip?

    I'm talking about something like this. Batting Training Aid - The Perfect Grip Every Time | GripRite HitRite Or this. GripFixer Tennis Does Swordsmanship have a sorta equivalent Device?
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    How do I hit the Freestanding Bag Hard At Full Power without It getting moved around? Esp with Kicks?

    I already added more water to my Freestanding Bag to increase the weight but while it got heavier and bulged less from most of my punches, it still moves from the original spot I placed it and often by move I man it almost gets knocked down a lot of the times and rebounds back in position but...
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    Is Volleyball the best non-fighting method of learning effective open-hand strike techniques esp slaps and other non-punching based arm strikes?

    Since a few people have mentioned learning how to kick from soccer and tackle from football, even use a sword from Tennis and how to fight with a stick from baseball, I been wondering on this. Would Volleyball be the one regular sports that is the best non-martial arts way of learning how to...
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    Why did the Samurai get reputation of being individual fighters who lacked any clue about complex military stuff like Formations and Manuevers?

    A post I saw just now. Indeed on the internet many times I got into arguments and had to inform people that Samurais were more than just swordsmen and Japanese warfare did not revolve around individualistic fighting but pike formations, cavalry charges, etc. I cannot tell you how many...
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    Is it true how close and hard you press the thigh against the lower legs affects how high and low your kicks will be?

    I saw this post. I have never taken a martial art class yet and just dabble. But the link made me curious. Any truth to the claim?
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    Are Movies and Pop Media as Whole really responsible popular for myths about European weapon styles especially swords? Old movies seem to refute it!

    It proves what Hollywood isn't responsible for bad European swordsmanship and f anything Hollywood has been advocating accurate fencing( or at least portrayals of using European swords that is not clumsy and slow but full of finesse and skilled attacks and defenses).
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    Are Movies and Pop Media as Whole really responsible popular for myths about European weapon styles especially swords? Old movies seem to refute it!

    Last week I watched the very old movie Fire Over England starring the **GODDESS** Vivien Leigh (in fact it was her first major role). The movie takes place during the naval wars between England and Spain. During a ship battle early in the film, a Spanish battleship boards into an English one...
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    I not Even with the rediscovery of European styles with kicks and other complexity how come Western weapon styles are nowhere as flashy and acrobatic?

    I not only just saw an Indian sparring with swords which looked so darn agile and full of precise attacks that looked like The Terminator using his scanner as he fights and reacts to the information sent through his eye camera, but I saw some documentary about a some isolated First Nation...