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    On what level is Sambo training outside of Russia?

    I have trained in Russia as well as throughout the United States in SAMBO Wrestling. With that said, I have trained with several instructors from Europe as well. Like everywhere in the world, there will be good instructors and bad instructors in the sport of SAMBO. Here's where I would start...
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    Tang Soo Do Competitions

    Hi Everyone, Grand Master Hwang Kee emphasized that he did not want Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan to become a sport. With that said, how does everyone feel about Tang Soo Do Competitions/Tournaments? And does that go against what Grand Master Hwang Kee desired for the art of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk...
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    Pan American Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan

    I heard today that the President, Chon Jae Kyu, Pan American Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan has passed away.
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    Pan American Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan

    I heard today that the President, Chon Jae Kyu, Pan American Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan has passed away.
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    Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon List and Family Tree

    Hi Everyone, I am considering the possibility of reviving an old project I had started in the 1990s. I started to create a Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon List and a Moo Duk Kwan family tree. I have a number of people listed in the Dan Bon List. With all of the questions about the Moo Duk Kwan Heritage...
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    Sanchin kata and Tang Soo do

    Sanchin or Tsan Tjin is listed in the Soo Bahk Do Dae Gahm in both the Korean and the English versions. The form itself is not shown. There are a number of forms that were listed in these books but not taught to my knowledge. Hwang Kee listed it as the first form belonging to the Neh Ga Ryu...
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    Secret hyung in Korea? Tang soo do, soo bahk do

    I own the Soo Bahk Do Dae Gahm Volume 2 from Korea. And in that book is a set of hyungs called the Ship Dan Geom Hyungs. I had heard that the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan group in Korea had learned the Ship Dan Geom Hyungs along with the Yuk Ro Hyungs and Hwa Sun Hyung. The rest of the Soo Bahk...
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    "Only one Moo Duk Kwan"??

    The World Moo Duk Kwan Heritage program is using the word "Amnesty" instead of bridging and mending. Amnesty seems a bit nebulous to me. It implies that someone did something wrong and will be forgiven. But they do not say which party is receiving amnesty, and they haven't said which party...
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    "Only one Moo Duk Kwan"??

    Thank you so much for the kind words.
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    "Only one Moo Duk Kwan"??

    I have been silent on this topic for far too long. So I will give you my 2 cents which probably isn't even worth that. My instructor was in Korea when Hwang Kee opened the Joong Ang Dojang (Central MDK Gym). He has watched it grow in Korea and helped to spread it in Korea as well as here in...
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    In my school I allow the students to utilize elbow strikes.
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    A strange situation - how would you deal with it?

    Mr. Eric H., First, let me compliment you on the handling of the situation. If I were in your shoes, I would take it a step further. I would advise you to sit down with your instructor and the junior person who has caused the disturbance to point out the breach of etiquette and respect shown...
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    Sambo School

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone could point me to a Sambo school in the Chicago area. I look forward to your replies. TIA, K
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    Passing of Ted Wong

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    HELP : Lightheadedness

    Dear Young Warrior, If memory serves me correctly, these are same side wrist grabs and the counters to the wrist grabs. I suspect the way you fall is causing the lightheadedness. But I am not a medical doctor. I would ask your instructor if he/she sees any mistakes in your nak bup (break...
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    Got the all clear from my podiatrist this morning :)

    Congrats! Have fun and be safe!!!
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    Calling all dan holders!

    I feel they are worth it. Plus, Mr. Vincent Yi is a really nice guy that stands behind his products, and has excellent customer service. I cannot say that about all of the suppliers I have used. Some have been discontinued due to their lack of customer service and the lack of quality products.
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    teaching a young karateka

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    Pros and Cons of TSD Organizations

    You will probably see a laundry list of pros and cons. Many can make arguments for both sides. With that said, I think it really comes down to the school owners needs and wants. I am a member of an organization. I like the camaradarie along with the diversity of training with different...
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    Calling all dan holders!

    Eosin Panther. Pros: Great quality belts! Cons: The price for those great quality belts. Respectfully, K
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    Tae Kwon Do Accomplishments

    Believe me, I totally understand! I have a similar sentiment, and was delighted to read that someone else felt the value in stating so.
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    Tae Kwon Do Accomplishments

    I really enjoyed this portion of your answer!
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    Would you Black Belt?

    Thanks! I read through that thread when it was active a while ago. I appreciate your candor and your insights.
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    Would you Black Belt?

    First, thanks for responding. I agree that this speaks to a much larger and deeper issue. I would rather not raise the essence of this issue just yet. I don't want to muddy the water with contracts. Let's assume that there are no contracts in this case. What would you do? Respectfully, K
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    Would you Black Belt?

    Let's say you have a student that is working towards earning a Black Belt. If things continue at the current pace the student should test for his/her black belt about a year from now. You find out that eight or nine months ago the student received a DUI/DWI. Would you promote a student that...
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    Kukkiwon question: were all unified kwans TKD?

    Unfortunately that Wikipedia article has some errors in it too. I am not sure how accurate it is.
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    Congrats! That's great news!
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    Considering TSD

    About a year or so Master Neil retired from teaching. He has moved onto becoming a preacher is my understanding. There are very few of us in the area that teach both the Chinese and Korean styles. I have found that taking two styles at once greatly depends on the person as well as how the...