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  1. Shaderon

    What is the men women ratio in your class?

    Hi, I've been doing JuJutsu itself for about 6 months and changed classes around 2 months ago because I found a better teacher. In the first class there was around 25-30 students 3 of us were women but I guess that's gone down to 2 now. While I was there 2 young girls came for a few...
  2. Shaderon

    Coaching tips

    Noting that it's not always sparring that you are coaching..... I think that any coach needs; Experiance in the thing that you are coaching for (e.g. sparring or patterns comps), teaching ability and an understanding of your students mindset and capabilites. Coaching teenagers is different...
  3. Shaderon

    A Request from England

    Ihe head of our ITF Style TaeKwon-Do academy has issued this request to anyone in TaeKwon-Do around Europe. James Miley Dear friends of ITF Taekwon-Do, the Trident Academy is looking for competitions and friendship in Taekwon-Do across Europe. I have been lucky to travel around the world...
  4. Shaderon

    How to handle the parents

    Back to the original post theme.... No wonder our Association has a strict rule of "No parents watching". Our Master has a strong opinion that parents and guardians should not be allowed to sit and watch past the first lesson and I agree with him totally. We allow it on occasions for...
  5. Shaderon

    This is a full contact MA or Sport so there is no place for a sissy

    I am part of a large acadamy and have a class in a leisure centre, there is another instructor who has TKD classes in the same leisure centre but these are a diff style. (I am ITF style and he is WTF style). We both have very different attitudes on this subject. His attitude is that if someone...
  6. Shaderon

    Korean Terminology - "Release"

    Can anyone tell me what the word for "Release" could be in Korean please? I have been told that it could end in "tae" but other then that I have no clue. At a first glance I can't find it on a terminology web site and I would appreciate it if anyone can help. The reason for this is that we...
  7. Shaderon

    Olympic Sparring Rules

    I wasn't looking to see the rules themselves, just find out how people feel about the change and how it will affect the way they train if at all.
  8. Shaderon

    Olympic Sparring Rules

    It might be the ruiles that have already changed that I have heard about. I certainly can't find anything on the 'net having just had a skim around about any more pending ones. How are they affecting you? Are they making any difference to your training and how do you view them?
  9. Shaderon

    Olympic Sparring Rules

    Has anyone heard about the proposed changed for Olympic Sparring rules? I have not heard much through the grapevine being ITF style so I'd be interested to find out what people have found out and what the roumers are. I'd also like to know what the WTF people think about it, especially those...
  10. Shaderon

    TKD and real self defense

    You know them all? I have met a few Elite fighters in diff MA's and I know for a fact that some of them hang about on Forums in thier spare time for the info which it provides. You can't train 24/7! One girl who I train with sometimes at BB club is an Elite, she's totally unbeaten and I...
  11. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    Yes it does Chris thanks, I thought it might be that one but I wasn't sure. Master O didn't elaborate when he was talking about it at the AGM last week.
  12. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    It might have been that then, I may have misunderstood what Master O was saying. It will be insteresting to see what happens with the ITF-NK, if GM Rhee takes over I can see our association joining up with that ITF. I am nto sure which version of the ITF we were with before but I suspect...
  13. Shaderon

    TKD and real self defense

    How do you know? One of us could easily be! Please don't make blanket assumptions like that, you could upset someone! You don't have to be famous to be an Elite.
  14. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    OK The BTC is the British TaeKwonDo council, which is a governing body and organises insurance and guide the associations and it's individual members on up to date legislation and also provides aid if you have a claim put in against you. It's the only governing body that the sports council...
  15. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    I beleive everyone should be with the BTC becasue they offer you so much. Our Indemnity is really cheap but good, the students insurance is cheap, the accrediations are easy to get and not expensive if your association does't bung on lots of charges and they are widely recognised e.g. I am...
  16. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    We are hoping to have him at a Seminar soon. I believe he is awesome and if he does do a seminar for us I am definitely attending! I have seen interviews with GM Rhee which quotes him as consulting Gen Choi in matter of TKD but I have not found one yet which says he served under Gen Choi. I...
  17. Shaderon

    So what exactly IS a Taeguek anyway?

    Ah thank you, i knew there must be an explantion. It's gotta mean the same thing though and the concept is the same. The Trigrams converted into hexagrams is used as a tool for divination and expressing philosophy. It is written in the "Book of Changes" in the east. Many people suggest it...
  18. Shaderon

    TKD and real self defense

    Wow, that's some of the best axe kicks I've ever seen, again though, an exceptional talent. But proof it does work if you can do it. BTW line breaks.. just press the enter key, that works for me.
  19. Shaderon

    Getting the Most Out of Training

    Well said! I agree, I found white belt the hardest rank to hold. Everyone is above you in rank, you are bottom of the food chain and know very little and everyone above you looks awesome! It's hard to make your body learn the basic moves and it's hard just getting there to start with. All...
  20. Shaderon

    When you don't want to train...

    I am starting to build my own MA company in order to make a living from it and most people consider me dedicated, even overly so but I don't practice 5 hours a day, in fact I practice at most 2 hours a day mostly 1. I train 5 days a week, I have Friday and Sunday off as my body needs to rest...
  21. Shaderon


    Well done Justin, keep going! Just remember a black belt is a white belt that never gave up. I remember when I was in the colour belt ranks, it's wasn't too long ago. My posts keeping everyone updated on my gradings are still on here as well! It won't be long until you are suddenly at...
  22. Shaderon

    So what exactly IS a Taeguek anyway?

    Slightly differnt names from frm those I know. I have 1. Ch'ien (three long bars) 2. K'un (three broken bars) 3. Chen (one long bar underneath two broken bars) 4. Sun (one broken bar underneath two long bars) 5. K'an (one long bar between two broken bars) 6. Li (one broken...
  23. Shaderon

    how's tkd ranked amoung other MA?

    I don't know, if you put the kids into the statistics it's gotta be more people doing TKD than Boxing or wrestling. Boxing and wrestling get more publicity and TV time than TKD but if you look around at the schools and look at the numbers of students of any type in each school and the...
  24. Shaderon

    TKD and real self defense

    I gotta agree, axe kicks hurt like hell when you catch em in the face I can testify! But it's more a finishing move really to someone who is doubled over and about to get up again to give you another shot. A well placed Axe kick to the back of the head..... Well actually I prefer an elbow...
  25. Shaderon

    A nice TKD momento (moment)

    Wow that would be nice! My daughter runs to jump on me and hug me after class (not allowed to during lessons of course) but the other students aren't allowed to hug the instructors at all. Child Protection rules! It seems a bit overboard but nothing that can seem overly familier is allowed.
  26. Shaderon

    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    Our Association Masters Instructor is Grandmaster Ki Ha Rhee IX. Master O (As our Master calls himself) says he remembers talking to GM Rhee about his exploits in Korea with Cen Choi and GM Rhee was the person who introduced TKD to the UK. Master O was one of his first 12 blackbelts who GM Rhee...
  27. Shaderon

    What to do when you can't sleep?

    I was reading through this and thinking "I do patterns in my head slowly in time to slow breaths." I'm glad I'm not the only one! lol I start at white belt patterns and work my way up slowly. I don't think I've ever managed to stay awake until 4th kup patterns.
  28. Shaderon

    TKD and real self defense

    Look up Terry O'Neil a Karateka who comes from Liverpool England. According to many people that worked with Terry he has the uncanny ability to kick numerous people in the head without lowering his knee once. He used to work the doors in Liverpool and Manchester in the roughest places going...
  29. Shaderon

    The mom's kid

    Maybe the moms will attract the dad's in? ;-)
  30. Shaderon

    1st Dan

    Congratulations, I know what you mean about the aches and pains. I believe it gets so much harder when you start getting older but the tenacity sees us through.