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  1. Obliquity


    Had a light meal after an evening of kick-boxing and yoga. Followed that with an IPA by Elysian Brewing, Seattle, WA. "The Immortal" is a nice golden, slightly copper IPA with just enough hoppiness, meaning, I would not describe it as hoppy, but they are definitely there. I have never had a...
  2. Obliquity

    Joe "Lights Out" Simonet

    Hey Gang! I have been offline for a while but finally took the time to check in and snoop around. It was exciting news for sifu Joseph's students to learn of his promotion. I have had the opportunity to spend at least a little time with some truly excellent teachers, professors, or...
  3. Obliquity

    Systema Breathing Seminar - Seattle

    I just wanted to post a quick note of thanks for a great seminar this past Saturday. Tons o' good material was presented in a practical, efficient, hands-on method by Kaizen Taki with help from Brian King and others in the local crew. Understanding that we were just scratching the surface, I...
  4. Obliquity

    Fight Quest Kyokushinkai Karate Tonight!

    Great show! Those guys took a beating!
  5. Obliquity

    Supermarket chain to end tobacco sales.

    They ought to replace it with a nice walk-in humidor and fine cigars. :)
  6. Obliquity

    Barley Wine Fans?

    I've only had a few and last year's Stone Old Guardian was reported to not be as good as previous releases, so I am really a neophyte to this style. I did have a taste of this year's Doggie Claws last night and thought it to be outstanding. I'm stashing away a few for the next couple of...
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    IKF Hall of Fame - Woman of the Year!

    Congratulations to Miss Addy Hernandez of KI Fighting Concepts for being named Inside Kung-Fu's Hall of Fame Woman of the Year! We are all very proud of Miss Addy's accomplishments as a Martial Artist and I personally count it an honor and a privilege to train under her and Sifu Joseph here in...
  8. Obliquity

    Are The J. Simonet Videos worthwhile?

    Is that Art Vandelay -- the architect? And thanks for slamming my head into the concrete last night. I needed that. :banghead:
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    Raise a Glass!

    Enjoyed a fine Fall release from Elysian Brewing in Seattle. My first Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. Web site here ---> . Interesting, tasty. Fine as a seasonal and as a change of pace. Well done, meaning hints of pumpkin and spice without the sense...
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    To Anthem Or Not To Anthem?

    I agree with Todd on that one. In addition, I remember when, at the beginning of an event, the announcer used to say, "Please join with us in the singing of our National Anthem." Sadly, the singing of our National Anthem has become a showcase for someone's misguided talent as they attempt to...
  11. Obliquity

    Now Learning Tracy's Kenpo!

    Well, not the whole package, but . . . Although our primary focus is learning the Art and Science of Mook Jong (ASMJ), we have recently been afforded the treat of learning some Kenpo techniques. Those of you in Tracys Kenpo may be familiar with Sifu Joseph Simonet and Miss Addy Hernandez at...
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    Who here believe in

    I am pro self-defense. Having said that, Arnisador's post reminded me of the time I mistakenly walked into someone else's apartment. I worked long days and came home very tired. I went up only two floors rather than three and walked into my downstairs neighbors' apartment. We had never met, so...
  13. Obliquity

    Human Weapon - Silat!

    ding! For it's shortcomings, I still find the show informative and think that it can only help promote the MAs in general.
  14. Obliquity

    Qigong is illegal in Florida

    The term "practice" may refer specifically to someone paying for Qigong. It's not likely the state is too concerned with someone doing it for recreational purposes, although ---> I am not an attorney. :)
  15. Obliquity

    4 wk...later: Expand-a-lung!

    I may look into this. I have never had great lung capacity. Switch to cigars. Seriously. :)
  16. Obliquity

    Silat Beer Ad from Indonesia!

    I wasn't all that keen on having a beer tonight . . . until now. :)
  17. Obliquity

    A man walks into a bar

    Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Would you like a drink?" Descartes responds, "I think not" . . . then disappears.
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    Rubber Guard - Help

    What are doggy knees?
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    Bujinkan took many techniques from Pirates

    "If you are interested in authentic pirate training with qualified pirates then this is the place for you." Qualified pirates??? Also - the female white belt training video was incredibly instructive. As was noted above, I was not aware pirates had a belt / ranking system. Don't even get...
  20. Obliquity

    Harry Reid and Rush Limbaugh team up to do some good!

    As of this post: $851,100.00. This will go over a million.
  21. Obliquity

    Something I noticed last night..

    Depending on my opponent, sometimes it sounds like, "Nice shoes!" but only if they actually have nice shoes, otherwise it wouldn't make sense. Try it some time. :) Otherwise, I usually make some sort of growling sound, unless I am being stealthy. Then I whisper something sweet in their ear...
  22. Obliquity

    Harry Reid and Rush Limbaugh team up to do some good!

    Dittohead checking in! Current bid: $116,900.00 and climbing!
  23. Obliquity

    Just A little Peeve

    "I could care less." "So, then, you do care some?" "No. I said I could care less." "Oh. Okay. So, you do care some?" "No. What is wrong with you? I said I don't care." "Um, not exactly."
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    Tested today

  25. Obliquity

    New Pic of My Class

    Great looking group. Thanks for the pics!
  26. Obliquity

    New Green Belt

    Thanks, everyone, for the kudos. I think part of what I was feeling after the ceremony was what Bigshadow mentions below: I expect more of myself, now, in addition to higher expectations from my instructors and from other students. I know that I need to "step it up" as I move ahead...