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  1. Tarot

    Who trains in muay thai here?

    Yes, you're wrong. ;) The FMAs all have the same roots, each system has a different style, if that makes sense. In MA we do single stick and double stick work, knife work, empty hand stuff, joint locks, throws, and grappling.
  2. Tarot

    Who trains in muay thai here?

    I train in Modern Arnis. I'm talking about kicks. :) Each session is an hour and the conditioning class is about 45 minutes.
  3. Tarot

    Who trains in muay thai here?

    Yup, I train and have been training for almost a year and a half. I think it's effective but combining it with the other style I train in (Filipino Martial Art) I think gives it a boost because both compliment each other well. No, thank jeebus I've never had to defend myself out and about. It...
  4. Tarot

    Why Do You Love The Filipino Martial Arts?

    Because it allows me to make a move my own and figure out how to make it work for me. So many other arts only have one way to do a move, a block, a punch or whatever. In FMA, you learn a move and are then allowed to fiddle with it and make it work better for you. That is what I love about...
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    Ditto what Tez said, I have no idea what Dutch Style MT is. I've never heard of such a thing.
  6. Tarot

    Muay Thai for me?

    Keep in mind that the dues you pay go to pay for the school. Meaning, to keep the lights on, making sure the heavy bags are in good shape and things like that. If it's cheap, it's probably cheap for a reason. ;) Granted there can be too high a price, but most gyms charge around $70 a month...
  7. Tarot

    Muay Thai for me?

    Very true. And also, no one is really paying attention to the new guy because everyone is doing their own thing. So don't worry about people watching and judging you, because that just doesn't happen. I love my MT gym and the people there. I'm very glad I decided to give it a try. :D
  8. Tarot

    Columbus Ohio Martial Arts Instruction

    Nice :D Who's the Kru?
  9. Tarot

    Training With Weapons

    Personally, I think it's practical to train learning many weapons, because they all can be translated to something else. One of my styles is FMA and along with the standard stick and knife we also do Sibat long pole. Like MJS stated, that could be a broom or mop handle. Or a larger piece of...
  10. Tarot

    Columbus Ohio Martial Arts Instruction

    Well, since they just moved to a bigger space, the address in the video will be out of date.
  11. Tarot

    Columbus Ohio Martial Arts Instruction

    It's located on the west side of Columbus. They specifically do not put the address on the site to help cut down on people who just randomly wander in. You can email or phone to speak with them about their gym and set up an appointment to come talk with them in person and watch a class. If...
  12. Tarot

    Columbus Ohio Martial Arts Instruction

    Hey Jack, welcome to MT :D I currently train at the Hilliard Martial Arts Center in Modern Arnis. If you're looking for weapons training and empty hand training please come check out the school. Master Dan is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. He will gladly answer any questions...
  13. Tarot

    Kelly Worden

    Datu Worden is an amazing instructor and if you do have the chance to train with him, I would highly recommend it. I am putting together the flyer and will have it out this week, but we are hosting him in April for a three day camp. In case you're interested. :D
  14. Tarot

    Finally Joined

    Does OC kickboxing teach Muay Thai? Because if not, the kickboxing stances and kicks aren't the same as MT. MT is its own thing entirely. If you're only taking kickboxing as an intro into MT, it would be better to start off with MT from the get-go.
  15. Tarot

    DefenseCraft featured on The Instinctive Edge!

    Awesome, Brian! Nice pics guys :D
  16. Tarot

    Spouse as Training Partner

    I train with my husband in both Arnis and Muay Thai and it's actually what I prefer. We also do hard sparring with each other both in the gym and practice at home. For Arnis, we are able to bounce ideas off of each other (for example, figuring out where you can go or what you can do after the...
  17. Tarot

    Fight Quest Featuring Kali Tonight!

    I was just kind of "meh" about the whole thing. I'm glad that Modern Arnis got some play and I liked the training that was shown. However I can do without the "fight" at the end of the show, that goes for both HW and FQ. I will admit that I think the FQ guys are a lot less whiney than the HW...
  18. Tarot

    Evening classes, what do you eat afterward?

    Depends on what time the class is being held. For my 7:30-9pm class, I always eat dinner before hand. I am hungry when I get home though. So it's water and then I snack and try to keep it healthy. Maybe some seasoned edamame (my favorite), or an apple with a couple of pieces of cheese, or a...
  19. Tarot

    My Wife's Jaded Opinion - Agree or Disagree?

    What I find interesting is that some people are automatically focusing on the wife in the situation. Thinking that the it's the wife that got promoted by the husband and maybe too quickly and wondering if she's really that good. Why is that? Why do people automatically assume that it's the...
  20. Tarot

    History Channel - The Human Weapon

    Woot! Although I do wish there wasn't the competition at the end. Just once I would like there to be a series like this that just focused on history, training, and techniques without the "fight" at the end.
  21. Tarot

    Boxing Gloves - different weights

    I've got 14oz that I use for training. :)
  22. Tarot

    Gave FMA a try...

    Woot! Another FMA player! Congrats! We have Master Ken coming out in August for a seminar and I'm looking forward to that. :D
  23. Tarot

    How comfy do you feel talking to your teacher?

    For me it's very important to have an instructor who is approachable. It's one of the things I look for in a school. If the instructor isn't approachable, either because he keeps his distance, or there's a chain of command, then I don't want to be a part of that. I want an instructor I can...
  24. Tarot

    Why seminar avoidance

    I looovveee going to seminars if I can. It's a great learning experience because you get to interact with other people you don't normally train with. Plus you get to learn from a different instructor which I think can only help one grow as a MAist. Learning from someone else gives you the...
  25. Tarot

    fma or another ma?

    Honestly, I think FMA is perfect for women. Although since I'm a chick, I could be a little biased. ;) The FMAs teach weapons which to me, is a great skill set to have. Also the thing I like the most about FMAs is no move is written in stone. You can take moves and make them work for you...
  26. Tarot

    How long have you been training Muay Thai?

    Just since December. :) It's a great compliment to the other art I do and gives a different experience to training which I like.
  27. Tarot

    The Film Undisputed 2

    I actually thought it was awful. I was all ready for some good kickbutt scenes and was left feeling meh. There were some fights but nothing fantastic, IMO.
  28. Tarot

    Modern Arnis...a dead art?

    Considering that's the art I study under two instructors, one of them a Datu named by Remy. Ah, I'm gonna go with no, it's not dead. :D
  29. Tarot

    How much does it cost to start training Muay Thai?

    Oh man I hate those things. I curse them everytime we have to do them! :p
  30. Tarot

    How much does it cost to start training Muay Thai?

    My gym had a starter pack which I thought was great. $70 for gloves (14 oz), gym tee-shirt, and shin guards. I also bought hand wraps from them which were priced very well. :) Does your gym require you to wear shorts? Our gym has shorts for sale but I didn't buy any because we are allowed to...