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  1. Ashworth

    Thanks for the welcome message :) I'll watch out for the latter!

    Thanks for the welcome message :) I'll watch out for the latter!
  2. Ashworth

    Hello from the UK (suffolk/essex)

    Thanks for the welcome people :)
  3. Ashworth

    Fiction MA Books you'd recommend

    The Katana series by Ken Warner. 5 books: Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters Katana Nidan: The Unwritten Koan Katana Sandan: The Code of Bodhidharma Katana Yodan: The Immortal Masters Katana Godan: Nemesis I'm a big Harry Potter fan and an even bigger martial art fan... This series...
  4. Ashworth

    Your First Day

    To be honest, I don't really remember my first class, I was 5, I have random memories from my first dojo but not enough to know what I was feeling at that time. I remember the first time I sparred with a girl in that club though, she was a blue belt, I was nervous about fighting a girl... she...
  5. Ashworth

    Hello from the UK (suffolk/essex)

    Good to be here, it is a bit of a hybrid style, then main base of it is Shotokan and that is what I have had most experience with. But have also experienced others like Goju, wado ryu and a freestyle korean based style.
  6. Ashworth

    Hello from the UK (suffolk/essex)

    Hello! Just registered on this forum I have been a part of another martial art forum for the past 15 years or so, figured I would take a look at other forums out there Im mainly a karate guy, dabble in a little kobudo, and had an on and off relationship with Iaido before the location...