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  1. MantisTLK

    So I taught the worst self defense class ever. Here's what happened.

    This was hilarious. The techniques won't work...but the nipple twist is epic. When we're talking about self defense you want to create as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. If I'm a predator and you stick your finger in my *** or you fart in my face or you twist my nipple...
  2. MantisTLK

    Lifting Weights for Martial Arts

    You're right. It does depend on the weight and the speed of the movement, if you've been doing these and have had success/results physically or technically and injury free then there is no reason for you to stop. At the risk of sounding argumentative I would say you are the exception. These...
  3. MantisTLK

    Lifting Weights for Martial Arts

    For your first post, yes you are correct in assuming I believe all of those movements are dangerous. I'm not saying they are not effective, and I'm not saying that they aren't efficient. I'm simply saying that the risk of injury performing the movement greatly outweighs the benefit. In regards...
  4. MantisTLK

    Lifting Weights for Martial Arts

    I disagree with this concept very strongly. Unless the weightlifter in question is expierenced, (strong enough to squat, bench, and deadlift their own bodyweight) I would advise against trying to "create" a movement with added resistance, be it pulley, dumbbell, etc. Simply stated, it is not...
  5. MantisTLK

    Lifting Weights for Martial Arts

    This happened to me, I told myself it was a mental thing and started shadow boxing post workout. I was tired from the lifts so I was slower than usual. I've done this for awhile and it has improved my overall quickness as well as stamina. -- A weightlifting program is beneficial to any...
  6. MantisTLK

    Verbal Self-Defense, Best Verbal De-escalation Strategies for Kids and Adults?

    All the advice previously given is sound advice. Personally, I know I am a smart ***, and I also know I like to fight, it's what I do for fun after all... Not that my martial art is about fighting, it just happens to be a coincidence! SO anyway, I just stay silent and look at whoever is...
  7. MantisTLK

    any truly sweet moments in your training?

    I had a good one of these a month ago, I was training with one of my good friends who was a high level national college wrestler, trains muay tai, and outweighs me by an easy 60 lbs. he threw an axe kick? i believe it's called? i'm not sure, it begins as an outside crescent kick but instead of...
  8. MantisTLK

    what would bruce lee say to home trainers?

    Thank you Aaradia! Idolizing Bruce Lee is fine, I do it all the time, he was a great martial artist, but I get a little tired of people trying to be Mr. Lee. (Not that i'm implying Martial Sparrer is) Lee is incredible for what he did for himself, he took what he needed from what he had and...
  9. MantisTLK

    Mayweather vs guerrero

    Then why waste your time responding? Why even open the thread? - I think Mayweather will win, and you might get a better response posting this under the boxing specific tab :)
  10. MantisTLK

    Good Martial Arts Documentary

    This was fun to watch, I disagree with some of the stuff in it, but still entertaining. :) Thanks for posting!
  11. MantisTLK

    do martial artists lack something? or is this just humanity?

    You, my friend, are on a thread making spree. I just responded to your other post, so I might as well respond to this one also. I come to these forums often, more often then you do. I look through and read whatever catches my interest on a daily basis. I rarely post, so for me to have two in one...
  12. MantisTLK

    you train sloppy technique, your technique will be become retarded and yu will retrogress

    I am going to respond to the original point of this thread, which was whether or not it is a good idea to train when fatigued. I would say that it is very important to train when exhausted. Many people have already stated it is important to train under different conditions, and I agree with...
  13. MantisTLK

    enjoying reading lee's fighting method book

    Back to the topic.... I have read some of his books. Some of the things he says I agree with, some I don't, but I wish people would seek the same understanding that Bruce Lee sought, instead of seeking Bruce Lee himself.
  14. MantisTLK

    Hot Girl Fight Workout Tutorial

    wow im really glad i looked at this.
  15. MantisTLK

    Doubts about your own art?

    I am amazed at the quality and depth in some of the replies of this thread, given for a complete stranger, and a new comer to martial arts. I sort of gave up hope on the majority of humanity, but then again I guess I'm not praising the average audience. Thank you, today has been an encouraging...
  16. MantisTLK

    How do you make a knife hand?

    the shape of my hand depends on my intent. sometimes fingers open, sometimes not.
  17. MantisTLK

    Which knuckles?

    i am in the same boat as zenjael, if i can strike someone without using my knuckles i will. i also find it's easier for me to transfer my energy into my opponent with open hand techniques and it does less damage. If i can end a conflict without doing any real damage i will, to me, if i'm...
  18. MantisTLK

    Illinois newb

    where in IL? i'm a student at SIUC.
  19. MantisTLK

    Slainte (cheers) from PA!

    In the movie "Once Upon a Time in Chine" Jet Li is the master of a Pai Lum academy. I'd give it probably three stars?
  20. MantisTLK

    Slainte (cheers) from PA!

    Hey i'm new here as well! glad to be among friends :D I practice qigong if you have a specific question you can pm and i'll answer as best i can, if i don't know i'll ask my instructor :)
  21. MantisTLK

    Hello!!! new to MT!!

    Hi everyone, this is the introduction area so i guess i'll jump right in! My name is Tarik, and i was introduced to martial arts in highschool and took a few classes at a local studio (wouldn't exactly call it a dojang) anyway, it wasn't really for me so i let it go and moved on to other...