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  1. Tony Dismukes

    Double Promoting

    And if you keep mouthing off, I'm going to promote you four ranks! :p
  2. Tony Dismukes

    Doxing yourself

    I'm fortunate enough to not have a need for anonymity so I'm pretty open about my identity online. It helps keep me accountable - I don't say things online that I wouldn't say to someone's face or that I would be embarrassed to have come up in a job interview.
  3. Tony Dismukes

    Follow up strike after takedown

    It's a pretty standard approach in a lot of systems. I've seen a ton of demos showing that. I've also seen karate tournaments where sweeps are allowed and the competitor is allowed to score a point by showing one punch to the downed opponent before they are reset standing. In MMA, ground and...
  4. Tony Dismukes

    The importance of real experience

    @skribs , I'm going to reply to some points in your last post individually and then follow up with another post with some additional thoughts that might be helpful for you. Yeah, that was just a random sort of trademark TKD technique to make my point. Other techniques you're unlikely to see on...
  5. Tony Dismukes

    The importance of real experience

    I didn't even realize the forum supported spoiler tags. Good to know.
  6. Tony Dismukes

    The importance of real experience

    Ther are a couple of important concepts to consider here. The first is the importance of personal experience as a basis for teaching a martial art that you intend to have actual combative applicability. The second is the nature of that experience and whether it's relevant to what you are...
  7. Tony Dismukes

    Different sources of power generation for punches

    Not really. First, he's making an overly simplified distinction between "modern/western" fighting systems and "traditional/eastern" systems. The power generation methods he describes as being "modern/western" also exist in plenty of traditional eastern styles. Likewise, the power generation...
  8. Tony Dismukes

    How important are belts?

    No-gi competitions typically have beginner/intermediate/advanced categories based on years of experience rather than rank. For gi competitions, check with your current instructor. You are generally considered to be representing your school when you enter a tournament and if your instructor...
  9. Tony Dismukes

    BJJ Self-Assessment

    There are a couple of things which can help your mind adapt to understanding the situation. The first is understanding the mechanics of what actually makes a choke work. Once you understand the necessary details of how and where you apply force to make the choke work, then you'll understand how...
  10. Tony Dismukes

    BJJ Self-Assessment

    Having your arms around his neck doesnt give you the choke unless your body is in the correct position relative to his. Im guessing he got his legs on the opposite side of your body from the side where you had his head? In that case, you didnt have a guillotine on him and he was in position...
  11. Tony Dismukes

    BJJ Self-Assessment

    This is a hugely important concept which is starting to be appreciated more in BJJ circles. It should also be a priority for someone like skribs who is hoping to one day teach "anti-grappling" skills to his TKD students. (Perhaps not so much at his current level of development, but certainly a...
  12. Tony Dismukes

    BJJ Self-Assessment

    I keep track of my skills and abilities in different areas along similar lines, but I don't go so far as to assign any sort of formal grade. As far as advice, I'd start with creating a list of priorities first, then worry about evaluating where you are for the areas at the top of the list...
  13. Tony Dismukes

    Double Promoting

    Double-promoting causes pandemics. Got it. :)
  14. Tony Dismukes

    HEMA unarmed combat?

    Okay, here's my current view as an experienced grappler who is relatively new to HEMA and has spent some time looking at available sources for unarmed grappling. I reserve the right to come back and issue a revised opinion in a few years once I've had the chance to study more of the historical...
  15. Tony Dismukes

    Fun with Chat GPT

    Questions ChatGPT is not allowed to answer.
  16. Tony Dismukes

    If we took away the philosophical or spiritual roots of a combat art... Wouldn't it actually end up being BETTER?

    It may be due to the fact that MMA is a young sport, but there seems to be considerable variation in gym cultures. I haven't been in as many pure boxing gyms, so I can't speak to that.
  17. Tony Dismukes

    Brand New Here

    Welcome to MartialTalk!
  18. Tony Dismukes

    Mental reps

    Be careful. A friend of mine who lives in Thailand just got hit by a truck while riding on a motorcycle taxi last week. Broke a bunch of bones, going in for surgery shortly, and is expecting 6 months before he can walk again.
  19. Tony Dismukes

    Mental reps

    The term youre looking for if you want to check out academic studies on the phenomenon is Visuo-Motor Behavior Rehearsal (VMBR). My personal experience is that VMBR is better than no practice, but less effective than actual physical reps and VMBR works much better for those who have...
  20. Tony Dismukes

    What is the best all around martial art to improve your physical health?

    Yeah, I figured there's some sort of risk for those who push too far on the acrobatic side of things without being careful. However that's something which should be completely under the practitioner's control, as opposed to combat sports where you've got another person attempting to mess you up.
  21. Tony Dismukes

    Are Older BJJ Black Belts Really Even Black Belts Anymore?

    To expand upon Dunc's answer a bit ... In most cases, black belt is the last rank awarded in BJJ based on demonstrated skill and ability. Subsequent degrees on that black belt are generally awarded based on time in grade that the practitioner has stayed active in the art (training, teaching, or...
  22. Tony Dismukes

    What is the best all around martial art to improve your physical health?

    Realistically, the biggest considerations are How much the person enjoys the practice of the art. If they don't enjoy it enough to consistently drag themselves off the couch then they won't show up long enough to get the benefits. What sort of shape they are in to begin with compared to the...
  23. Tony Dismukes

    Taekwondo Helmet vs Boxing/MMA Helmet

    Based on the best available research I've seen, headgear of either sort doesn't actually do much of anything to prevent concussions, although it does help avoid cuts and contusions. The main advantage I could see is for TKD sparring on hardwood floors - it could prevent injury if someone falls...
  24. Tony Dismukes

    Should I do cardio for Judo?

    Unfortunately doing cardio 1x per week isn't likely to give you the results you want, even if it's really intense. You need more consistency for your body to make the necessary adaptations. That said, if you do even a couple of days of light to moderate cardio during the week, then you will...
  25. Tony Dismukes

    Hands at the midsection when kicking

    There are some people who are only interested in the sport aspect of combat sports/martial arts. For those people I suppose it makes sense to spend their available training time just focusing on the aspects which will help them win tournaments.
  26. Tony Dismukes

    Hands at the midsection when kicking

    Yeah, I think we're reading that bit very differently. As far as I can tell, DD is saying that tournament sparring rules encompass only a small subset of the martial art of TKD, not that the sparring rules you know are a small subset of TKD tournament sparring rules. Honestly, I think that...
  27. Tony Dismukes

    Hands at the midsection when kicking

    I think you and DD may be talking past each other a bit. If I understand your argument correctly, it goes like this: The TKD tournament rules as set by the organizations which run or sanction the large majority of said tournaments do not allow kicks to the legs. (To the best of my knowledge...
  28. Tony Dismukes

    Collecting Training by the Famous

    As it turns out, I had a chance to attend a seminar on leglocks today with Tommy Montoya, a BJJ no-gi world champion. Excellent instruction and I learned a lot of useful details that I can already tell will make my leg lock game more effective. The price was only $40 and I would have felt I got...
  29. Tony Dismukes

    Struggling with sparring/rolling as a female

    Finally got some video recorded this week to help you avoid getting immediately flattened out when you end up on bottom. Ill try to get it edited together and posted over the weekend.