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  1. kroh

    Can anyone suggest to me some good partner training drills?

    What discipline do you guys study?
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    Yep... I am typically a lurker in all of this but you just un lurked me for that one. FANTASTIC!
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    Hey, Writers! How do you do it?

    Just like in martial arts it is all about discipline. You have two choices, set your goals and hit them or fail. It is really that simple. You want to be a martial artist you train. You want to be a writer you write.Anything other than that is just needless self help garbage for dreamers and...
  4. kroh

    My Kuntao is seen on Cannel 8, Connecticut Life Styles...

    Greatly looking forward to seeing the article sir. Regards Walt
  5. kroh

    My Kuntao is seen on Cannel 8, Connecticut Life Styles...

    Kuntao is one of those martial arts that have such a small following even in their own countries of origin. Good to see someone spreading the word, especially in New England. I am dying to come down and attend a class or two. Keep us informed on the article. I have the magazine (knives)...
  6. kroh

    My Kuntao is seen on Cannel 8, Connecticut Life Styles...

    Saw this when you posted it on facebook. Great video. Its funny to see the difference between someone who trains consistantly (like the girl you had in the demo) and the girl who might have taken a cardio kickboxing class or three (the interviewer). The girl you trained when asked about being...
  7. kroh

    New Blade

    Nice looking blade. Good luck with it.
  8. kroh

    Oi Karate Kid!

    Since leaving commercial martial arts I have trained exclusively outside. A good chunk of training (most of it with the military) has been conducted outside. When we are in public usually we stop just long enough to say hello and keep going. When folks stop with dogs I usually have to take a...
  9. kroh

    Have you gone from Kenpo to JKD?

    Speaking as a kempo guy and a JKD guy... you will find the two arts compliment each other well enough to have them "living" int he same neighborhood side by side. Kempo's orbital theories (American) and throws, takedowns, and off-balancing techniques (Japanese) are a great compliment to JKD...
  10. kroh

    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    And then the hand that was originally going to block is free to pummel! Regards, Walt
  11. kroh

    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    This is very true on both sides of the coin. Not only do the trash talkers from the MMA stuff think they are all that and a bag of donuts... We also have TMA fanboys that are just as bad. The point of the matter is that we all stand to learn a lot from each other if we just take the blinders...
  12. kroh

    Master Swordsman Video Clip - Good laugh

    I hear Emeril can do that with a ginsu... Regards, Walt
  13. kroh

    Traditional Filipino Weapons news...

    Congrats on getting into the mags. I will have to pick them up... and get you to sign them! Regards, Walt
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    My son got his Junior Black Belt

    Sheesh... every time I break a brick i use a hammer... Congrats to the boy! Regards, Walt
  15. kroh

    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    I really like what MMA has done for martial arts. It has brought MA into the spotlight again much like Ninjutsu did in the 80's and Martial Arts movies did in the 90's. In the town where I live some one opened a gym that offers training in wrestling (folk/collegiate and freestyle) as well as...
  16. kroh

    FMAT: Tire Video

    Looks like lots of fun... and greats stress relief to boot... Regards, Walt
  17. kroh

    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    Great viewpoint. Nicely said. Regards, Walt
  18. kroh

    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    Not to mention that they probably got attacked by the Klingons too... Those guys fight at the drop of a hat... What... eh....fine... shutting up now. I thought it was funny, Walt
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    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    Oh My Lawd! McSkrima... I officially dub you... A genius! Regards, Walt
  20. kroh

    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    I think the person who thunk this up was serious about it. But if one person thought it up you know ther are at least a hundred want -to-be full time instructors with their "enrollment" in the tank who will use this to bump up the numbers. The real horror of this will be that anyone who signs...
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    Torn muscle due to wrestling a gorilla Knee surgery due to same simian. A total of 311 stitches A total of 12 broken bones (not including fingers... that would just be silly) Nose has been broken 2 times (and since that is not technically a bone, I wrote it... so there) Ear on right side messed...
  22. kroh

    Oompa Loompa Knife Drills

    That is a really great idea! I have done something similar with my short Italian mom and a rolling pin. She thought it was dumb at first until she caught me in the knuckles with the pin. Yeah... Mom owned me... Never gonna live this one down... Walt
  23. kroh

    demo swords He can have one made to order. He shouldn't use anything with multiple parts for less than several hundred dollars as they are cheap wall hanger crap. And since this is most likely going to be used for some tournament where there will be a mis-representation of how...
  24. kroh

    point fighting vs. real fighting

    That is because most real Kung Fooligans can't be bothered with morons in a bar or bouncers. We have evolved to a higher state where instead, we can solve everything with a touch of a button... Take a picture of the Jack Hole being a Jack Hole and then call 9-1-1 (plus how many kung pow...
  25. kroh

    Hock Hocheim opinions?

    You said that you train with 2 great instructors in Rhode Island. Mr.Sotis is one and who is the second? Regards, Walt
  26. kroh

    We know you practice Martial Arts, when your not doing that...

    professional artist as well as serving in the National Guard for my state as an MP. Other than that... Anything that pumps my heart rate above 120 is great. And if I can do it on the back of a Mountain Bike... Weeeeeeee Regards, Walt
  27. kroh

    Hock Hocheim opinions?

    Hock is an excellent instructor and a former Military and civilian Police Officer. I don't know how much more "up to date" on the street the other folks you are talking about are, but 30 years of Law Enforcement surely qualifies some one. Th best modern martial arts that will see the most...
  28. kroh

    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    I would have to disagree about the copyright issue. Gaining students to teach lightsaber jedi skills would be profiting from a derivative work. Unless you have Lucas' express permission, if you are making loot off of teaching Star Wars derived content and using "product identity" then it is a...
  29. kroh

    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    SING IT OUT! Regards, Walt
  30. kroh

    Star Wars themed class to draw new students

    Do you even care that you are infringing on some one else's copyright and intellectual property and the people you are selling this idea to can be charged for using this property without permission (or did you actually get George Lucas to sign off on this...). In any case... My opinion...