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  1. MyFitteLife Ninja

    Hook punch

    I recently tested this. Here is a short video. Which do you think generated more power? I will post the answer next week. Hook Punch Analysis
  2. MyFitteLife Ninja

    One inch punch

    I believe it is a push more than a punch and my data sems to support that. One inch punch MFLN for post
  3. MyFitteLife Ninja

    The black belt promotion system YES or NO?

    I believe that belts are helpful only to keep students motivated. As we all know, certain schools/teachers will guarantee a belt as long as you complete the training. To this end, belts do not signify anything. If you are training to be able to defend yourself then you should be more concerned...
  4. MyFitteLife Ninja

    Do you use technology to improve your Martial Art's skills?`

    As a long time martial artist, I was always skeptical of many of the claims that were made about power and techniques. Does anyone use technology to validate his or her training? Would anyone buy a device to attach to a bag that measures impacts?
  5. MyFitteLife Ninja

    Using technology and science to better myself.

    Using technology and science to better myself.