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  1. Shuto

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    Thanks for the tip. I just started reading it and I am enjoying it very much.
  2. Shuto

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    I'm currently reading Moby Duck. This is a story about a shipment of child bath toys that falls overboard and end up being found on beaches throughout the word. While that's the "plot" the book is really more about the pervasivness and problems with plastic pollution. But that's not why I...
  3. Shuto

    Obese Inmate Fights Execution

    Starve him to death. :shrug
  4. Shuto

    Finding the right style in Maryland

    Came out of DC China town. Dean Chin was one of the promoters. There may have been others.
  5. Shuto

    Finding the right style in Maryland

    That particular school does staff work early on.
  6. Shuto

    Finding the right style in Maryland

    Here are two in Columbia. I've tried and recommend the Jow Ga. I plan on trying the Ju Jitsu next month. There is alos a Ninjutsu school in the area but I don't have the link. Jow Ga does weapons including swords but initially you learn...
  7. Shuto

    Doing other martial arts while learning Tai Chi Quan?

    FWIW, the Sifu of my Kung Fu Sifu required his students to also do Tai Chi. He was born and trained in Hong Kong.
  8. Shuto

    No Easy Day?

    I think the book was written for $. I have no issue with that, in itself, but I think it was a selfish decision. His identity was going to eventually be revealed and I think that will put his family and friends at risk. I'm assuming that there are no national security issues. If there are...
  9. Shuto

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    I recently finished Confront and Conceal by Sanger. It is about Obama's foreign policy issues and actions. You may have heard of it since it was recently in the news for reporting that the US and Israel created the Stuxnet worm. The book is organized into sections by counties. There are...
  10. Shuto

    Important: Most Store-bought Honey is NOT Honey!

    The problem with that theory is that the pollen that bees collect is sticky. This makes it more likely to stick to the bees but it also makes it too heavy to float around in the air. Allergies caused by wind blown pollen would be different pollen than that collected by bees.
  11. Shuto

    40 Powerful Photographs

    Regardless of any hyperbole in the title, thanks for posting that link. Some really great and poignant pics. I've never seen that shot of the Chinese Tank Man before.
  12. Shuto

    Ads on Fire Trucks

    State Farm currently has an advertisment on Maryland State highway emergency vehicles (think tow truck). eta - our taxes still went up ;-)
  13. Shuto

    Neti Pots

    Dignity is over-rated if it gets in the way of comfort. ;-) I started doing something similar last winter due to some sinus issues I was experiencing. I used a syringe contraption that we happened to have in stock for some reason that I can no longer recall. Anyways, I really liked its...
  14. Shuto

    The Root and Consequences of Riot

    How does robbing some struggling storefront owner and random burning of property equate to getting even with bankers? I don't see the connection.
  15. Shuto

    The Root and Consequences of Riot

    I've been struggling to understand these riots. Materialism just doesn't adequately explain it IMO. It looks more like a morals thing to me. This link uses the term "feral children" and that has a ring of truth to it from where I sit. But where I sit is in North America so I could easily...
  16. Shuto

    Nuclear Past ... Nuclear Future

    That is an informative link. Thanks for posting it.
  17. Shuto

    "Critical Mass" question

    According the the WSJ, they are dealing with more than just spent fuel in some of these pools. WSJ Link In addition, a standard practice at Japanese nuclear plantsto remove fresh fuel from a reactor and park it for weeks or months in a less-protected "spent fuel" pool during...
  18. Shuto

    Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

    Thank you so much. :bow That's certainly a reliable source in this regard.
  19. Shuto

    Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

    I question why they haven't actually distributed iodine pills to the population. Seems like a simple and economical measure that could save a lot of ilness in coming years if things deteriorate any further. I've read reports that they are stockpiling iodine but it's not going to do the people...
  20. Shuto

    Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

    If the containment vessel is significantly breached and we end up with another Chernobyl-like 30K exclusion zone it will be hard to paint this as an engineering success. Just sayin'. eta - To be clear, I am very impressed with how plants held up except for the obvious fault with their...
  21. Shuto

    Charlie Sheen

    Muammar or Charlie Quiz
  22. Shuto

    Vizzini was right: Never get involved in a land war in Asia!

    The military is trying to impose cultural and political shifts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Both countries have a large motivated segment of the population that resists these changes. Unless there is a large motivated local contingent to counter-balance the restistance, I believe these...
  23. Shuto

    Kindle Anyone?

    Current price for a basic Kindle is ~$140. The next step up is ~$190.
  24. Shuto

    Kindle Anyone?

    I Inherited Ms. Shuto's Kindle when she got her iPad. I like it a lot. In fact, I find myself reading a lot more with this device. I'm not sure exactly why though. Part of it is the convenience. The unit is very easy to take almost anywhere. Part of it is the instant gratification aspect...
  25. Shuto

    Google Ads is watching me! LOL

    The WSJ recently ran a series on all of the tracking going on. Here are a few excerpts, comments, and links. Access may require a subscription. link The largest U.S. websites are installing new and intrusive consumer-tracking technologies on the computers of people visiting their sitesin...
  26. Shuto

    To Mexican President Calderone: Fix your own problem first

    Mexico has huge problems with corruption and I wouldn't be surprised if that corruption was funded in large part by drug money, a lot of which originates from US consumption. If the $ amounts I've read about are true, it will be very difficult for Mexico to clean it's own house. Here's one...
  27. Shuto

    Thinking about Judo....

    The rolls and hardfalls get much easier with practice. But when you think you're doing well rolling on a mat, try it on a harder surface. For me, at least, it showed that there was still some improvements I could make in my technique.
  28. Shuto

    Thinking about Judo....

    I took my second Judo class last night and had my butt kicked in randori. I can't wait for the next class.
  29. Shuto

    Electronic book readers?

    My wife purchased an iPad and I've inherited her old Kindle. I like it. I like it a lot. I like the idea that I can shop online and get immediate delivery. I like the electronic bookmark feature that allows me to mark passages that I may want to refer to at a later time. I've also download...
  30. Shuto

    Positive parent encounter that could have gone badly

    Why any parent would want to spend all that money to have their children simply 'passed on' without really learning anything is beyond me, but they certainly exist. There's much cheaper forms of babysitting available.