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  1. 7starmarc

    How far do I need to extend "cold courtesy"?

    My rule of thumb is that is I'm coughing or sneezing actively, I try to limit my contact with others. Part of it depends on what your practice is. If the class is doing forms, no problem. Sparring with gloves, again, not much problem (unless you cough/sneeze onto your equipment). Ground...
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    When you don't want to train...

    Two thoughts. One, you just don't feel like going. Show up anyways. Often, you will find the energy of other students might carry you through. Also, once you get moving, you will feel better. Two, if you're really stuck, make sure you don't have some other significant health issue. If not...
  3. 7starmarc

    Washing suit?

    Honesty, so much of this depends on what your "suit" is. With my kung fu uniform (black, cotton), I washed cold with like colors and line dried. With my Aikido gi, I wash cold with whites/lights on the gentle cycle, then dry it on low (as my sensei instructed me to, even though the care...
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    Pros/Cons of Wearing a Watch

    I don't need a laser, but I would like the magnetic bullet deflector option, please.
  5. 7starmarc

    Article on a California gun purchase experience

    I know he's trying to add a touch of humor, but the trouble is, I can't tell what is real in this story. I don't know if things have changed since I bought my pistol a year ago here in California, but my experience was much different from his. 10 day waiting, of course. Paperwork, yes...
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    feet shuffling??

    Not exactly sure what you're referring to. If you are trying to learn sword fighting, I would strongly suggest that you find yourself a teacher. The blade arts (yes they are martial arts) should not be taken up in a do-it-yourself fashion (really no arts should). Unless you enjoy getting scars.
  7. 7starmarc

    Which is better to start

    It's not a big deal. It's just that some of us either know someone or have experienced things for ourselves which lead to this advise. For myself. I have trained for 4 years in 7 Star Mantis Kung Fu (and other arts prior to that, but that's not really pertinent). I have recently switched to...
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    Can it be an Art without Kata?

    I think it was in Adam Hsu's writings that I first was exposed to a greater comparison of the martial arts (particularly kung fu) to other arts, such as music. Hsu likened the individual techniques to learning how to play discrete musical notes. Basic forms were like practicing scales. The...
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    Physical recovery from smoking

    I agree. If you're lucky, you won't have significant residual. But this all depends on the amount of damage you've managed to do to your lungs during your smoking years. Emphysema doesn't always recover, lung cancer, if you get it, will always have an effect. Also, the risk of lung cancer...
  10. 7starmarc

    Which is better to start

    More to the point, why are you looking for a "second" art after only 3 months? Most people find enough to engage them in a style for at least a couple/few years before they move on (MMA aside). Also, many recommend that you stick with a single art to start so you don't confuse your training.
  11. 7starmarc

    First weapons

    Is this for a beginner in martial arts, or for an experienced empty hand practitioner who's now interested in weapons? If they are experienced, is there a weapon, or weapon group which is associated with their root style? Overall, I like the staff weapons to start, they tend to emphasize...
  12. 7starmarc

    MA Schools in Long Beach, CA?

    I have some family (cousin-in-laws) who have trained there, I think the dad still does, kids have, not sure if they continue to. Overall, I've heard good things from them about this school.
  13. 7starmarc

    Hand speed fluxuation problem?

    Some of this will depend on the style you practice. Also, you should really be asking your instructor or senior student who can see what you are doing and make specific suggestions. Having said that, focus is important, but don't focus on "speed". Focus on the technique, and focus on relaxing...
  14. 7starmarc

    Basic Manners

    Agreed. "Sorry" has different uses in our language. One "sorry" is the admission of feeling guilty - guilt is a self-indulgent practice which allows a person to beat themself up over something, but not necessarily do anything about it. Another "sorry" is the expression of regret or remorse...
  15. 7starmarc

    Holding my Breath

    Lots of good advice. Practice breath awareness. When you're sitting quietly, or when you're walking, actually follow your breath, say to yourself "In" and "Out" accordingly. Alternatively, particularly when quiet, become aware of your breath, and count breaths. Try to count ten breaths without...
  16. 7starmarc

    Help choosing a style?

    Good point, GB. Also, if you are restricted to girls only, and the only girls are beginners like you, then you will not benefit from the experience of working the more senior students.
  17. 7starmarc

    Northern Mantis progressionary formats:

    While Sifu John Cheng officially takes his lineage through Lee Kam Wing, he has strong ties to both Henry Chung and Raymond Fogg.
  18. 7starmarc

    Northern Mantis progressionary formats:

    Who is your Sifu? Because that list looks very much like the root set used at the school of Sifu John Cheng here in Irvine, where I used to train: Shi er lu tan tui (sap yi lo tan toy) - I assume this is the basic "Tam Tui" set Tui Jin - not sure about this one Gong li quan (gune lik kuen) -...
  19. 7starmarc

    Help choosing a style?

    I'm not sure if you see it that much in England, but in my area (Southern California), it's practically par for the course. I can't count how many schools market themselves with "Kung Fu/Karate" when they very well do know what the proper name for their style is once you get in the door. I chalk...
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    That is not what I meant. Compassion (and Compassionate acts) is a key part of the Tibetan tradition. But it is only part of the path, not the goal (except in that achieving Enlightenment can be viewed as achieving the ultimate capacity for compassion and the capacity to actually save all beings...
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    I was just (re)listening to an interview with a Buddhist monk (Lama Marut) in the Tibetan Tradition who was speaking about the view of "Buddhism as Therapy". He basically discounted it as a watering down and Westernization which basically removed all of the actual power from the practice. Some...
  22. 7starmarc

    Possible recommended style?

    Just curious, why the "unless you are under 12" qualification? Do they have a particularly good curriculum or methodology for that age group? Or do you just mean "not ready to get serious about a martial art"? Also the "or actually interested in self defense" -- do they have some particularly...
  23. 7starmarc

    What is a Challenge and what is a Sign?

    Neither truly exists, because both depend on the interpretation of the observer to exist as such.
  24. 7starmarc

    I need a routine... help?

    My current routine (preferred, may not make all due to work/family schedule): Monday - go to Aikido class Tuesday - go to Aikido class Wednesday - go to Aikido class Thursday - go to Aikido class Friday - go to Yoga class Saturday/Sunday - rest/go to class, recreational exercise Not...
  25. 7starmarc

    Possible recommended style?

    100 miles is a pretty wide range. The real question is how far are you practically willing to travel on a regular (3-5 days a week) basis for years on end? Once you answer that question, you will have a better idea of your geographical limitations and therefore your choices available. Find...
  26. 7starmarc

    The Pacifist Martial Artist?

    To the first, absolutely spot on. Also, this was pacifism in the public arena. I don't mean to imply that Ghandi or MLK were different with the cameras off, but that their pacifism was powerful against these large opponents in large part because the cameras were on. The court of public opinion...
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    Thank you, you have articulated some of the ideas and thoughts that are still circling in my mind.
  28. 7starmarc


    It is interesting that you have brought this up, as it has been the source of some contemplation for me of late. Basically, I have begun studying the Buddhist/Yogic doctrines, including the Laws of Karma. It seems quite clear in these teachings that Karma is produced as a result of actions of...
  29. 7starmarc

    Technique Variations

    I am very new to Aikido, so perhaps someone else can shed some other light on the subject. I read recently, however, that O'Sensei was actually not very enthusiastic about giving names to the techniques, feeling that each time you performed a technique, there was a uniqueness to it. It wasn't...
  30. 7starmarc

    Hey guys, I could use some advice.

    Could you be more specific with your old style? What style? How far have you progressed? What is the nature of your dissatisfaction and why do you think judo or something would be different? Have you spoken with your sensei about these feelings? I think many MAists come up against a wall at...