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    Kenpo Ground Fighting

    The knee push verision shown in the video clip is good for submission grappling when you don't have to worry about getting punched. You will have to tweak it a little if that is the method you choice to use. If I use my left hand to push on their right knee, my right hand comes up as if I am...
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    Minimum acceptable number of hours/classes per week

    You may see if your instructor would do private lessons with you. At least time slots that would work for you. May also see if there are some students in class that would train with you on the side, if private lessons are too much for you.
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    Kenpo And The Multiple Attacker

    Just watch some of the video's that MJS provided. The first video which I think they called Courting the Tiger. The start of it was okay, but they did several things I do not like to do. One was fighting both attackers on opposite sides. As soon as I can free myself from their grab/attack...
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    Kenpo And The Multiple Attacker

    Our concepts are based off the basic techniques we learn. You may have to cut a technique short, or use part of it on the second or third attacker. The main thing is not to dwell on one attacker too much, position yourself so you can fight one person at a time or use them as a shield or...
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    Kenpo And The Multiple Attacker

    When I tested for my first degree black belt, we had 3 attackers. One guy would go high to clinch so you couldn't punch the other guy would then go low to grab your legs. The last guy would start to punch. It didn't matter if you were in the middle of the room or against the wall, you were going...
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    Westboro church to protest Edwards funeral

    They have been in our town a few times to protest. One was over a funeral of a solider. They general get permits and contact the local sheriff department, which has too protect them. They were here this fall for a Pink Ribbon fundraiser which they protested. They general travel Interstate 70 and...
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    Thanks, Wes

    Thanks, Wes
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    MMA as self defense

    Well in the U.S it also means that too. But it also means some wanna be street thug that belongs too some affliated gang.
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    MMA as self defense

    I now England and probably most of Europe things are very different from here in the U.S in regards to training. I was watching the episode of Michael Bisping, and they said he had training in Jujutsu, karate, kickboxing etc. Here in the U.S when you talk about MMA espcially on the...
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    MMA as self defense

    With MMA becoming more popular each and every day, the term is starting to become very loose. There are those who train in MMA and use various martial art skills in there teaching. Then there are the ones who use MMA as a sport type of martial art. I have been to at least 6 gyms here in the U.S...
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    Need to get fit'ish

    If time is an issue. You could possibly park a few blocks away from work and walk there. Or if you have time on your breaks walk then. Heck maybe take the kids on a walk after you get home from work
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    MMA as self defense

    I train/instruct in both MMA and Kempo. One of my MMA guys came to a Kempo class. We were working on knives that day. He thought it would be good to shoot in and take me down, while I had a knife. Bad idea, got stab in the throat=dead MMA fighter. We also work/drill against knives or any other...
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    Free styling Ke(m/n)po?

    Lot of times you will have a surprise type of attack coming from behind you. But you could have someone that just having a bad day, doesn't like the way you look, etc. Pushes you, gets in your face and wants to duke it out. It happens and you need to be prepared for it, if it does happen.
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    JKD gloves???

    Not saying that they came from Kendo, but they look similar to Kendo's kote (gloves). The gloves that kendo uses look more like a mitten. They do lace up and the glove does extends down to the forearm area. I am sure someone took this design and added fingers to get more of the kempo style glove...
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    Another judging debate at UFC 106: How often did Forrest Griffin actually land his punches

    I think they need to get rid of all those boxing farts and get people who know the MMA game both standing and grappling. Getting tried of some of these decisions made by lame judges.
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    National White Belt Month

    For some of you that are having debts with this. Here is the article my friend wrote for another discussion board and the reason why: "During the month of November 2009 we wish to create an awareness in instructors to remember the importance of beginners as the future of martial arts as well...
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    National White Belt Month

    A friend of mine is trying to start a National White Belt Month and make this thing grow to even a International level. What it means is, us black belts will wear a white belt to class. It can be done just for a day, week, or even the whole month. The event is planned for the month of November...
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    How many 5 & 90 yr olds could you beat?

    Someone posted this on a local discussion board I am on. It's pretty funny some of the questions asked. I can beat 34 5 year olds and 42 90 year olds. Here is the link to take the test.
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    Kenpo Jujitsu? Is this the original art of Kenpo?

    My instructor was a student of Taika Oyata back in the early to mid 80's. Oyata's family history can be traced back to 1600's. Oyata was also a student under Nakamura. Nakamura started training around 10 years old. (That would dated back to around 1902.) Under his uncle and Chokki Motobu...
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    Kenpo Jujitsu? Is this the original art of Kenpo?

    I can only speak about our verison of Kempo Jujutsu and it has roots going back to Aikijujutsu, which is much older then Mitose's Kempo Jujutsu.
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    UFC: Brock Lesnar dominates Frank Mir and GSP rolls

    Never fear, I do believe the UFC will sign Fedor Emelianenko and will end Brock's reign. At least we have hope, they will.
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    UFC 100 Predictions..Give your opinion

    Mir GSP Fitch Dan Yoshi
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    UFC: Sanchez, Wilks, and Pearson win at TUF 9 Finale

    After the first week of TUF, I liked the whole England team better then the U.S team except for Bispig. Last night card was one of the best fight cards in a while.
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    Passing of Sijo

    I am sorry to hear this news. My prayers go out to Sijo and the Kajukenbo family.
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    different styles of jujitsu

    We kick in our style of Jujutsu. Lot of striking has been taken out so only grappling is done in many types of Jujutsu. Traditional Jujutsu will have have strikes and kicks. Good luck in finding the right Jujutsu for you.
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    different styles of jujitsu

    Most style of Jujutsu are very similar. they all emphasis some of the same things and may teach them not in the same order or exactly the same way. Most style of Jujutsu will teach you: joint locking chokes throws ground techniques self defense techniques weapon techniques counter techniques I...
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    The Kenpo jujitsu connection

    There not two seperate arts, being taught. It has always been one complete art.
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    Heavily Padded MMA gloves

    You can grapple with kempo gloves, but thats about it. It is very hard to work any kind of submissions with them on. Your better off using some kind of MMA training style glove. You can work ground and pound plus still work all the submissions with them on.
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    Heavily Padded MMA gloves

    Ringside and Combat Sport are owned by the same group. That why you see Ringside gear in Combat Sport magazines. Ringside covers more of the boxing side while Combat Sport is more of the MMA and Kickboxing gear.
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    Heavily Padded MMA gloves

    The gloves your are looking for are called training gloves. There are different variations to these type of glove. Best place is