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  1. Langenschwert

    Knight Fights

    How would HEMA fighters do? Not so well, as it doesn't correspond to the formats HEMA fighters train for. Armoured combat is very thrust oriented, which is banned in this competition, and rightly so. The armour is also not historical. It's essentially unarmoured style combat done in armour. HEMA...
  2. Langenschwert

    Vertical punching

    I've been thrown by good judoka on mats many, many times, because I am only a mediocre judoka. Landing full force on the padded dojo floor has stunned me on occasion. On concrete I wouldn't have gotten back up at all!
  3. Langenschwert

    Vertical punching

    Don't worry about sport vs. street at this point. Some of the scariest people I know are judoka who don't even punch or kick at all. And wrestlers. Jeez they scary. If you want to be able to as they say "handle yourself", then any combination of wrestling, judo, bjj, or similar paired with...
  4. Langenschwert

    What martial art is best for a beginner, petite female working in a risky industry?

    @Whispered_Freedom There's no such thing as becoming a good martial artist with minimal effort. You must train hard to be good. No magic, just training. However, there are some arts which you might want to look into: First off, boxing. Learning movement, range, and timing in addition to...
  5. Langenschwert

    Vertical punching

    @Rat Irrespective of your vertical fist preference (which I share as a bareknuckle guy), I'd recommend finding a good modern boxing instructor and getting the fundamentals of punching, covering, slipping, and all the rest down correctly. Then you can add things like the vertical fist, the...
  6. Langenschwert

    Vertical punching

    I would recommend Jack Dempsey's "Championship Fighting" as an excellent book on older boxing. He goes into a lot of detail on power generation, especially on his Dempsey Drop. He advocates using the ring finger to aim. @Rat: what is your striking background?
  7. Langenschwert

    Sparring with sharp swords

    @noname The video you posted seems to have disappeared before I had a chance to comment on it. There's nothing wrong with the technique as you performed it. It's a perfectly fine hanging parry with a followup cut. I do it all the time. However, not every technique in the manuals uses the edge...
  8. Langenschwert

    Can you make this take down work - ankle pull?

    Well it's unlikely I could do it one handed. We do it in Judo and jerk the guy down by the sleeve or collar as we lift. It ain't nothing new. Ott Jud has it in the 1400's, and leg should be translated as "foot" in the last phrases here, as the original German uses "fue" (foot). But it's not...
  9. Langenschwert

    Sparring with sharp swords

    Yeah, one rapier master said to have your sword as sharp as possible, not for cutting, but so you could get a better, stickier bind. I can't remember who, as I'm not a rapierist. Now, you can do parries with the flat. Leckuchner and Meyer both have them, and Paurnfeyndt has a krumphau (crooked...
  10. Langenschwert

    Sparring with sharp swords

    Lordy, I can't belive we're still having this discussion in 2018. Some techniques require the use of the edge, others the flat. Different systems have different ideas about how to solve problems based on time period, weapons, and the preferences of the individual master. The sword was almost...
  11. Langenschwert

    Yet another Fiore video

    By the time Fiore recorded his art, typical "knightly" shields were obsolete due to better armour. Fiore does say that fighting a duel without armour as the video shows is exceptionally dangerous, where "one failed cover can mean death". Bucklers were used for quite some time after this, and...
  12. Langenschwert

    Joining a martial arts class. Which one should I join?

    Try everything! The most important thing is to not give up. You'll hit a point where you're sucking wind and pain and you'll be wondering why you're doing this. It is absolutely imperative that you push through that feeling. No transformation is easy, and most hurt. If you've never trained...
  13. Langenschwert


    Jess Finley is a well established fighter and author. I've met her, but never fought her. She is, by all accounts, a beast. She literally wrote the book on medieval wrestling. Sean Hayes is likewise accomplished in HEMA and classical fencing. Neither one are to be taken lightly. :)
  14. Langenschwert


    Looks like SCA kind of stuff to me. Not HEMA in any sense. Note that there are no sources on how to use kite or heater shield, so that is by necessity made up. This is HEMA: Note the images of the source material (the manual of Fiore dei Liberi). The protective gear is typical of most HEMA, the...
  15. Langenschwert


    It's true HEMA ain't generally cheap if you want to go full contact with steel weapons, though you can outfit yourself in full kit for steel longsword for about $1200 (sometimes less), including a weapon. Most club's senior members upgrade gear over time, and often sell/give old gear to newbies...
  16. Langenschwert

    How to rapidly learn a martial art?

    There are no short cuts. You need lots of clean reps and sparring. Since there are no short cuts, get really really strong and have insane cardio. That will be the foundation upon which you build your judo. As my judo sensei says: The first secret to good judo is cardio.
  17. Langenschwert

    Hand and foot arrive at the same time, or foot arrive first and hand arrive later?

    Agreed on all counts. The first method accords with George Silver's writings on "True Time" in 1598. Essentially, any attack where the hand precedes the body is true time (and preferred), and any attack where the body precedes the hand is false time (and cautioned against). While designed for...
  18. Langenschwert

    Size vs skill

    That's a big lad. How would I fight him? With a zweihander and a few friends standing by with boar spears in case I miss. There's a guy in my judo club who's 260 and maybe 6'3". He can rag doll me almost at will and I'm 205 and 6". There are others who are even bigger who are just a big nope...
  19. Langenschwert

    Takedown Defense

    The only sure takedown defense is to become a good grappler. Otherwise you're pitting your weakness against the other person's strength. It's similar to people thinking there's a reliable unarmed knife defence against a good knife fighter. There isn't one, except for running away. The defense...
  20. Langenschwert

    Non-martial training in martial arts

    Late to the party, but I'd like to comment on the very first post, and the reference to sport fencers, who I find quite inspirational in their dedication to excellence. One reason elite sport fencers are able to do what they do is they are encouraged to see themselves as athletes first, and...
  21. Langenschwert

    Jui-jitsu and Kuatsu

    OT, but I'm hoping this is a Blues Brothers meets Seven Samurai kind of thing... get the old band together, defend a village, all whIle Cab Calloway stalls for time.
  22. Langenschwert

    Question for the Judo folks

    It could be the pinned guy was gassed, or completely out classed on the ground. I'm 207 lbs, and a 155 lb 6th Dan pinned me and I couldn't budge him. It was incredible.
  23. Langenschwert

    Martial sacrilege (part 4)

    Well with sword based HEMA and Koryu sword arts being my focus, most of what I train is lethal. I also do Judo and modern combatives which are designed to be non lethal, but one could certainly make them lethal if needed as discussed earlier.
  24. Langenschwert

    Yet another Fiore video

    This latest one shows, as far as I can tell, all of Fiore's techniques with the longsword held in one and two hands. Nice and dynamic.
  25. Langenschwert

    Weapon based sparring

    Yup. This led to the era of articles titled "How to Defeat the Gracie Tackle" and the like. As if there was a magic pill to stop a trained grappler asides from learning how to grapple yourself. So many of them didn't know what to do if they got grabbed let alone taken down, making them easy prey...
  26. Langenschwert

    Weapon based sparring

    What Tony said. MMA is a duel, and as such there is a long feeling out period since all involved are experienced duelists. You'd have to incentivize by huge bonuses for 30 second knockouts or subs in order to get people to go all out from the starting bell. Not that you'd get many, since...
  27. Langenschwert

    Learn martial arts

    Learning MA on your own is nearly impossible. However, if you can get out once a week, consider iaido. It is entirely solo, and you can practice at home alone between classes for HOURS. If you are literally a prisoner in your own home, try yoga videos or P90X or something. Some people start...
  28. Langenschwert

    Weapon based sparring

    Interesting thread. The main thing to consider when using any kind of sparring rules (armed or otherwise) is "what are we trying to accomplish?" Secondly, "how can we accomplish that with the optimal balance of realism (whatever that means in your context) and safety?" We all have jobs to go to...
  29. Langenschwert

    What's the best martial art for me

    Your friend is incorrect. Judo is one of the best compliments to boxing there is. Judo is great all round grappling art. You've got a great standup system, and a reasonable ground game if you need it, albeit not BJJ or Catch. The last people you want to mess with are boxers, wrestlers, BJJ...
  30. Langenschwert

    What is your favorite aspect of martial arts?

    I mostly enjoy perfecting technique, and trying out new (to me) ways of doing things. There's nothing quite as satisfying as figuring out a technique in a manuscript, perfecting it, and then pulling it off in sparring or tournament. What could be cooler than pulling off a technique in tournament...