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    Belt Rank Progress

    A couple of thought on testing. Where I train the black belt test is an event. It is a physical test that lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 hours, and is a one day event. Testing from high red to black, all the poomse, blocking, kicking, techniques are gone over as well as endurance, breaking...

    under the sea-photo's of lost city

    I love it. The videos were totally cool....

    The Hipocritcal Standard of Harassment

    I personally do not like people touching me period especially at work. I however would not hesitate to tell you that you crossed a line with me. Some females do not feel comfortable doing that and will go to managment instead. I do not need to be hugged and comforted or told every aspect of...

    Sometimes a Little Bit of Encouragement Goes a Long Way

    Bill I think that your training environment is awesome. I kinda of think of it this way. Sometimes it just takes a few supportive words to inspire you, just think sometime in the future you will be able to pass it on.

    First negative feedback on self-defense seminar for girls

    I think that being a parent, especially in this day and time, it would be a great advantage to instruct their girls on basic self defence. They should be instructed as to who a stranger is and what types of touching are appropriate or inappropriate. Who to tell if someting 'bad' happened, and...

    Hallmarks of a Good TKD School

    Some of the things that I would notice or want to see. A clean environment with no obvious issues that could cause injury. How the students respond to the instructors and how students respond to each other. The classes are run in an efficient manner that every one is getting an equal share...

    Bodies on the asphalt

    Manny, Your story brought a tear to my eye. I am hoping that this situation resolves it's self as quickly as possible. It is bad enough that you and your wife have to deal with this, but having children as witness is just horrible.

    Another Human Foot Washes Ashore

    I agree with Flea. Why on earth would anyone want to keep up with dismembered feet. This is a foot fedish gone way wrong.

    Taekwondo - red the winning colour?

    When judging you are to put the Red selector in your right hand and the Blue selector in your left hand. Since most people are right handed, maybe the reaction time is better, more consistant between the corner judges, with the red opponents selector than than the blue. Just a thought
  10. KELLYG

    Considering framing a photo for the library...

    I like the bird house the best followed by the wave.
  11. KELLYG

    Nepotism and Oligarchies in Multi-Generation Schoosl Lineage

    I am glad I am not the only one following this!!!! By the way the answer is 47 not 42!
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    East Coast Earthquake

    I am in NC and it shook the building slightly. If you were setting still you felt it if you were up and moving around not so much.
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    My Daughter

    ATC, I enjoyed the clip. It was nice to see a young lady act like a young lady. Props to Pops, and to daughter!;)
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    Losing my mojo

    Flea, I remember from some of your posts, from way back, how uncomfortable you felt when you first started training. I am so excited that training has moved from something that, at times was overwelming, to something that is so relaxed that you feel that you are "loosing your mojo". I have...
  15. KELLYG

    Borders Forced to Close All Its Stores

    Now I am old school. I do not even have a computer at home or a lap top. I purchased a Nook not to long ago and I love it. The Nook that I have has a 3g network so you do not have to have a computer or wireless stuff. I like the simple fact that if it is late in the evening and you finish a...
  16. KELLYG

    New Mexico Is Burning....AGAIN!

    I hope you and yours stays safe!
  17. KELLYG

    The danger of science denial

    I think that I would prefer visiting the past. What if you went in the future say 5 years and found out that you were not there? Would your not thereness then prevent you from going back?
  18. KELLYG

    The courtesy of a call...

    Well we are a commercial school so a call in to advise that you are not going to be there is not as necessary. If I had a one on one training then I would call as soon as I knew that there was a problem and I could not come in. I also like to tell the Instructors know if I am going to be out...
  19. KELLYG

    What was your TKD BB test like?

    My first degree black belt consisted of Brief warm up All taguek forms 1 Thur 8 Single hand techniques/blocking Combination hand techniques/blocking All kicking techniques Combination kicking techniques Endurance kicking drills Breaking 5 techniques hand/foot spinning/power Sparing 1 on 1...
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    What do you value most in a leader?

    I like this thread. In addition to what the others have said, I would like to add being appreciative. The simple act of acknowledging that the people who work for you are the people that make it work.
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    Assailant suffers injuries from fall

    Love it, I wonder how many times he fell, and how much assistance he had during his clumsy spell.
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    Well, there goes my Im too old excuse

    Well there goes the extra couch time I was planning this week. :angel:
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    Housing Loans... new rules racist??

    Then maybe we won't have housing bubble part 2.
  24. KELLYG

    Housing Loans... new rules racist??

    I don't think that it is about race as much as MONEY. Some people can not afford to come up with 20% down payment in cash, regardless of color. This will make the person that does not have the 20% down have to pay more in interest and in some cases have to carry mortgage insurance. Net the...
  25. KELLYG

    Poor Guard (hands lowered while sparring)

    I think that with the introduction of the electronic hogu, in WTF Olympic sparing, the foot sensor has to contact the hogu. The other information was the rules we used at a local tournament. Like I said sparing is not my gig. "getting kicked in the gut over and over and over..." yes...
  26. KELLYG

    Should Kenpoka be Breaking Boards?

    I am a TKD'er. We usually break boards during belt testing and use the breakable boards, occasionally, during class. The techniques that are done a techniques that are taught from belt level to belt level. Most of them are just foot techniques until you reach a higher gup level. After that...
  27. KELLYG

    Calling in sick

    A job you love that loves you back. That is wonderfull. I don't like calling in sick because it puts my co-workers out. They end up working harder while I am out.
  28. KELLYG

    Poor Guard (hands lowered while sparring)

    I was under the impression that blocking the kick, it has to be blocked away from your body. If the kick is strong enough to go through your defense and make your arm contact your body then the point is scored. Sparing is not my thing so this info may not be 100% accurate
  29. KELLYG

    Poor Guard (hands lowered while sparring)

    In point sparing, most of the kicks are coming to the middle of your body, in the form of a round house kick. If you block the kick with your arm then the foot does not make contact with the hogu, then there is no point scored. However in self defense training the hands are held up to...
  30. KELLYG

    TKD blah blah blah Martial art Blah blah blah

    Yes, like you posted I have never gotten into a physical altercation with anyone. I have however on at least 2 occasions was able to verbally de-escalate situations that could have come to blows. I thank that Martial Arts training gave me the confidence to do this. I train mostly in the...