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    Wing Chun Master Wong Nim Yi

    Mai Gei Wong is his family Wing Chun. He's in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Wing Chun is different than Hong Kong Wing Chun. It may look similar but techniques are different.
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    Wing Chun in Jersey City, NJ

    Jiu Wan | Jason Lau | Alan Goldberg | Moises Reyes (my sifu). no website.
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    Wing Chun in Jersey City, NJ

    hi. If anyone is interested in training please contact me. My Sifu trains 1 on 1 sessions but is also putting together a self defense class at the boxing gym we train at. It will start maybe in a month. Or if you want to chi sao let me know. I need the practice. lol . =)
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    Has anybody heard from Yoshi?

    just curious what he's up to....
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    Please help me choose a school

    i vote that you learn Wing Chun. On the Shaku website, there's a picture of 3 guys, 1 doing a jumping split kick and 2 dudes standing to the side in a fighting stance. That sort of turned me off. haha :)
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    Wing chun around the jersey area??

    what part of Jersey?
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    Wing Chun competing in Cage

    damn his bad chi sau! keep up the training :asian:
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    'Wing Chun Warrior' book review

    i read the wing chun warrior book several months ago. it was entertaining. don't remember much anymore because i got a bad memory. 1 thing i do remember that's interesting is that the system has an extra wooden dummy set.
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    wooden dummies

    anybody think that Ip Man's dummy is still around?
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    wooden dummies

    I have another question on the wooden dummy. Why are the arms on the dummies different between makers? some are level with eachother and other makers have the arms 1 a little higher than the other. but then both types are called Traditional Wing Chun dummies.
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    Do you visit other WC/WT schools?

    same park?
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    answer plzzz

    when i think of ninjutsu, I think of Ashida Kim. :)
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    JKD vs. Wing Chun

    I like Wing Chun because I don't like high kicking anymore. i'm not flexible like when i was a kid when i studied a little karate kickboxing. when i started looking for a martial art again, being older, i kept researching for something with low kicking if any. Then I found Wing Chun. I never...
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    Differences in lineages

    not that i know of. don't see much of it on line. the only vid i'm aware of is by Jason Lau.
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    Does anyone here spend 30(!) minutes on the first half of SLT?

    hell no. lol. i'll perform it relaxed and snap out the strikes.
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    Differences in lineages

    don't know what the differences are but i'm studying under the Jiu Wan line. from what I know from Jason Lau's website, Jiu Wan and Ip were kung fu brothers studying under Chan wa shun. so it's probably similar. seeing Ip performing SLT on video, it definitely is similar there.
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    Wing Chun books

    i have a book called Close Range Combat. the 1st of a series. it's pretty good. i refer to it once in a while. i'll get the 2nd book when i get a chance. i think it'd be worth checking out.
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    ip man movie

    just saw the movie last night. pretty damn good! got confused when his 1st 2 knuckles were shown beat up but that's ok. everything else looked good to me. i think i even saw a Kwan dao in the movie. LOL
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    Chain punching

    i know your pain. lol. what i do is alternate the rounds with practicing the motion of Luk sao by myself, then switch back to punching.
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    Job Opening for a Qualified WC/WT...

    i miss that crazy guy. lol. who else had a Kwan dao?
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    forget my question.i'm a little late.
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    where are you from? just curious since you're not from the West.
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    Application of SLT

    also, don't know if it's been mentioned before but aren't the forms different btwn lineages sometimes? like what i see on youtube looks like SLT that i do but then there may be extra punches, or whatever in it. Like Moy Yat's form has a kick in the end. the SLT i do now, has no kicks.
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    Arm Breaks

    i know the move in Chum Kiu. just didn't know the name of it. lol
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    aren't fighting drunks annoying? LOL. they kill my buzz. hey, when you were jumped into your clique in 8th grade.....were the people you were jumping Crips?
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    talk about relaxed chi sao!
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    lol. that against the kwan dao! when i'm being attacked with such ferocity when someone breaks in the house, i like to turn on the lights and review SLT very slowly in front of him. so as to intimidate the attacker with form.:ninja:
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    lol. under the pillow? i also have weapons in my bathroom. my toothbrush is actually a 3 sectional staff.:lol:
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    Staying relaxed when pressed hard...

    i understand what you're saying... i think i should probably say exhausted. cuz i'm amateur, my arms get blasted so it's like i'm using all my energy to keep my arms up. LOL. that's when i have to call it quits for the class. haha
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    Killing Techniques of WC

    you mean, i should stop thinking of these things when i'm training on top of a mountain? lol :)