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  1. Shogun

    Gi vs No Gi

    Even in MMA, training in the gi is gonna help tremendously. the no gi exclusives have yet to win a title, yet if you look at the current MMA champions (especially UFC champs) you'll see a trend of Gi users. BJ Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva, Nogueira, etc are all gi users, and all but one is a BJJ...
  2. Shogun

    [BJJ] Colors of gis?

    The IBJJF allows Blu, black, and white. but any other competiton allows just about any color. Some schools (Royler lineage, Rickson lineage, etc) only allows White gis with a single left lapel patch, and sometimes a back patch. check out this site for offical...
  3. Shogun

    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    wow...did not mean to post that twice. my MAC is being ridiculous
  4. Shogun

    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    The book is by Joel Levy. anybody read this book? I have it, but am apprehensive to actually read it. I glanced at the text and saw quotes from Hatsumi. so once again, has anyone read it?
  5. Shogun

    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    The book is by Joel Levy. anybody read this book? I have it, but am apprehensive to actually read it. I glanced at the text and saw quotes from Hatsumi. so once again, has anyone read it?
  6. Shogun

    Who competes, and in what?

    I compete in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions, Gi and Nogi, but I'd like to do Judo comps.
  7. Shogun

    You folks do fun stuff!

    glad you liked it. like you, I studied Bujinkan before BJJ.
  8. Shogun

    Japanese and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu differences?

    I wasn't patronizing you I was explaining, Like I have to dozens of other posters over the years, that your question was as non-descriptive as can get. let me tell you a little about brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and a little about Japanese jujutsu, as I study both. Japanese jujutsu is a common name...
  9. Shogun

    Japanese and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu differences?

    This topic has certainly been driven into the ground. I would reccomend a search. because there is so much opinion with this subject. actually, wikipedia search would probably be your best bet. when you say "japanese" Jujutsu, you are including roughly 750 different schools of training. some 200...
  10. Shogun

    What happened 2 Vitor Belfort??

    He did pretty well right after that incident. He lost a battle to couture, but (in my opinion) dominated the first 2 rounds of the Tito fight.
  11. Shogun

    TUF5 Finale Vids (Pulver vs Penn / Diaz vs Gamburyan )

    He said in on the SavageDogShow that he gave up alcohol, and realized he needs to grow up. Randy couture also played a big role in his giving up alcohol and taking training more seriously. He is only 28 years old. he hasn't even peaked yet. He wants to keep 7% body fat, and move to 170. if that...
  12. Shogun

    TUF5 Finale Vids (Pulver vs Penn / Diaz vs Gamburyan )

    I was very impressed with BJ. this fight looked so one sided when compared to the first BJ/pulver fight. that fight was pretty even. this one...not so much. I picked Diaz from the very beginning to win the whole thing. I heard his name announced and picked him. world class fighter. gamburyan...
  13. Shogun

    The sad demise of Catch Wrestling

    speaking of comedic drama of pro wrestling, last night didn't have any of that:
  14. Shogun

    Ufc 72

    No your not alone. I couldn't care less about griffin. annoying. why they keep pushing him is beyond me. put him against a true, well rounded guy like Babalu and see him actually win, THEN I will give him the respect I am supposed to show him. But I still think Okami will beat Franklin. I see...
  15. Shogun

    Who's the dominant champ in ufc right now

    yeah, its one of those "anything can happen" situations. I think even GSP thought he would kill serra. but GSP is one of those fighters who matches what there opponent is doing, while Hughes just powers them down.
  16. Shogun

    one hour roll!!!

    One hour of rolling is exhausting. I rolled for 17 minutes with another blue belt without a tap and had a hard time standing afterward. same with a competition match I had, went only 7 minutes, but it was 150%
  17. Shogun

    Ufc 72

    Okami for the win
  18. Shogun

    Who's the dominant champ in ufc right now

    I am a huge Sherk fan, but I also think Franca is highly underrated. There hasn't been a champ like Tito or Hughes in a while. It could be because the competition is getting so intense, but I think it has a lot to do with the camps. nobody is stationary anymore. everybody trains with...
  19. Shogun

    Back mount - Calf Compression

    also, not to attack you, but in all honesty, you are claiming all of andrew's techniques are crap, but your MMA career is what...? 3 submission losses and a KO loss?
  20. Shogun

    Who Do You Train Under?

    Yay! another pedro sauer student!
  21. Shogun

    Back mount - Calf Compression

    not really. if someone tries to crossface you from here, lay back with it, with the leg, and wrench away.
  22. Shogun

    Kneebar to leg scissor

    It's actually Upa. portuguese for bridge. :)
  23. Shogun

    Liddel vs Jackson (vid)

    Karo put on an amazing show. that Harai was so good. :) I didn't want to count out Liddell, because he is the best of the best, but Rampage...c'mon...the guy is a monster. However, his weakness is good grapplers. I think Randy could put him down, babalu, and MAYBE tito, though he hasn't...
  24. Shogun

    MMA Judges??

    I try not to judge them. ;) j/k I hate it how the NSAC appoints judges from the NSBC or whatever.
  25. Shogun

    MMA=Kickboxing and Wrestling? aka the demise of BJJ

    wow. if some people's idea of BJJ is just submissions....find a new school. I used to dwell on the idea of "new" a little less than 3 years ago, but I've gotten to the point to where "If I haven't seen it, its new to me".
  26. Shogun


    agreed. though I would not count out Burkman.he's a badass. but Karo...I mean...c'mon...
  27. Shogun

    favoutrite MMA fighter?

    BJ Penn, Karo Parisyan, Renato Sobral, the nogueira brothers, nino schembri, nick diaz, sean sherk, jeff curran, matt serra, josh koscheck, and a few others.
  28. Shogun

    Sylvia vs. Couture

    I don't think he holds a black belt, but he has submitted black belts, and has a ton of experience. Randy couture recently showed great grappling ability against Jacare, so they are probably about even
  29. Shogun

    Rener Gracie toying with Dr. Rey of Dr. 90210!

    rener gracie has got incredible dexterity with is legs. he can move them without pulling them.
  30. Shogun

    High School Wrestling

    whether wrestling or Jiu-jitsu, I use swimming and free diving to build up my lung capacity. running is good, but sometimes I want to strengthen my lungs without fatiguing my body. Wrestling is very hard to learn from a book, but videos can be frustrating too. can't...