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  1. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul - Dan Bong - The "Bone Breaking" Short Stick

    We've been doing lots of Dan Bong Sul lately, so we decided to put together a small video clip from how we use this humble weapon in Farang Mu Sul. I hope you enjoy it. With respect and brotherhood. Farang!
  2. Kuk Sa Nim

    New Farang Mu Sul video clip

    Greetings everyone, We receive questions quite a bit asking what is Modern Farang Mu Sul, what is it about, and so on. Well, here is a new video clip that should answer these questions. I hope you enjoy...
  3. Kuk Sa Nim


    Greetings, I find it easier to locate these characters searching for "Chinese Characters" versus Korean "Hanja". There just seems to be more resources. Here are a couple links:
  4. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Europe Seminars 2011

    Hello everyone, Best greetings again to all. I thought I'd share some news from our latest Farang Mu Sul trip to Europe. Once again my student Master Nelson Pinto from Portugal has put out a video clip from this years' trip which was centralized in Portugal. You can see it here...
  5. Kuk Sa Nim

    Plastic/Aluminium Training Knives?

    Greetings. These are great suggestions. I too have some rubber trainers that we use for very light training, but since their feel is unrealistic and the handling is so inferior we prefer good hard plastic, wood or aluminum trainers. Also, as mentioned here, if you want to practice realistic CQC...
  6. Kuk Sa Nim

    The 540 kick

    Thank you very much Sir. Yes, these type of kicks are best suited for the younger guys, and I too find myself sticking to more basic kicks when sparring. And I also still have a great spin back kick that I can time pretty dangerously. But as far as the more fancy kicks, I keep them for fun and...
  7. Kuk Sa Nim

    The 540 kick

    These are a little different from what I learned as a 540 degree kick. Let me give a small breakdown: 360 spin kick - Foot travels one full rotation, such as a spin kick where from a normal fighting stance, you make contact with the back foot, and it returns to the back foot position. 360 degree...
  8. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    Good going Jeremy. I knew you did kata bunkai as well. And funny you should say, I have been talking about not only doing more Hyung Bonhae in my seminars, but also to do a dvd or two on the subject. :) As for the question comparing the Kuk Sool forms with HRD, as I mentioned in an earlier...
  9. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    Greetings everyone, Well I'm glad I decided to check in today. :) Good question Jeremy, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Part of one of the reasons I love forms is to decipher the various applications. Hyung Bon Hae is the Korean version of the more well known "Kata Bunkai". On the first level, it...
  10. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Puerto Rico - 2010

    Greetings everyone, Before I forget, I would be remiss in expressing my gratitude to Master Dennis Vega, his awesome wife Guimasoa, and ALL the FMS PR family that took us in and made this last visit to PR such a memorable trip. FMS-PR 2010 will be one for the history books! How we managed to...
  11. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Europe 2010 Seminars

    Hello everyone, Best greetings for the New Year. I thought I'd share some news from our recent Farang Mu Sul trip to Europe. Right now my student Master Nelson Pinto from Portugal has put out a video clip from the Portugal leg of the trip. You can see it here: I just want to take a moment...
  12. Kuk Sa Nim

    Ernesto Amador Presas: May 20, 1945 - Nov 1, 2010

    The martial arts have lost another great one, and the world has lost one amazing human being. I will cherish the many lessons and fond memories I have of him and his group. Always treated me with love and respect. Deepest condolences to his family and students all over the world. Grand Master...
  13. Kuk Sa Nim

    Mount escapes?

    Greetings, Sorry but I was out of the country for a bit and am just getting back into the swing of things. I will try to answer these questions. I can see how this might seem confusing to someone who doesn't train with me. Actually, these are not conflicting strategies or tactics. I stand by...
  14. Kuk Sa Nim

    Mount escapes?

    Greeting gentlemen, Very good responses. If I may add my two cents. Trapping the arm and leg of one side is definitely one of the more successful ways to escape the mount, and if the opponent escapes and posts the leg to stop the buck and roll, he opens up a hole by your hip to shrimp out your...
  15. Kuk Sa Nim

    Congrats to all on Sin Moo HKD Asian tour

    Congratulations to all who attended the recent "Handing Down the Techniques" seminars in Korea, and subsequent seminars held. It sounds like an amazing time. Training in Korea and especially training personally with the likes of GM Ji, Han Jae is a rare and special opportunity. (I only wish I...
  16. Kuk Sa Nim


    Interesting, but I respectfully disagree. This certainly is a personal preference issue, but I feel that there is nothing wrong with cross training. I trained old school and new school TKD since the late sixties. Old school TKD was definitely more like Karate, and had self defense techniques...
  17. Kuk Sa Nim

    How is your Hapkido ground game?

    Greetings, This is a very good and honest question. And some interesting answers so far. After years and years of serious study in Korean soft arts of Hapkido, Hwarangdo, Kuk Sool, and others, I was under the false impression that we had a well rounded system that included a solid "ground game"...
  18. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    Farang Georgina, Yes, I recognize this version of set of forms. It looks like, I want to say, the 3rd evolution of forms I experienced, just before the addition of the Tae Soo Do stuff (which we totally rejected in my school). This looks like when they added a long form for White, and new...
  19. Kuk Sa Nim

    Does Kanji=Hanja=Chinese?

    Very interesting discussion gentlemen. Quick question, and this might seem dumb...Where do you get the Chinese characters and how do you include them in these posts?
  20. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    Hello Shesulsa, Farang! In essence, Yes. Our forms are unique FMS forms. They reflect the diversity of Korean arts that I learned, and being the one who created and/or modified them, I understand their flow and what the movements mean. So, our guys are kinda lucky. This also describes our art...
  21. Kuk Sa Nim

    Does Kanji=Hanja=Chinese?

    This has been answered very thoroughly, and good job everyone. But 2 more cents that I thought you might appreciate: Using the exact Chinese characters for "Martial Arts": Chinese = Wu-shu Korean = Mu-sul Japanese = Bu-jitsu They are not as far apart as you might think. With respect and...
  22. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    If you are interested, here is a clip of various forms from our art: Modern Farang Mu Sul. There are several intermediate to advanced forms, black belt level forms and lots of weapon forms. There are also plenty other video clips of our art with myself and several of our instructors, that also...
  23. Kuk Sa Nim

    Hwa Rang Do Patterns

    Personally, I learned several versions of hyungs in HRD. While with WHRDA, I found them to evolve throughout the years. You are probably not going to find much of the forms from the WHRDA on the internet. Certainly not entire forms. They are pretty guarded with all of their materials. You can...
  24. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Weapons CQC

    Greetings again, It is always so very interesting to me how people can have either similar or completely different experiences with travel, culture and so on. Well let me answer some of these questions. We generally use the Chinese characters for our art, as those would represent the older way...
  25. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Weapons CQC

    Greetings gentlemen, Ah yes, the question about why we use the F in Farang, since there really isnt a letter for F in the Korean language. The simple answer is you are correct that there is no letter for F, but that doesnt mean there is no F sound. Remember, we are the ones assigning...
  26. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Weapons CQC

    Good questions and great points. Thank you very much gentlemen. I get these types of questions and comments all the time. The general public is not accustomed to seeing extensive Korean weaponry. The main Korean arts one sees are TKD and Hapkido. Traditionally, not a whole lot of weapons...
  27. Kuk Sa Nim

    Farang Mu Sul Weapons CQC

    Greetings, Well, it looks like lately our FMS students are pretty busy making video clips. Master Nelson Pinto from FMS Portugal just put up another one, and this one focuses on FMS Weapons CQC. There you will see single knife (Dan Gum Sul), more advanced knife counter knife, double knives...
  28. Kuk Sa Nim

    FMS Russia - New Video Clip

    Yes, we often get questions regarding the use of the free hand. Actually there are many applications, and as you mentioned, we try to ingrain the movements into natural reflexes. And we absolutely love the fierceness of little Adelinas' kicks and Dan Bong. She's a real tiger! FYI: The original...
  29. Kuk Sa Nim

    FMS Russia - New Video Clip

    Greeting everyone, I just got this video clip of one of our newest FMS Dojangs' in Moscow, Russia. His name is Master Davud Suleymanov. He is a fantastic and very talented martial artist, and even more importantly, he's such a good person. It is a pleasure working with him and watching the FMS...
  30. Kuk Sa Nim

    Grand Masters Gather to celebrate GM Timmerman Annv.

    Greetings to all, Just wanted to share some fantastic news. In case you haven't heard, GM Rudy Timmerman will be celebrating 60 years training in the martial arts this upcoming August. To commemorate this and a couple other historical events, several renown Masters and Grand Master of the...